Holiday Style: Five Ways To Rock Black Pants




Whether they're skinny or flare, denim or wool, I'm willing to bet that you have a pair of black pants in your closet.  And while [yawn], they may not be [snore] the most exciting [zzzzzzz] sartorial choice…just you wait.  


1. Obviously, A Flashy Top

Black pants with a nice, silk top look OK.  Black pants with an insane, over-the-top, sequin top look awesome.  


I can't be the only magpie in this bunch, right?  


But here's the thing:  if you are going to do the black pants + festive top party uniform, you've got to really commit to the look, you know?  That festive top needs to be something crazy-fabulous.  Otherwise, the end result is often…meh.  



top: Anthropologie

pants: J Brand

bracelets: stella&dot, similar one, similar two, similar three

boots: old, Nine West…similar Via Spiga (40% off at Nordstrom)

wig: Henry Margu



2. Mix Your Metals, Then Add Faux-Fur



Shimmery tops are great with black pants:  silver, gold, whatever.  The color matters not – treat it like a neutral.  Add in a glittery or embellished bag and bold jewelry in mixed metals.  

THEN….faux fur.  Fur makes everything sofreakingcool.  And now I feel the need to admit that my fur is, uh, real.  Augh!  I KNOW.  But you guys?  It was my mom's.  She wore it to her prom, I kid you not.  So yeah – I'm gonna wear it and love it.



top: Need Supply

pants: would you believe mine are 10 years old?  Similar slim or bootcut

wrap: similar faux fur stole at ASOS

bracelets: stella&dotsimilar onesimilar twosimilar three

shoes: old…similar

bag:  vintage, but love this blush metallic envelope clutch

wig: Edge Savvy by Forever Young in 6 



Saturday I was all set for date night with Mike, wearing this exact outfit.  Except…a fur wrap isn't all that warm and it was freezing and then I remembered that we are not actually this fancy.

So I tweaked it.



See?  Mixed metals!  Faux fur!  Black pants!  (And wool.)

One little trick I like when wearing wool on date night (and trust me, in this regard I am an expert), is to layer the arm candy over the wool.


Someday I'll share all of my turtleneck-datenight strategies.  I KNOW!  It will be exciting.


sweater: similar

top: Need Supply

pants: J Brand

bag: similar

faux-fur jacket: similar

bracelets: stella&dotsimilar onesimilar twosimilar three

wig: Henry Margu



3. Spoof A Tux




A guy's bow tie, plaid shirt, and a statement necklace.  Tomboy holiday style, right?  Mike was slightly confused, but I loved it.  I think he got on board eventually.  (These things take time.)

But this outfit was tricky:  just a bow tie and I felt like a stripper, just a statement necklace…well I already did that one last year.  But both!  Both I like!

One other option – leave the tie and shirt open – all sexy, post-wedding-man inspired.  (Does that even make sense?)  In any case, I think Mike liked this styling better.



shirt: similar

bow tie: J.Crew

necklace: similar  (oooo…on sale for $44)

wig: Henry Margu



4. Bright Colors, Patterns And Bling

Sometimes, when an outfit is boring, I just throw on a bunch of patterns, texture and mismatched color.

And that blonde wig.



But that's the thing about black pants – the supersaturated color can take it.  Go crazy with patterns, add a glitter bag, don some brights.  Black is an anchor.

Of course, if you can add one more pop of black somewhere – besides the pants – it'll tie the whole thing together.  (Someone once said that this trick works with living rooms, too.)



sweater: Anthropologie

pants: c/o i-Ella The List

necklace: c/o Bauble Bar – similar

bag:  old, but am DYING for this furry one 

shoes: old, Aerosoles…similar

wig: Rebel Chick by Forever Young in candy


5. When Aren't Stripes The Answer?


I mean really.  Stripes, bling, black pants, happiness.  It's all there.  



Happy, happy, happy, Mamas.