Holiday Style: Four Festive Ways to Wear A White Button-Down Shirt


If Jenna Lyons can wear a white shirt on the red carpet, we can certainly rock one at some holiday party, right?  Youbetcha.

Here’s what I’m thinking….



Dressed Up With a Tied Cardi and Blingy Belt

I love this twist on what can be a very preppy combo.  Tie the ladylike cardi at the waist (it helps to define, or, uh, make a waist), and add a embellished belt.


Of course, since my style bent is neither ladylike nor preppy…I added destroyed denim and stiletto booties.

And a ridiculous pompom hat.  That I love.



sweater: J.Crew cashmere cardi in heather cabernet (30% off with code PRESENTS)

shirt:  old, Theory…similar

denim: old, Rag and Bone….similar

boots: old, Nine West…similar Via Spiga (40% off at Nordstrom)

hat:  ASOS hat

belt: old, Anthropologie – similar (buy larger size to wear around hips)


With a Denim Jacket + Pretty Skirt

Love how the bright white collar and cuffs make a denim jacket look…fancy?  Whoa.  Thank you, Jenna.


Pair with a pretty skirt, heels and a sparkly brooch.



If you aren’t into wearing cat-hats to parties (really, who could be against this?)…you can pin the brooch on the jacket like any boring I mean not bald sane person.

Although, whenever I wear the cat-hat, Pax shrieks, “You BATMAN, Mum?”



jacket: ancient, but Old Navy makes good ones

shirt:  old, Theory…similar

skirt: old, TMRDNL…but would love this sequin one or maybe…feathers!!

shoes: old, Aerosoles…similar

hat:  ASOS ears beanie

brooch: old…here’s a cool one

wig: Henry Margu


Put It Under a Statement Shirt

You know those really pretty, amazing tops that are intended to wow at holiday parties?   Perhaps they’re sequin, or something shimmery (mine happens to be lace).  Yes?  And you know how the night of the party it inevitably drops 20 degrees or starts with some freezing rain bullsh*t and you are not just no but ohhellno?



Yeah.  I find that a white button-down shirt comes in handy.

Also?  I’m very pro-sock, even with glittery shoes.  I typically wear my fleece-lined tights, but any thin-ish, well fitting socks would work.  (Oh, who am I kidding?  If I’m not in tights, I’m in smartwool.)

And surprise!  I’m blonde.  Cause why not?



lace top: old from Anthro… similar

shirt:  old, Theory…similar

denim: Mother Denim high rise flares…similar

shoes: old…similar

wig: Rebel Chick by Forever Young in candy (truly a terrible wig – I have it tied back)


To Balance Something Trashy

Sometimes a girl’s gotta jingle some bells.  That’s all I’m sayin.



So when the skirt’s too short, or the thigh-highs go on or, uh….whatever else you can think of….look to the white button-down.



And plaid.  It’s hard to go wrong with plaid.




sweater: Vince

shirt:  Theory…similar

shorts: Forever 21

thigh highs: Plush fleece-lined

boots: Nine West…similar Via Spiga (40% off at Nordstrom)

scarf: Madewell…similar

wig: Edge Savvy by Forever Young in 6 



Happy Holidays!!!




  1. Love all of these! Been looking for an embellished beanie for ages…OBVIOUSLY just pin a brooch on one I already have,…great tip!

  2. Love, LOVE, LOOOOOVE that first look. Totally nails my “daytime party w cocktails AND kids” dilemma. The second looks perfect for the work party, too. As always, you ROCK, S!

  3. I love the denim jacket and pretty skirt look! I just bought a metallic skirt while thrifting and am planning to wear it to a hail and farewell this afternoon (it’s a military thing…?) Odd question for you: Do you wear these kinds of heels with kids with you? Do you have tips for how to wear heels like a pro? I have fallen in love with some higher heels lately but I’m nervous if I buy them I won’t wear them.

  4. Adrienne – I DO. With some caveats: When the kiddos were babies, if I thought I’d have to wear them in the Ergo for any length of time, I stuck either to wedges or embellished flats – even at parties. Once they got too big for the carrier, I switched to heels. I tend to save the stilettos for date-night only. Ankle wrap pumps, wedges, or (OH GOD) comfort pumps are my fav for holiday parties with the kiddos in tow.
    It gets easier as they get older. 🙂

  5. I bought nearly the exact same cardigan from J Crew a few weeks ago and will absolutely be trying out this outfit to a Christmas party tomorrow night. Love it! Casual Fancy. SO perfect. Thank you!!

  6. Love these! Thanks 🙂 These posts are so helpful this time if year when I am panicking at the last minute trying to figure out what to where.
    Where is your clutch from? I really need an evening bag of some sort. Also wondering what to look for in a white button down… Particularly if I’m not going to spend theory $$ right now? I have a gap cotton Oxford but its just not cutting it :/
    Happy holidays!

  7. The two clutches are vintage ones I bought eons ago. I like ASOS or Anthropologie for clutches.
    In terms of the white button down, just look for one that’s smooth, with a bit of stretch. And be picky about the collar – make sure you find one with a collar you like.
    Happy holidays!!

  8. Thanks! My littlest is still partially an Ergo-er, so maybe heels are in my near future. I do have a few pairs of wedges that I have started wearing. My problem is… I want heeled boots. They are gorgeous! 😀 Comfort pumps seems like something I need to look into…

  9. Hi! I really enjoy your blog and am so inspired by your willingness to share all aspects of motherhood and life, in general with your readers. I can’t help but notice you rocking the snow beenie. Have you considered a turban? I am a Muslim woman and I cover my hair. One of my fashion inspirations is a musician named Yuna. Please google her pics! She has AMAZING style that is completely versatile, meaning not just catering to the Islamic asthetic. Best wishes!

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