Kid Style: When Snowboots Are Too Hot, Canvas Shoes Are Too Cold…Try THESE




Leaves are in piles on the ground, hot chocolate has become a daily thing, and I’ve already busted out my mittens.  One thing’s for sure:  WINTER IS COMING.

As I write this, my little hometown of Marquette, MI is covered in snow (my sister Scotti and baby Greenlea are both going stir crazy), and last time I chatted with my friends in Denver, they were SHOVELING.  So…yeah.  Here we go.

Each year, the snow catches me off guard, and there’s always those few days Raines is playing outside in too-short snowpants and sneakers while I wait – with baited breath – for our brown-clad hero (aka the UPS man).  Once snow hits here on the East Coast, the store shelves are swept bare of anything even remotely useful for snow play.  BARE.

So this year, I’m determined to get ahead of the snow.  We had a winter-gear try-on sesh (and YES!!  Pax still fits his snowsuit) but footwear is a problem.  Both boys need snowboots, obviously, but they also need warmer shoes in general.  We’re mostly a slip-on Vans family, but canvas shoes are brutal when the temps drop.  And what do they wear to school?  Last year it didn’t matter all that much (Raines was in half-day kindergarten), but who wants to sit around in snowboots all day?  Not my kid.  I suppose we could always pack an extra pair of shoes in his backpack, but looking at our track record of Getting Things To School (forms/lunches/library books/money for the homeroom mom)……an extra pair of shoes brings me one nut closer to the nuthouse.

But the big question in my mind was this:  What the heck did we do last year?

Aha!  A pic from last year.



Well.  This explains A LOT.  Last year’s Kid’s Winter Shoe Strategy is perhaps better described as, Kids?  We Have kids?


(Hey there new readers – I feel the need to point out that last year I was, uh, recovering from a bout with chemo *breast cancer*cough*breastcancer* so that is my excuse.)

Now that I’ve clearly illustrated the height of our bar (impressively low, if I may be so bold)….I assure you:  This year WE WILL DO BETTER.  So here’s what my kids are currently wearing to school:




With the exception of last year, I’ve bought Uggs for my boys every year.  They’re pricey, but the boys (even as young as 2) could put them on themselves.  Uggs can be worn without socks, they don’t smell, and if you buy them a little big….they stretch over time, so most of our Uggs have been worn for 9+ months.  While I do wish Uggs’ water resistant classic boot came in toddler sizes…the comfort, warmth, and convenience of Uggs make these winners.






hat: ancient – can’t remember where we picked this up, but if you just want some sort of hysterical statement hat, this knit pilot hat is pretty hard to beat

shirt: Rag and Bone tee (50% off!)

jeans:  Tucker and Tate Slim Leg Jeans

boots: Uggs Classic Short

backpack: Popatu Trolly Rolling Backpack in Blue Airplane  (This backpack makes a great gift – it can be worn as a backpack or slides onto a frame and rolls like adult luggage.  Pax has been obsessed for over two years with this thing.)




Leather Hightops (or Hiking Boots)



A couple of years ago, I bought Raines a sweet pair of hiking boots.  They were annoying to tie everyday, but oh-so-practical.  (They looked like these Timberland Earth Keepers, but I swapped out the laces for a fun bright blue pair.  Raines loved them.  You can find colorful shoelaces here.)

This year, we’re going with hightop sneakers.  Partly because Raines has an opinion, partly because I’m no longer willing to tie hiking boots 45 times a day (soccer season with its associated shinguards and cleats







hoodie: Vince Kids (sold out), but this Vince Kids thermal hoodie is on sale, or this Tucker and Tate striped hoodie is adorbs

shirt: old, this Vince Kids dress shirt is similar (and on sale)

jeans: Tucker and Tate Townsend Jeans

sneaks: Converse Street Mid Sneaker in black leather

backpack: Mad Pax (no longer available)…but R would die for this black/white camo backpack








In any case (Uggs vs hightops vs hiking boots), Nordstrom has a seriously killer selection of kids’ shoes.  If only there was an easy way to figure out the size of your kid’s foot, my life would be complete (and I’d see the UPS man much less).  Although, my kids love going into Nordstrom – they’re all about that free balloon.

So here are a few other options in the Ugg/Hightop Sneaker/Hiking Boot category.  And YES – I included options for girls, but wasn’t thrilled with some of the girls’ boots.  So many of them looked like adult boots – in some cases with heels – and even many of the flat boots had stiff, slippery soles that wouldn’t allow for much running or climbing on the playground.   I don’t know.  Maybe I’m over-thinking it, but the whole thing bothered me, you know?  So anyway, I only included shoes that allows kids – girls and boys – to be playground ninjas.  HIYAH!



And since I’m a such a Game of Thrones nerd, I’ll say it agin:  WINTER IS COMING. For more kids shoes and clothes, take a look at our kid style blog!




This post was sponsored by Nordstrom.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, product choices, and rants about girls’ footwear are my own.  Thank you for supporting the retailers that help support The Mom Edit.  

All photography by Mike Draugelis