Holiday Gift Guide for the Golf and Tech Guy


Okay, let’s play a quick game of The Mom Edit connect the dots: Jonathan, my other half, is the younger bro of Mike, Shana’s hubby. And as Shana can attest, Jonathan is probably the most difficult person in the family to shop for. Where I might say he’s “picky shopper”…he says he’s an “educated shopper.”

Jonathan agonizes and researches every. single. purchase. he makes, down to cutting boards and trash cans. Since there’s no way I can afford the only thing he truly wants this year for Christmas: a $10,000 golf simulator (shock, gasp, faint), I got him to sit down with me and pick out a few slightly more humble (but still kick-ass) gift options.

The theme? Golf and tech.


When I first asked him to help me create a gift guide that other guys might appreciate as well he said, “I’m not sure other guys would want the same stuff as I do,” to which Shana and I replied, “uhhh, I think that’s what most guys want for Christmas,” so without further ado, here is a Jonathan approved Holiday gift guide…



Top Left (Clockwise)

Sonos PLAY:3 Mid-Sized Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music (White) – Mike and Jon’s mom loves her music and NPR so last year for Christmas we gave her two of the smaller Sonos Play:1 speakers and one mid sized Sonos PLAY:3 speakers. They were such a hit that Jonathan insists on buying us a set for our new house. 

Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder – This is a gift I need to give Jonathan for the sake of our relationship…I lose everything, all the time.  The amount of times he has heard “hey baby can you call my phone? I can’t find it..” is in the hundreds. $24.98 for a 1-pack, $69.99 for a 4-pack, $129.99 for an 8-pack and $239.99 for the Tile Holiday 16-pack, all on Amazon. 

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS – Jonathan says: “A much cheaper* and in some ways a more convenient rangefinder option because it always gives the distance from the unit to the center front and back of the green, and there’s less fussing to use it, you just have to reference the number on the screen.” $79.99, on Amazon.

*Jonathan kindly reminded me that I forgot to mention that the golf gps is not as accurate as a laser rangefinder, but it gets the job done and is cheaper and easier to use.

Quiet Comfort 35 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones –  Bose noise cancelling headphones have been on both of our wish lists for a few years now. The quality of Bose headphones is always excellent and range in price from $99.99 (the in-ear options) to these baddest of bad boys at $349.95 at Nordstrom.

Beam Labs Beam Smart Projector – Okay, admittedly, this is a mutually beneficial gift item because…HOW COOL?? It turns any flat surface into a big screen straight from your phone so the options for use are limitless. You can screw it into any light socket to project messages, photos, home made videos, ect. It can also be programmed to wake you up with the news or weather forecast projected onto your bedroom ceiling. Seriously, welcome to the future Marty McFly. $549.99 at Nordstrom.

Retro Duo Video Game System – A throwback to the old school gaming systems, this one is compatible with all Nintendo AND Super Nintendo games, which in my humble opinion, were the best games, and provide hours of entertainment for adults and kids of all ages. Plus it’s only $43.99 on Amazon, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Vintage Style Record Player with Built-in Bluetooth Speakers – Some music just sounds better on vinyl, ya know? And with the addition of built-in bluetooth speakers, record players are starting to catch up with modern tech. We love the vintage style wood finish on this Highly rated option on Amazon for $129.99.

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator – Jonathan says, “if you’re looking for an ‘accurate enough’ simulator, it’s a fun way to play simulation golf cheaply. It has some game improvement value. If someone is a 2 handicap it may not help them improve their game but it will still be fun to use. Like any simulator, you need space enough to swing a golf club which is at least a 9 ft ceiling, preferably 10 and a computer monitor to run the software and display the images.” 40% off for $298.99 on Amazon.

Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder – This is the range finder Jonathan has and he has this to say about why he chose it: “It’s easy to see and hit the flag, accurate to within less than a yard. It gives you the slope reading and if you’re in a tournament, you can take off the yellow piece and it becomes tournament legal. The main reason it’s more expensive than than other rangefinders is because it measures slope.” $449.99 on Amazon

Amazon Echo –  Cam is currently obsessed with her new Echo Dot, only $49.95, the cheaper 2nd generation version of the Echo, here’s what she says: “ALSO. Omg. For anyone that wants the Alexa, but wants cheaper option….the Echo Dot rocks. We have one and I can’t get over how cool it is.” The original version is available in black or white on Amazon for $139.99.

Happy Holiday honey gift hunting!


Jess and (a slightly less Holiday spirit enthused) Jon


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