5 Active Jackets Cute Enough For Everyday


I love when I find a technical jacket that’s also cute. And versatile. We do a ton of outdoorsing over here, yet live in small city spaces….so a jacket that can literally go hiking then out for brunch is a big win.

Anyway, I’ve been trying on a ton of active jackets recently. Partly getting ready for ski season, partly researching articles, and partly just dumb luck…but I’ve managed to come across a few active/technical jackets that were so cute (yet so good at the ‘technical’ part) that I thought I’d share. And I still have one I LOVE from last year that was just restocked…so maybe let’s start there

1. Lolë Kayly Down Jacket

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This is it. The ONE. Before I get into the new stuff…I’ve gotta start with Lolë’s Kayly Down Jacket. I bought this one last year during Lolë’s Black Friday sale…simply because I had been so impressed with their Katie jacket (basically the same thing, but long). The Katie jacket was one of the warmest — yet lightest — down jackets I’ve ever worn, and it will be my go-to jacket for serious cold from now until forever. The only problem is….sometimes, I need my legs free. So I snagged the short version and wore the heck out of it all winter…and most of spring…and then again this fall. It’s made from ethically-sourced down and — new for this year — it now comes in black OR red. GAH! Decisions!

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Lole | Moosejaw

2. Patagonia’s Silent Down Jacket

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I’ve already talked about my love of Patagonia’s Silent Down Jacket (in century pink), but allow me do it again. The interior is 100% recycled down, and the shell is 70% recycled material. I’m obsessed with the softer colors — they feel so fresh and unexpected — and I’ve been getting a ton of compliments on this one. The color is rich enough to pair with black…but I really love it with taupe booties, too.

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Patagonia | Backcountry | Nordstrom (blue only) | REI

3. Patagonia Lunar Frost Jacket

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OK, I’ve been wearing the heck out of Patagonia’s furry little jacket. The lining is made from 100% recycled plastic, the furry part is 35% recycled plastic. It’s warm, it’s cute, and it’s another piece I’ve been getting a ton of compliments on. It’s so soft, everyone wants to pet it. It comes in a seriously stellar line-up of colors. I obviously went with the white…but the brown is very faux-fur-esque, and the gray is just gorgeous.

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Patagonia | Backcountry | Nordstrom

4. The North Face Hyalite Down Hooded Jacket

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This North Face puffer is special for two reasons: ONE, The North Face always gets the colors right. There’s black, per usual, but also this gorgeous burgundy, a softer (almost washed) navy and a khaki. They’re all good. And TWO…the cropped shape really takes the puffer in a new (and v. cool) direction. Obviously this puffer is probably not for walking the streets of Chicago in February…but the cropped shape is perfect for hiking, and looks so freaking good with high-rise jeans, skirts and dresses. Insanely versatile. (It also squishes down really flat, making it great for travel.)

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Nordstrom | Backcountry | Zappos | Moosejaw (no hood) | Neimans (no hood)

5. Arc’teryx Atom LT Hooded Insulated Jacket

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I love these types of insulated jackets — like this Arctery’x — because they’re so darn versatile. I layer mine under a shell for hiking or skiing in the cold…or under denim jackets, leather jackets, etc., for streetwear. This is typically what I use as my “cute” winter jacket on ski trips (because I never feel like wearing my big ski jacket to the bar).

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Amazon | Backcountry | REI | Arc’teryx

Three cheers for practical and pretty.




  1. Do you wear any of the above skiing? I’m looking to update my ski jacket this year, and struggling a bit. I’m also hoping for something that works on and off the hill.

  2. I like the looks of some of these, but you didn’t share if any are waterproof, windproof, warmth ratings, zip closures on pockets, inside details, things that matter for something I would also use for “technical” gear. These all lean more toward trendy/everyday, than something I would actually take on a winter backpacking trip, winter climbing or ski trip. Also, I’m probably too much of a gear head than most of your fashion-focused audience.

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