6 Solid Gifts We Have And Love (Spoiler Alert: The Cheese Grater’s Not To Be Missed)


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I’m just going to jump right in and say it — this post has me absolutely giddy, friends. I’ve been shopping at Nordstrom Rack for as long as I can remember, and while everyone else is always most inclined to head straight for those famous aisles fabulously looming with shoe boxes, or the tables stacked high with designer denim (both areas of which are troves for treasure hunting), I’m quietly passionate about that little quadrant at the front of the store reserved for home and beauty finds.

It’s where I first felt the marshmallowy allure of a Barefoot Dreams blanket and where I scored my first iconic Urban Decay palette. A haven of little luxuries that are perfect for spoiling yourself or someone else. And as it turns out, the online selection of home and beauty finds at Nordstrom Rack is even better.

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Below, six things I’m gifting this year — tightly curated, as always, since you know this household is about as anti-stuff as it gets. Including *adulting gift alert* (not to be confused with adult gift alert, heh) the Last Box Grater I’m Ever Going To Buy. (Why all cheese graters aren’t this cheese grater is beyond me — it’s stupidly intuitive, space-saving and not-at-all, well, cheesy.)

1. An Oversized Faux Fur Throw Blanket That Truly Passes Muster

Nordstrom Rack may be famous for the shoes, but I'm quietly passionate about the home & beauty finds. So here are 6 gifts I'm giving this year -- tightly curated, as always.

sweater | leggings | throw | candle

What kind of gift list would this be if it didn’t include a deliciously plush blanket or throw? We’re (not so) shockingly picky about throws around here, and this pintucked, faux fur version passes muster. It’s a bit bigger than most; thick and lush, but not so thick that you find yourself having it kick it off your legs mid-movie (just me?); extremely soft; and it has both a fluffy, faux fur side and a nubbly faux sherpa side, so it gives lots of texture to whatever it happens to be draped over. A couple of reviews said that it tends to shed a little initially, so just in case, I popped ours in the dryer for a couple of cycles to encourage any extra fluff to come off, but honestly, we haven’t had an issue with it at all.

Best of all, for a throw that feels decidedly luxe, the price point on this one makes it ultra-giftable (under $40). Easily a third of the cost of throws of a similar weight and scale. We went for the mossy green, which I love. Earthy and subtle and just holiday enough, but there’s a pretty ivory that would soften any space, plus a warm, mauve-y gray and a cool gray, too.

Also loving the available colorways on this heathered Barefoot Dreams throw. Lots of options to complement any decor, and they’re ridiculously popular — like, 5 stars from thousands of reviews, popular — for a reason. (So soft.)

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2. A Holiday(ish) Candle Worth Stocking Up On

Nordstrom Rack may be famous for the shoes, but I'm quietly passionate about the home & beauty finds. So here are 6 gifts I'm giving this year -- tightly curated, as always.


As much as I love burning candles, I’m also really particular about scents, and Apotheke makes some of my very favorite fragrances. They’re all super sophisticated and measured with a perfect balance that never skews too cloying or cologney. Their limited holiday scents, though, is where they really excel. Last year I bought several of all their holiday candles and immediately wished I had stocked up on more, only to learn they sold out almost immediately.

Fortunately, they’re back this year, and still available — for now. Two of my favorites are the Charred Fig (jammy, but with an earthiness that keeps it from feeling too sugary) and the Black Cypress (woodsy, pine-y and just a little sweet). Under $20, too, so they’re a great gift for a neighbor or a teacher, maybe paired with tea or a gift card to the local coffee shop. (I won’t disclose how many I bought just for us, but it was…more than several.)

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3. Packing Cubes For The Organized Traveler (Or A Cute Theme Gift)

Nordstrom Rack may be famous for the shoes, but I'm quietly passionate about the home & beauty finds. So here are 6 gifts I'm giving this year -- tightly curated, as always.

sweater | packing cubes | throw

Packing cubes have completely changed the game for us, especially when we’re trying to pack lighter for the whole family. Since the luggage I tend to prefer has one big, main compartment, these allow me to organize items by type (sweaters, undies, jammies, etc.) or even bundle together days’ worth of pre-planned outfits. When we went on our recent theme park road trip extravaganza, Lana and I even shared a suitcase and just kept our respective items separate using the cubes, which made it far easier to get luggage from the car to our four different rentals (and back).

This 5-piece packing cube set is the perfect starter (more than enough for organizing a long weekend’s worth of stuff into one bag) or you can divvy up the set and gift just one bag, stuffed with a pair of pajamas and a few travel skincare products, that kind of thing, for a cute theme gift.

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4. This Truly Restoring, Plumping Lip Gloss (In A TME-Favorite Shade)

collagen lip gloss | throw

I’ve been wearing this Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath for about a month, and the other day one of my girlfriends actually stared at me when we sat down to brunch and I removed my mask. “Your lips look really good. What are you wearing?” And since my lips were nearly bare when she said it (you learn real quick how much sense it doesn’t make putting on lip gloss before donning a mask), I feel like these little tubes get all the credit. They’re gorgeous on, of course — and all the colors in this set are extremely wearable, including TME cult fave and best-seller Pillow Talk — but I do feel like they’ve contributed to my overall lip health in more than just a cosmetic way.

Super hydrating, restoring and pretty. And without any irritating tingle that sometimes accompanies products claiming to “plump.” (There’s just a faint mintiness.) Love the gift-ready box, too, but they’re just as pretty on their own if you happen to split them up among stockings, etc., I gifted a makeup mirror recently and tied a single tube onto the ribbon as a finishing touch. Easy.

Tip: the minis are selling fast; if they’re out of stock, the full-size is available here.

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5. The Coolest Koozy (Literally)

Nordstrom Rack may be famous for the shoes, but I'm quietly passionate about the home & beauty finds. So here are 6 gifts I'm giving this year -- tightly curated, as always.

sweater | leggings | can cooler

If there’s one thing we’ve maybe taken to collecting too many of, it’s insulated mugs and bottles. We go almost nowhere without bringing along a water bottle for each of us, and Chris and I likely have a mug for coffee or tea in hand, too. I can’t say enough about any of the Hydro Flask products we’ve tried, and Nordstrom Rack carries quite a few of them, but this cooler cup (essentially a hard-sided koozy) is new to me and a super addition to our collection.

It easily keeps a can chilled for an hour or more, or you can just use it as an insulated tumbler. We now have a couple we pull out when someone brings over a growler, and as I write this, I’m drinking ice water from it and delighting in the fact that there’s no condensation sweating all over my desk. The little things.

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6. The Best Box Grater. Period.

sweater | grater

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! I know this isn’t the sexiest of gifts, but this OXO Box Grater + Zester is easily the most well-designed box grater there is. We literally donated our old box grater the day this arrived — and guys, it was for all intents and purposes a really good box grater. This one is just…better. And in the name of not holding onto unnecessary stuff, this is now our one and only.

What makes it so…grate…you ask? (Stop it, you know I had to. In fact, that picture on the right where I look so dang entertained by myself? Pretty sure I had just dropped that exact joke on my photog, Carolyn. She’s a good sport, that one…)

Ahem — it grates directly into a measuring container, if you so desire, so you don’t have to scrape shreds of cheese or zucchini or potatoes sloppily into a measuring cup (or eyeball it by the handful, which is usually more my speed). Said container comes with a lid, if you happen to grate more than you need. And the container (and lid) store within the box grater when not in use. AND the finer side of the grater, commonly used for zesting citrus or grating parm, pops right off so you can use it (and wash it) independently of the grater. Not to mention everything is well made and sharp as heck, so it just works. I. Love. That.

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Aaaand then, while I was browsing these gifts, I still filled my cart with a couple of pairs of shoes, the sweater and leggings I’m wearing here (this is my first piece from the brand Elodie, and it feels simultaneously soft and substantial despite the super affordable price point)…and maybe even a pair of jeans I will be wistfully holding onto until my body makes peace with the idea of a button fly again. I’m not holding my breath, but I couldn’t resist.

Happy holidays, friends!

Big thanks to Nordstrom Rack and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring this post. If you haven’t already gathered, I’ve got a deep seated fondness for Nordstrom Rack, so curating these finds was hardly any work at all. And thank you, friends, for reading along and supporting The Mom Edit and our brand partners. It is so appreciated!

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Photos by the talented (and tolerant, ha) Carolyn Stockman.

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