Holiday Style: The Best Way To Wear Jeans To ALL the Parties


Despite the decidedly glam bent holiday trends are taking, I’m still a big (HUGE) fan of denim.  And with all of the glitzy accoutrements available for the chic party-goer, denim is the perfect foil for those of us who like their style with a heavy dose of insouciance.  (C’est moi.)

So I’ve been messing around, trying to figure out a fresh (and perhaps even exciting? Can we hope?) way to wear denim this holiday season.

Well.  I think I found it.

Untitled 10

(photo credits:  sole society, anthropologie)

I mean seriously:  what could be easier?  If you break it down, the formula is simply Cozy Sweater + Comfy Jeans + Statement Shoes + Chandelier Earrings

It’s the perfect combination of cozy and glam. (And I’m especially loving the chandelier earrings – they feel so unexpected and fresh, right?)

So given that inspiration, here’s the two different ways I’m interpreting this trend (hint:  I’m warming it up – I have an idea for snow-covered streets, as well as some recommendations for big earrings that will still be safe from grabby little hands).

Glitter Pumps + Destroyed Denim + Lots of Cuff

This is my fav.   The simple sweater is a perfect backdrop for stunning earrings, and the button-down shirt adds a polished element to the outfit and offsets the crazy distressing.  (I love big cuffs peeking out from under a sweater – it almost feels like bracelets.)


sweaterMadewell Wafflestitch Turtleneck 

shirt: Equipment Margaux Button-Down 

jeans: BLANKNYC Skinny Girl 

shoes: Kate Spade New York Carolina Heels

earringsSonyaRenee Stone Drop Hoop Earrings

bag: Sole Society Crystal Embellished Clutch

But S, you say,  I’m always cold!!  There’s no way I’ll be sporting glitter pumps again until June!

I hear ya.  And so I offer up option two….

Glitter Boots + Boyfriend Jeans


sweater: Madewell Wafflestitch Turtleneck 

jeans: 7 For All Mankind Boyfriend

boots: Sam Edelman Ankle Bootie

bag: Glint Beaded Clutch

earrings: BaubleBar Drop Earrings

Shop Cozy Sweaters

All of my very favorite cozy sweaters can be found here, in our Cozy Sweater shop.

Shop Fab Earrings

I’m loving big, glitzy baubles, but ear cuffs, ear jackets and even – YES – clip on earrings will allow Mamas to rock this trend without worrying about grabby little hands.

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  1. You look cute but I don’t think this idea, especially the second variation, will be flattering on any bodies larger or more curvy than yours.

    • Ann, was thinking the same on that second look. I’d actually put mine away for the winter (am I the only one that finds them easier in warm weather?) but I’m thinking about getting them out and giving them a go with the slim black tneck sweater from S’s pick list. I think (maybe?) with either the fancier shoe or more of a stiletto boot they COULD work?

      • Maggie – I agree with all of your points (I DO find boyfriend jeans so much easier to wear in the summer!!). As far as the outfit goes, the general idea is sound (cozy sweater, fav jeans, etc), you just need to tweak it for your body type. That said, a slimmer cut sweater (like the turtleneck you mention) would be perfect. And my sister has sworn by Gap’s real straight jeans (cuffed, obviously) as boyfriend jeans for a mama with some hips.

        • Maggie – Shana is right. I am tall, small pooch, and have hips. I find that I do my best to take Shana’s ideas and then use the formula with pieces that work for me. I know longer sweaters with drape work better than the short boxy ones, or a long cardigan and a drapey tank under it and so on.

          The way I look at it is Shana is the expert (in my book) on fashion and I am the expert in what works on my body- put the two together and it is a great pairing.

          I think that your idea of a slimmer fitting top up top will work out great- when I have paired a slim turtleneck with my boyfriend jeans it works out great. Or, if I pair a longer sweater with skinnies- or a poncho style with flares and heels it all balances out.

          Would love to see a photo.

          Thanks for the inspiration ladies!!!

  2. I freaking LOVE this kind of post! Can’t wait to copy the looks ! I found the shoes!oxoxoxoxo …. Oh ps..the list of shoes is repeated three times….

  3. Love this. This has been my exact same formula for holiday parties the past 3 years. Red lips, glitter heals and big earrings make anything party ready for me. 😉

  4. S – just bought the sparkly boots… couldn’t resist! You are such an ENABLER!!!! One of my go-to combos are earrings, bracelet stack & cute (now sparkly) shoes. Can’t wait to get them! xoxoxo, ss

  5. Ok ladies…I have the glitter boots…now thoughts…could they be worn with a plaid pant outfit like Shana did in the “Plaid pants” post?? PLEASE ADVISE..I ‘m afraid the only way I will wear them is like she did with boyfriend jeans..

  6. Dear Shana,

    I’ve been fixating on these sparkly gems since I read this post. You will be happy to hear that half the obsession is over. While I didn’t score a pair of the Kate Spade’s, I did come across some sparkly, light gold hued shoes last night while Christmas shopping. I know, I know, ’tis the season for giving and all, but when I get a fashion fixation, all goes to pot! Anyway, I’m wearing them today, and I just feel special. I’ll tag you in an IG post, so you can see them. In the meantime, the in-laws are visiting in Jan, so I can save the shipping to Hong Kong by having them bring over the booties in their bag.

    Shana, I really look forward to checking in on you each day. Keep up the great posts girlfriend!


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

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