Holiday Party? I’ve Got Just The Dress…


emerald romper | velvet dress

Is it too early to start talking about the holidays?  It is, isn’t it?  Well….that means it’s also probably too early to bring out the glittery holiday decorations or to harass a certain local florist about where the greenery is, both things that – ahem – someone I know has done. #askingforafriend

I know I’m bordering on obnoxious here, but this is my new thing:  holiday central, riiiight after Halloween.  I’m sick of frantically trying to cram cookie making and holiday singing and Santa visiting and outdoor ice skating with homework, end-of-year projects, dance recitals (in hip-hop they’re just called performances but let’s call a spade a spade here), dry-land training for skiing, and work (TME, I’m talkin’ bout you).

My “solution”?  (And yes – quotes are an invitation to roll your eyes, let’s all do a big one together….) My “solution” is to start earlier.  One of two things may happen:

  1.  I’ll have a happy, happy holiday for two solid months, or….
  2. My sanity will be on thin ice by Thanksgiving, and you can all bear witness to my incremental slide into crazytown via increasingly incoherent ramblings riiiiight here.

Should be fun!

Festive (and Cute!) Holiday Dresses

I’m really excited about emerald green anything and alllll the velvet this year.  The dresses we’re wearing are the ones that originally caught my eye, but I have a round-up of some serious stunners at the bottom of this article, including a few navy pieces that have me rethinking holiday colors.

Styling Tip:  Pair these rich jewel tones with a shoe in a similar hue, but a lighter (or darker) shade.  The resulting almost-monochromatic look is unexpected and modern.

Outfit Details – Shana

dressAnna Sui X Modcloth Carisma Calls Dress, size 2  – I’m really excited about this dress.  And if you’re tall, fear not the length – I hemmed it at least six inches shorter.  (The Modcloth website does list length under ‘Details’ as well as complete info about each model they show wearing the dress.  It’s really helpful.)

shoes: Modcloth velvet heels – These are totally comfortable.  Look for them again soon with jeans.

bag:  this is an old vintage bag I found locally.  One can usually find a little vintage-inspired clutch at Modcloth…my pick would be this one.

tights: my own.  These were a last-minute add when I suddenly remembered that my summer tan was, in fact, gone.  This is another area where Modcloth excels.  In fact, I found four worth mentioning:


Outfit Details – Linzi

romper: Modcloth Arrive & Thrive Wide-leg Jumper, size XXS for reference – this romper is so much fun to wear.  It manages to be both playful and cool – thanks to the nonchalant slouch, and the pockets.  This piece would be perfect for nights when you want to be comfortable and festive.

shoesModcloth Frame of Reference Velvet Block Heel – we found that these run a little small.

bag, jewelry, etc. – I have a confession:  I sprung this little photoshoot on Linzi at the very last second.  Like…we’re walking home sweaty from dance and I’m all, ‘Hey Linz – know what would be great?  If you went home and put night-time makeup on and then did this suuuuuuper fun photoshoot with me….”  And of course she was like NO stop being CRAZY but because she’s such a good friend, and I knew these photos would be a zillion times better with Linz in them…she finally agreed.  This is a really long way of saying that I should’ve picked out some accessories.  I rarely wear jewelry, but Linz?  She would’ve accessorized the heck out of this romper.  So I went back and asked her to round-up the pieces she would’ve picked:

Shop Similar Pieces…..

Maroon, Green, and Navy Holiday Dresses

These rich jewel tones are making my heart sing. Modcloth is on fire this year, with rich velvets and deep jewel tones.  (They also have really inclusive sizing, and one of the most active reviewing communities around – it makes shopping way easier.)


The Best Shoes To Pair With Jewel Toned Dresses

Why not do a modern monochrome?  The key is to not quite match.




A huge thank-you to Modcloth for sponsoring this post!!  I especially adore the holiday dress selection, the more-inclusive sizing, and huge number of reviews that many of these products have – it makes shopping so much easier.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated.

photo credits:  the fabulous (and seriously fun) Redfield Photography.


  1. I seriously love both of these looks, but the green romper is screaming my name! So so good! Thanks for sharing this! Perfect!

  2. You read my mind with the emerald green! I want emerald green everything right now… especially since my hair is dark purple at the moment. ?

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