Holiday Gift Guide: All Things Shiny & Bright


I love a good book and some cozy slippers just as much as I love getting all glammed-up for an *occasional* night out. This gift guide is a mix of all things Shiny (think: hair treatments, luxe lip care and the coolest non-denim pants) and Bright (that new iPad you’ve been wanting, unexpected eyeshadow colors and even some art for your place).

Though I’m wayyyy more of an introvert than extrovert, I wanted to pull together some holiday gifts that could be appreciated whether you make it out the door (or not so much).


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Bright & Shiny Gift Ideas

The Bright & Shiny 2019 Holiday Gift Guide: a mix of all things Shiny (think: luxe lip care & the coolest non-denim pants) & Bright (a new iPad & cool art). xo

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1. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 – As someone who is constantly dying (and re-dying) their hair, things can get reaallly dry. Olaplex is the one brand I’ve heard friends and hairstylists alike rave about. You can buy the entire “series” depending on your specific hair needs (smoothing, color vibrancy, heat protection, etc.,).

2. Pink & Mustard Desert Scene by Kristine Brookshire – The extremely talented Kristine Brookshire is one of my absolute favorite artists. I came across her work on Pinterest years ago and was immediately obsessed with everything she created. I’ve been a follower and admirer of her work ever since. I’m also a proud owner of this painting (prints available for purchase on her site). I would cover my walls in her work if I could. Take a peek at her Etsy Shop here, and order a print for a loved one (or yourself) this holiday.

3. T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand Set – This is THE styling wand of all styling wands. If you buy this as a set, you’re getting 3 barrels that easily interchange to achieve whatever size curl you’re going for. I recently cut about six inches of my hair off and think this is my new go-to tool for styling.

4. Apple Ipad – As an artist and a designer I have wanted an iPad for SO long. And with the apple pencil, there are endless things you can create (think: designing, drawing, doodling and more). This thing is seriously cool in-action.

5. Laneige Lip Sleep Mask – Dry lips are my winter nemesis and normal chapstick does nothing for me. This lip sleep mask is smooth, creamy and only a thin layer is needed to wear all through the night and wake up with super-soft, moisturized lips. Would make a great little stocking stuffer.

6. Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Hypnotize Eyeshadow Palette – I’m a sucker for gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, and this one is my absolute favorite at the moment — so shimmery and versatile. I’d gift this to a friend!

7. UGG Wrinn Slippers – When I say that I live in these UGG slippers all winter, I mean I literally wear them until they’re broken. They do their job so well — not only do they keep my feet warm inside the house, but they also go above and beyond duty. Down the driveway, through the snow, to the mailbox, or dragging the garbage out. They rock and would make the best gift for well, anyone.

8. J.Crew Collection Sequin Camisole – Does it get more ‘bright & shiny’ than this? Nope. Gift this to a girlfriend or anyone who likes to get a little ‘extra’ during the holidays. Also comes in pink & gold.

9. Madewell Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Oh hey, dreamy moto jacket. I’ve wanted this for as long as I can remember. A classic that won’t be going out of style any time soon.

10. Halogen® x Atlantic-Pacific Crop Flare Faux-Leather Pants – I’ve been looking all over for some faux-leather cropped flares to rock during the holidays. This pair by Atlantic-Pacific are under $100 and would make SUCH a fun, unique gift.

11. Good American Core Power Leopard Spot 7/8 Leggings – A few members of our team (myself included) love Good American. I tend to live in their jeans and this jumpsuit may be one of my all-time favorite purchases, EVER. These shiny cheetah workout leggings are totally on my wishlist this year.

12. Veja Roraima Sneakers – These are the perfect cross between sneakers and hiking boots. Veja makes shoes that are not only stylish but environmentally-friendly, too. I love to buy (and give) these shoes because I can feel good about it.

Here’s to a shiny & bright holiday season!


Jess (@jessbobess)


  1. You included two of my favorites. Number 1- that olaplex treatment once a week keeps my curls shiny but not weighed down. Also- the fifteen minutes with the bathroom door closed and locked helps my sanity. Number 5- seems expensive for lip gloss. But the size is generous and lasted me six months. I temporarily went without it then repurchased; nothing else has keep my dry lips from cracking. Thanks!!

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