Good Vibes Only: Gifts For The VSCO Girl


It’s the year of the VSCO Girl! But wait — isn’t VSCO a photo editing app? Yes, yes it is. But that app is not the marker of these trending chickadees.

A VSCO girl’s uniform consists of scrunchies, oversized tees, Birkenstocks (with socks) and puka shell necklaces. They care about the environment and tote around reusable straws in their Fjalraven Kanken bookbags, along with their sticker-covered Hydro Flask water bottles. Basically, they are 2019’s version of Tumblr Girls.

When I talked to the TME team about what makes someone a VSCO girl, we unanimously realized that we have all have a little VSCO in us. Me, especially!

So, I channeled my inner VSCO girl and came up with 13 holiday-worthy gifts. Full disclosure: this gift guide was also inspired by my students (and they approved it all).

Gift Guide: A VSCO Girl Holiday Checklist

The VSCO girl checklist: scrunchies, oversized tees, Birks (+ socks), puka shell necklaces & more. We channeled our inner VSCO girl for 13 on point gifts.


  1. Polaroid Camera – VSCO girls love to take polaroids so they can collage them and THEN post a photo of that collage to Instagram (did you get all that?). Basically, get them this camera and they’ll be super happy.

2. Friendship Bracelets – Peace, love and the earth are everything to the VSCO girl, so these PuraVida friendship bracelets are the perfect representation. That, and (of course) the iconic scrunch.

3. Pop Art Long Sleeve Tee – A neon-colored oversized tee. Does it get more VSCO than that? I think not.

4. Fjällräven Kanken Bookbag – Does anyone really know how to pronounce Fjällräven Kanken? Try saying that 10 times fast. Of all the pieces I’m sharing, this bookbag is the most popular among the students at my school — it’s safe to say that 90% of the girls rock one.

5. NASA T-Shirt – If someone could explain to me why teenagers are so obsessed with NASA right now, that would be great. My brother is in high school and he owns several NASA shirts, as well as a few other pieces from this guide. Maybe he’s a VSCO girl, too!

6. Saving The Earth Straw Set – I just had a conversation with one of my students about the things she’s choosing to do to reduce her carbon footprint (yay!). The two things she mentioned? 1. Going vegan and 2. Reusable straws and water bottles. This set is perfect.

7. Scrunchies – These are my personal FAVs on the list! A VSCO girl can never have too many scrunchies (and I love them, too).

8. Birkenstocks – Birks are all the rage for the VSCO girl right now. They even pair them with thick socks in (mild) winters!!

9. Vans – When she’s not wearing her Birks, the VSCO girl can be found wearing her skater-style sneaks from Vans.

10. Hydro Flask – It’s important to hydrate babes, and you need to do it in style. The larger size is the preferred option because it leaves more room for ALL the stickers (duh).

11. Aesthetic Waterproof Stickers – For computer case and hydro flask flare.

12. Mario Badescu Facial Spray – Every VSCO girl needs a quick refresh after trekking around with her besties in her jeep, and it absolutely must contain clean ingredients. The rose facial spray by Mario Badescu is perf.

13. Puka Shell Necklace – TBH, I’m not sure what the appeal is for the puka shell necklace, but this is an absolute must according to my brother and his friends.

It’s safe to say the VSCO girl is THE Gal Of The Year. Her fashion sense and love for our planet can’t be beat. I think we all have a little VSCO in us at heart! Happy holiday shopping babes!

– Kat


  1. Love this! And the hydroflasks and pura vida bracelets for my VSCO girls were delivered on Friday! I will say the VSCO girls here in Philly seem to be carrying Vera Bradley backpacks, but other than that, this list nails it! Thanks!

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