Holiday Style: Plaid Pants, Puffers, and Graphic Tees…Gone FANCY




If there’s one thing you can count on, when it’s time to get all fancy, I’ll wear a graphic tee.  Aaaaand probably a puffer.


Puffer coats and playground smolder* – that’s kinda my specialty.  (*Phrase coined by Tysie.  Who has a pretty mean playground smolder herself.)



But seriously these pants.  And the shoes.  And, of course, the puffer (but that might just be me).  This whole thing – crazy pants and missmatched shoes and all….I loved it.  I loved it all.  I totally nailed myself.  No – forget I said that.  I nailed…um….my style?  (I had two glasses of wine with dinner.  God help us all.)


[deep cleansing breath]


So here’s what I’m (horribly) trying to say:  I’m wearing something that….feels like me.  It’s dressed up and would work at a party, but since I’m a puffer kind of girl, instead of being dressed-up fussy, it’s just an ever-so-slightly dressed up version of me.  And isn’t that what this whole thing is all about?  Feeling – exactly – like yourself, like the best version of yourself.   (Evidently, the best version of myself likes the same shoes as 5 year-old girls.)  But the thing that I find so….freeing about holiday dressing specifically, is that this current trend of over-the-top glamour makes it easy to just pile on the bling.  PILEPILEPILE – nothing needs to match.


BTW – these shoes are all I need for Christmas for the next three years.  They are – shockingly – comfortable.  I mean not walk-around-all-day comfortable, but comfortable enough that I’ll wear them on date nights and brave the cold to happily live out my Wizard of Oz fantasies.  I was trying to explain to Mike the different levels of comfort in a girl shoe (it’s not necessarily a binary yes/no situation) and the conversation devolved into this:


#DIDIT.  Obviously, the last word was mine.

With nothing else left to be said, Mike and I ran to get some coffee. (Ha!  Really, we needed to get indoors so I could show off my graphic tee.)



I cannot – CANNOT – say enough good things about the versatility of graphic tees.  They are my butterflies and rainbows (well, along with puffers, glitter shoes and crazy pants).   One can add anything to graphic tees and still look good.  Pile on necklaces, do an arm party, wear with crazy pants – they can TAKE IT.  Bring it, says graphic tee.  I eat your bling for breakfast.

Hunh.  I’m realizing that I basically wore all of my favorite things all atthesametime.  Is this a sound dressing strategy?  I…I don’t….I’ll have to think about this.


jacket:  MICHAEL Michael Kors Packable Down Jacket – A jacket that’s warm, but not warm enough to be your only jacket in MI winters.  However, it’s perfect for running errands, I wore a similar one to all of Raines’ soccer games and more date nights than I’d like to admit.  They’re super lightweight, and pack down into nothing.

teeSUNDRY Cheers Long Sleeve Tee – Common expressions for toasting? I’m in.

pants: Vineyard Vines Winter Tartan Ankle Pants – A more tailored version of the jeans pictured with just as much holiday spirit.

shoes: Kate Spade KAROLINA heel (Almost sold out, but I found them in a stunning silver or black glitter)

bag: ALDO Sagronmis Clutch 

sunglassesRay Ban

jewelry:  Various Stella & Dot necklaces and bracelets


Happy Happy, you guys.


ps.  Our HUGE Sephora giveaway is coming to an end!!  We’re talking $400 worth of goodies AND a big ‘ol gift card.  Only a few days left to enter!!

pps.  We’ve been busy little beavers updating The Mom Edit’s Holiday Central with gift guides, holiday style, and EVEN MORE gift picks.  Check it out.

ppps.  I will never use the word “beaver” on this blog again.


  1. “I basically wore all of my favorite things all atthesametime.” That’s how my three year old daughter dresses herself, and she usually looks pretty awesome. I mean, surprisingly so. A fleece hoodie with a long t-shirt, two skirts, and jeans (three of those things in wild prints)…plus rain boots. Maybe it is a totally valid method.

    Also, you’re making me want glitter.

  2. I love graphic tees. Love them! I keep buying them…but they ALL end up with small holes in the bottom front!!! Is it because I fall for the super soft vintage-y ones and then throw them in the washer? Or because I’m baby wearing and the Ergo friction destroys them? I’ve heard some recommend hand washing “delicate” tees, but c’mon…I have a toddler and an infant and hand wash just isn’t in my vocabulary. How do you care for yours?

    • Danielle this always used to happen to me, and I finally realized it was my BELT. The metal bit would catch on the front of my more delicate tshirts, especially when I had something keeping the shirt tighter on my body, like a jacket or the Ergo. Solution was to toss one belt, and put a big dab of clear polish on the ends of the others, and voila!

  3. That last photo really captures what’s so amazing about this outfit: how brilliantly happy you are in it. 🙂 Also, I love the dance pose. Life is too short not to have fun and wear all your favourite things.

  4. I wouldn’t (couldn’t) wear this in a million years, but you look FABULOUS. Finding the clothes that make you feel most like yourself is so freeing and fun. Wish I could walk in heels like that, never mind dance!

  5. Oh my gosh, you had me at glitter shoes, plaid and a graphic t… but then you added an arm full of bracelets?! In LOVE. If I could take everything through the computer (and blow it up a couple sizes on the way) to wear it myself, I would! As much as I would DIE for your glitter shoes, I’d love to see some other options in a bit of a shorter heel and a lower price point too. Maybe a whole post on GLITTER ACCESSORIES! Make it happen! xxoo

  6. I love everything here. I have been looking for plaid pants but don’t want to order online and I have not been successful. I have some old Nina black glitter heals that I love to wear during the holidays. To more casual parties I love wear them with just skinny jeans and a sweater.

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