Deck The Halls, Etsy Style: The Cyber Sale Is On!


Best place to find unique, (often) handmade, small-biz-made, shockingly cool gifts? Easy. Etsy.

We’re huge fans of Etsy over here at TME, but when it’s holiday time — oh, man — we’re going IN.

On Etsy’s site, browsing feels like a really fun and exciting ride instead of that dreaded roller coaster feeling with “Will he actually wear this sweater?” and “Wait…did I get her a coffee gift card last year too?” and “Do they even like lambswool?” questions doom-circling in your brain with the (millions? eh, probably more like) thousands of awesome things.

You’re just destined to leave (or check out, I should say) feeling satisfied, complete and worry-free. Etsy is kiiinda the saving grace of holiday shopping.

70+ Holiday Gifts From Etsy: Something For Everyone

Even better? Etsy is currently having a Cyber Week Sales Event with up to 60% off select items from participating shops. This is HUGE!! Score those fab discounts until Wednesday, 11/30.

Tiny synopsis of stuff on sale: personalized gifts (!!!), gifts for the entire fam (+ the family pet), fashion, jewelry, accessories, homewares, kitchen & dining, and even holiday decor. Talk about amazing.

You're just destined to check out feeling satisfied, complete & worry-free. Etsy is kiiinda the saving grace of holiday shopping.

Whether you’re looking for a useful, fashionable, aesthetically pleasing, or fun-filled gift, I’ve got tons of options down below to suit pretty much anyone. OK, let’s get into it. Grab the wrapping paper.

But wait, when you’re done shopping here, check out Holiday Central for more sales, style and gift ideas! Plus, we also have more deets on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale here.

1. Practical Gifts They’ll Actually Use

Because COME ON, people. We want to be able(/forced) to use our gifts!! Don’t make yours next year’s regift. (Was that too harsh?)

Etsy is on fire, & I've got 70+ holiday gift ideas that'll cover everyone's wish list, from unique fashion & personalized accessories to practical home decor.

1. Botanical Epsom Bath Salts – If you’ve never taken an Epsom-salt bath, get your stressed-out self in the tub pronto.

2. Herbal Organic Lip Restore Balm – I know you know someone who needs this.

3. Sugar Lip Scrub – I love that it’s in a little nifty tube.

4. Clay Face Mask – Who doesn’t love a DIY spa night?

5. Mini Hot Chocolate Bombs – Because these things are SO fun, and they’re mini.

6. Handmade Ceramic Pretzel Mug – I mean, come on. (P.S. You don’t have to be from Philly to own this.)

7. Copper Cocktail-Shaker Set – Well, these are totally stunning. Bar-cart-maker.

8. Adult Clay Pottery Kit – Anyone else seriously dying to use this?? I love that “adult” is in the name, haha. Unnecessary but thanks.

9. Dehydrated Sourdough Starter – For those people that picked up PSB (Pandemic Sourdough Baking) and never let go.

10. Gluten-Free Sprinkle-Sugar-Cookie Mix – The gift of an experience is always fun, no matter now small or simple.

11. Personalized Cookie Stamp – A thoughtful gift for your fave baker. (Note: Don’t gift to cookie burners. Or else they’ll never stop.)

12. Vintage Multicolored Goblet Set – Etsy has sooo many beautiful vintage glasswares. Love a one-of-a-kind find.

13. Cocktail-Infusion Kit – For the best types of experiments. *wink*

14. Custom Face StickersImagine the variety of uses for these things.

15. Vintage Ceramic Milk Pitcher – Anything vintage and ceramic on Etsy is just so cool.

16. Wooden Pinch Bowl Set – There are just so many uses for these things. Use as a countertop salt cellar or for little olives/mustard/jams for charcuterie boards.

17. Wooden Square Bowl SetAnother li’l pinch bowl never hurt nobody.

18. Engraved Luggage Tag – One of those things that SO comes in handy. 😅

19. Charging Phone Vase – Well, what a gorgeous little desk or nightstand addition.

2. Stylish Gifts They’ll Never Want To Take Off

Cold climate? Hat, scarf, mittens — done. Warm? Robe, tee, cami. Can’t remember where they live? (Lol.) Cool jewelry, luxe socks. (These ones are pretty!! Promise.)

Etsy is on fire, & I've got 70+ holiday gift ideas that'll cover everyone's wish list, from unique fashion & personalized accessories to practical home decor.

1. Macaron Color Scarf – TONS of colors to choose from, and it looks way more expensive than it is.

2. Custom Morse Code Necklace – Minimal and so sleek.

3. Leather Tote – Gah, this is so pretty. Love the simplicity and the option to personalize.

4. Turkish Waffle Bathrobe – I stand behind gifting robes as much as possible. Just admit you’d rather be cold and uncozy, haters.

5. Ruffle Silk Scrunchie – Good for your well-accessorized friend.

6. Hand-Knit Convertible Mitten – Fleece-lined and totally adorable.

7. Winter Words Soft Scarf – Handmade from lambswool. I’m so in love.

8. Personalized Signet Ring – This looks like heirloom quality. Beautiful for any age.

9. Pizza Love Necklace – Everyone knows someone that just might love pizza more than they love their friends.

10. Natural Silk Cami Top – This little number looks deliciously elegant and soft. Make them feel #pampered.

11. Cloudy Lambswool Soft Knit Hat – Oh, I’ve never seen anything cuter.

12. Organic Mongolian Sheep Wool Socks – Let’s un-condemn socks as gifts. Please?

13. Custom Name Tee – These are just so damn cute. I love the font.

14. Kitten Gloves – For your furry-friend-loving friend.

15. NYC Scarf – So obsessed, and I’m not even from New York.

16. Iridescent Stud Earrings – These are really fun and look like candy.

17. Personalized Hair Clip – Your Gen Z bff will love you for this one.

18. Hand-Knit Chunky Marino Wool Scarf – Omg, this thing is humongous. There’s a breeze? What breeze?

3. Pretty Gifts For The Home They’ll Love To Display

Because I mean…who doesn’t like pretty things? If you can’t get a read on their style, I think the majority of the items below would work regardless. If really unsure, stick to neutrals. They go with everything.

Etsy is on fire, & I've got 70+ holiday gift ideas that'll cover everyone's wish list, from unique fashion & personalized accessories to practical home decor.

1. Geometric Tapered Candleholder – Super-neat and handmade. Grab a few for mantle decor or a table centerpiece.

2. Planter Bookend – This is such a fun multi-use piece to add a little bit of life to your bookshelf.

3. Cheers Art Print – I just love this. And the PRICE?

4. Custom Pet Portrait – Thoughtful and actually really pretty?? I love the simple design & color.

5. Handmade Cowboy-Boot Match Striker – I want 20 of these things to give to ALL of my friends. I’m in love.

6. Hugging Couples Candle – Aw, this made me teary. Perfect for those you’re really missing.

7. Alpaca Wool Blanket – Such pretty shades of blue, and it looks like it’s heavenly soft.

8. Cutting-Board Stovetop Cover – These things are genius. Wow.

9. Village Tapestry Blanket – This is so homy and cozy.

10. Tassel Pine-Cone Garland – Totally cottagecore and sweet.

11. Handmade Wool Tiger Pillow – I’m a sucker for anything hooked wool.

12. Cereal Bowl Candle – I got this for my sister last year, and it’s one of her fave gifts to date. You put the wax cereal pieces in!! So freaking fun.

13. Disco Mushroom – Aka groovy fungi.

14. Hardwood Taper Candleholders – Obviously can’t get enough of these types of things.

15. Antique Accent-Pillow Cover – These things add so much character to any bed or couch space. Love the worn-in feel.

16. Bohemian Tapestry Nap Blanket – I’m so into the print and thickness of this blanket.

17. “Do You Guys Have Oat Milk?” Poster – Funny if these words come out of your friend’s mouth often. Also just plain cute.

18. Handmade Birdcage Terrarium – These things are so fun to fill and nurture as your own mini garden.

19. Handmade Peace-Sign Pillow – Another hooked-wool pillow gem.

20. Round Velvet Pillow – These just look sooo plush. Love the jewel-tone colors too.

4. Cool Gifts For Toddlers, Kids & Teens That They’ll Play With All Day

Hey, gang — S here. Etsy is one of my favorite places to go to find seriously unique and show-stoppingly cool gifts for any baby/toddler/kid/teen on your list. It’s a refreshing change from Lego, ya know? (Not that there’s anything wrong with Lego.)

Etsy is on fire, & I've got 70+ holiday gift ideas that'll cover everyone's wish list, from unique fashion & personalized accessories to practical home decor.

1. Unicorn Bath Bomb – Getting this for Pax’s stocking immediately. Bath bombs like these help convince the kid to bathe occasionally.

2. Children’s Wooden Animal Stools – EXACTLY the thing my boys would’ve loved when they were little. I remember them hauling their stools up to the counter with pride.

3. Wooden Montessori Puzzle – For aspiring doctors or scientists — kinda like Operation. I love the representation here too.

4. Customized Wooden Music Box – A music box in the shape of the Leaning Tower of Pisa that can be customized with an engraving. So sweet.

5. Montessori Wooden Blocks – I can’t stop thinking about this seriously sophisticated set of blocks inspired by Santorini architecture.

6. Crochet Crown – So, SO sweet. I may order these for my niece and nephew.

7. Funny Shirt – HAHAHA. I like you.

8. Funny Keychain – Haha, maybe this will help keep Raines from losing his keys. A good reminder, anyway.

9. Personalized Toy Car Garage – OH, GEEZ. While this is the most epic Hot Wheels garage ever, I think it would be a seriously fun way to store (and play with) all of those tiny little dolls too.

10. Smiley Face Mittens – Yup. Going in stockings. Pax (and Raines) will get a kick out of these.

11. Coloring-Book Tablecloth – Ahhhh, SO fun for big family dinners with littles! I might get this for my mom — so good when all the grandkids are there.

12. Activity Board – Busy boards like this one are GOLD. I appreciate the homemade vibe, and that it’s not all plastic crap.

14. Triangle Climber Set – Oh, shoot, the fine print says this sale ends in six hours. That said, it’s worth a shot. This can be reconfigured a number of different ways — seriously so cool.

13. Drawing Sketchbook – A really cool art kit for an older kid. Love that it’s wrapped in leather.

15. Crochet Octopus – Such a sweet gift. I’d wrap this up with a favorite book.

16. Personalized Jump-Rope – Stocking stuffers!

17. Personalized Wooden Slingshot – Ordering for stocking stuffers for my kids and my sister’s kids. The kind of thing that never gets old.

18. Superhero Cape – Every kid needs a cape like this. Pax wore his for…YEARS.

19. Art Supplies Kit – A very satisfying set of art supplies in a big wooden box that can be customized with your kid’s name.

20. Custom Bow With Arrows – Ahhhhhh, found my gift for my sister’s son!! Pax would’ve LOVED this set!!

21. Gingerbread-Cookie Pajama Set – These little organic-cotton-blend PJs come in sizes 2T to 6 and are so sweet.

22. Wooden Climbing Arch – Climbing arch, rocking chair — it can be used in a ton of ways. Such a fun (Montessori-inspired) piece.

Etsy, you win holiday shopping. What would we do without you?


Team TME

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Etsy is on fire, & I've got 70+ holiday gift ideas that'll cover everyone's wish list, from unique fashion & personalized accessories to practical home decor.
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  1. FYI the tiger pillow is identical to one from Bungalow by Justina Blakeney a few years back. I don’t know the connection between the current manufacturer and the original design but it seems a shame that someone is continuing to manufacture this pillow without giving proper credit (and likely compensation) to Ms. Blakeney.

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