Gift Guide For Cozy Porch Hangs This Winter


Cozy times with friends are going to be oh-so-important this winter, but also tricky with all that’s going on.

I’m feeling like porch hangs where we’re all bundled up (comforter coat, anyone?) and sipping something warm (from this great mug) are going to be the godsend of winter. We can be social but still safe. It’ll be like the best parts of camping, but you can sleep in your own bed!

The Gift Of Warmth: Cozy Must-Haves For Outdoor Hangouts

A friend recently mentioned electric blankets as her idea for hanging outside as the weather cools, and I thought that was brilliant! So, this whole fuzzy roundup was created. Pretty much, it features all the comfy warm things we want to live in right now, that are useful for outdoor social meet-ups, too! I just ordered the Icebreaker merino base layers from Nordstrom and had snagged a couple of these faux sherpa-backed electric blankets a couple of weeks ago.

We will make this happen, friends. Friend time is so important and making a plan and being prepared (hi, former Girl Scout here) always brings me solace and makes me feel better. So here we go…on to sherpa-lined, cozy warm everything!

Patagonia fleece, UGG slippers, YETI mugs, electric blankets — the gifts of warmth & social distance are just right. The coziest presents for outdoor hangouts, right here.

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01 | string lights: Get that warm glow and cafe vibe by stringing a few of these back and forth across your outdoor space. There’s seriously nothing like these for creating that lovely ambiance.

02 | sheepskin rugs: I have these throughout our house already…sitting on our cold-in-the-winter leather couch, to put my feet on first thing next to my bed. I’m gonna grab one to sit on outside when I have a porch hang! Need to order another to have for a friend! They are the coziest to use on any chair. (They hold up really well, but definitely don’t forget to bring them inside…links to an ethically sourced option)

03 | Patagonia retro-x fleece** | at Nordstrom: Love these retro fleece jackets from Patagonia. Easy to throw on for walks, layering over sweaters and for all around sporty coziness.

04 | Carhartt beanie: Love this popular beanie in ivory for a snowy chic winter look that keeps your head toasty!

05 | electric blankets: This item was the impetus for this post. I just ordered a couple to have on hand for just such an occasion this fall and winter. SO perfect! This was suggested by a friend, and I thought it was brilliant. This way you can each be cozy and still distanced.

06 | Icebreaker merino base layers, top & pants: These warm up any outfit really and double as perfect loungewear…and of course they’re useful for outdoor sports. These pieces from Icebreaker at Nordstrom get tons of great reviews, too. Merino keeps you warm & toasty but also adjusts to body temp so you can wear them whatever the weather.

07 | sherpa-lined sweatpants: When I was looking for the comfiest stuff for this idea, I found these on Amazon. I haven’t tried them out yet, but they look divine.

08 | Sh*t That I Knit mittens: These look fluffy and lovely. They also have a little index finger hole for texting and using your phone.

09 | UGG ultra minis: Um, who knew these came in leopard?! On my Christmas list now for sure! I like the minis myself being on the shorter side, and these Ultra minis are even shorter for wearing with your regular jeans and joggers. You could always go with the Classic Mini though for a little more ankle coverage.

10 | Amazon coat: I have this in green and adore it. I’ve had it for a year now and when it’s cold enough to put it on, I am always so glad I have it. It truly is like donning a wearable comforter. The inner lining of the hood is SO cozy. The arms are on the fitted size, so possibly size up if you have wider shoulders or long arms, but otherwise, it has a nice boxy fit and the zippers at the hips are handy to unzip when you’re sitting/driving. I ordered more colors to try on recently and this taupe was my new favorite!

11 | Yeti coffee mugat Amazon: Gwen and I both have these mugs and love them. They really do keep your coffee or tea (or toddy!) nice and warm. Loving this pretty copper color. I’d like to have a couple on hand for visitors this year. They make a really great gift for busy parents who keep having to heat up their coffee, too.

12 | S’well carafe: This would be perfect for hot chocolate, cider or toddies!

13 | S’well bowl: Grab a couple of these and have a yummy soup dinner together with your visitor. The soup will stay nice and warm in this little guy.

14 | space heater: I’ve thought about investing in an outdoor heater, but honestly, I’ll get more use out of one that I can use inside most days and bring out when we have a porch hang. This one is adorable and I sure wouldn’t mind it sitting in my chilly bathroom or in my office when I don’t take it outside.

What are your plans for safe outdoor hangs this winter? I’d love to hear about everyone’s setups! I’m thinking of getting in a better habit of bringing my chair cushions in and out so they stay warm (instead of relegating them to the basement for the season), ready for visits…and I’ve already got the electric blankets on stand-by.

Have any fun warm drink recipes to share, too? Bailey’s and coffee is always my favorite. As much as I like warm hugs, at least we know we can still cozy up together for some warm conversation this year. Sending distanced hugs, too, though, friends. Stay cozy. Much love.



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Patagonia fleece, UGG slippers, YETI mugs, electric blankets — the gifts of warmth & social distance are just right. The coziest presents for outdoor hangouts, right here.

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