How To Make Your Denim Holiday-Worthy


The one thing we probably all have in our closets — denim.

Zero need (although maybe a want) to buy a fancy holiday dress when you have perfectly fine jeans waiting to be worn. We say wear it to the holiday party! How to make it holiday-worthy? Add in your craziest, most fun pieces that you may or may not dare to wear on the daily.

We came up with three ideas to make your denim holiday-esque — statement tops, jackets and accessories. (The accessories are SO FUN. And it’s the easiest way to dress up any outfit, really.)

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Dress Up Your Jeans: Holiday Party Outfit Inspo

0 need to buy a fancy holiday dress when you have jeans. Wear 'em to the holiday party! How to make denim holiday-worthy? We've got 3 ideas.

Gwen’s Look | Julieta’s Look | Scotti’s Look | Lex’s Look

0 need to buy a fancy holiday dress when you have jeans. Wear 'em to the holiday party! How to make denim holiday-worthy? We've got 3 ideas.

Jess’s Look | Shana’s Look | Laura’s Look | Linzi’s Look

#1 Add a Fancy Top

Velvet, lace and anything that shines are the key elements to a fancy holiday outfit.

Velvet immediately strikes as a holiday fabric. It’s luxurious and generally jewel-toned. (And admittedly, makes me feel like a royal.) If velvet was all-weather-appropriate… I’d wear it alllll summer long.

Lace is one of those things that’s hit or miss. Some lace looks tacky, other lace ends up costing a million dollars for the finer detail. Finding something chic and affordable in lace can be tricky, but I think we got it!

Last, but definitely not least… when in doubt, go for the sparkles. Metallics, embroidery, sequins, glitter, literally anything that appears slightly like a disco ball is PERFECT for the holidays. It’s the one time in the year I feel confident wearing a disco-ball-esque piece. (Especially for New Years.) I for sure say, though, wear that disco ball all year round.

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#2 Pop On a Statement Jacket

My favorite pieces for fall/winter fashion are the jackets and coats. Totally acceptable to look and feel like a fuzzy teddy bear? I’m in!

Lex introduced another kind of statement jacket that I LOVE. I’ve always loved floor-length jackets / cardigans (when I can actually get them fit for my height), but this particular style — kimono or Ottoman-style coat — is something I haven’t thought of adding to my closet.. until now. The embroidery is gorgeous and I’m officially obsessed.

Honestly, as much as I love being bundled in fur and fuzz, bury me in a leather jacket. I never fail — every single year — to get excited about breaking it out. Leather jacket, you complete me. But seriously, something about them instantly makes you feel all chic and put-together. And who doesn’t wanna feel like a badass? You’re lying if you don’t…

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#3 Finish w/ Fun Shoes & Accessories

Okay, guys. THIS is the extra fun stuff. My goal in life (amongst more important goals, I promise) is having a giant shoe closet. I LOVE SHOES. Yet, here I am wearing my same used-to-be-white Adidas sneakers as I write this. The irony…

When it comes to the holidays, sparkly, metallic, colorful (red in this case) boots and party heels are the way to go. If you’re anything like me and struggle to add a pop of something other than black to your outfit, add a fun boot, bag or statement earrings.

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Hopefully we’ll all be happily wearing our fav denim this holiday, looking like we didn’t get dressed last-minute. I tell myself i’ll plan, but let’s be real… this is what I’ll end up putting together 10 minutes before I’m out the door. All that matters, though, is that it works!


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