High-Waisted, Flare Trouser Love. (Totally Overshadowed by Raines In a Faux-Leather Jacket)




I’ve been curious about Anthropologie’s in-house denim brands for a while, so when I stumbled upon these high-rise trousers that ALSO happened to be available in petite sizes…well.  Enough of an excuse to give them a go, right?

At least that’s what I tell myself.




They’re super soft, don’t need to be hemmed (this is debatable based on the above pic, I know) and look like actual trousers.  Like that sort of effortless slouch, all Katherine-Hepburn-in-denim.  And I’m wearing them with and old pair of Danskos.  shhhhhh



But whatever, because Raines is wearing plaid pants and a faux-leather jacket and is way cooler than I could ever hope to be.  (So happy to still get hugs from my guy.)






I know it’s hard to see the pants under all of my layers, but the top is really, really good.   Here:



And of course, they look better with a slight heel.  (Yes – these are the petite version.)




The above pic made me chuckle – it’s been a long week, I’m exhausted and getting a cold (grrrrr).   Which explains my face.   But on the upside, it is November.  And you guys?  Mike put on Christmas music this morning.  Sigh.  That man knows me all too well.  It was just the little pick-me-up I needed.





jacket: Everlane’s Swing Trench in Sage (size xs)

sweatshirt: Sol Angeles Small Town Pullover (size S)

jeans: Level 99 Tanya High-Rise Trousers (24P)

boots: old Danskos c/o….I also like the wood bottoms of these Dansko booties (flares are great for hiding any comfort shoes still lurking in your closet)

bag: Lily Jade Madeline in brandy c/o

scarf: old…try Urban Outfitter’s faux fur eternity scarf

on Raines:  Fab Kids plaid pants and camo shirt, H&M faux-leather jacket (sold out, but Target has one), flame Vans


Happy November, you guys.




ps.  If anyone feels like doing a little online shopping, Piperlime has 25% off all shoes and boots with code FANCYFEET (until 11/4), J.Crew has 30% off already reduced styles, and Anthro has an additional 25% off sale styles (ends Sunday).


  1. LOVE. I have some navy pants with a very similar cut. They have buttons that give them a nautical vibe, so I’ve been throwing them on with a striped shirt and calling it a day, but this is inspiring me to expand. 🙂

    Also, Raines is a rock star.

  2. You look great! It’s time for me to bring out the flares again, thanks for the inspiration.

    Did your kids inherit your fashionability or what? So great!!! My boys are…rocking the normcore thing. Or something. There must be some excuse for the closet full of old navy striped t-shirts they insist on!

    • It’s crazy. I sometimes worry about all of this blogging stuff, because I don’t think kids can really put things into the proper perspective….but then Pax walked in one day, completely naked and goes, “Mom? You wike me wike dis?” YES. LOL! Funny how they have no sense of rules or….shame….or….well, FEAR. You know? They like what they like. (I wish I could be more like that.)

  3. Thank you for your endorsement of Danskos! My motto is: if Shana wears it, it’s cool. Now I can still feel “cool” when I need a little height in my shoes but need to maintain comfort!

  4. I am down to 8 (or so) more weeks of pregnancy and am dying to wear high-waisted jeans.After the first pregnancy, there is no more novelty in belly panels and ruching. Oh- to tuck in a shirt!

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