Holiday Style: Stick a Turtleneck Under That Fancy (Or Not-So-Fancy) Dress




I should’ve called this one Ode To My Thin Black Turtleneck because that’s really what this is.  I’m always amazed by how often this turtleneck comes to the rescue.  It’s not a fancy piece – I’m a die-hard fan of J.Crew’s tissue turtleneck and they’re what?  $30?  But each year at Christmas I trot them out under some sort of dress.



Day dresses, fancy dresses – it really doesn’t matter.  (I actually think it would be fabulous under a strapless dress….I’ll have to try that next time.)






The flat, over-the-knee boots aren’t the best choice for this dress, but it’s what I do when Mike and I want to walk around for a while.  It’s…fine.  (My toes start to go numb if I walk in heels for too long…a little leftover present from the chemo, can you believe it?)






turtleneck: J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck (size XS for reference)

dress: Milly – last season, but here’s the current one:  A gorgeous, black floral Milly Bustier Sheath Dress (on sale!  I’m size 2 for reference)….or Neimans has a bunch of brightly colored Milly dresses on deep discount (some are under $100).

tights: Plush Fleece-lined tights

boots: old Nine West….but I’m dying for Weitzman’s 50/50 boots (in any color, really)….or for an affordable option, I like Louise Et Cie’s Andora boots for $130.  (I tried them on here.)





turtleneck: J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck (size XS for reference)

dress: Kate Spade NY Leopard Print Dress c/o KSNY (size 2 for reference, now 40% off at Nordstrom)

tights: Plush Fleece-lined tights

boots:  Kate Spade Sabina Moto Boots c/o KSNY

necklace: J.Crew Shaped Choker (40% off!)



So…I’ll probably end up wearing one of these outfits for Christmas.  Unless I get overwhelmed packing today and end up being all SCREW IT, JEANS.  (I’m picturing my mother’s face right now….yeah, ok.  I gotta go pack.)

Hopefully you are enjoying the nice, slow peace of the holiday season.



ps.  Three things:

1.  J.Crew is having a pretty great sale right now.  In addition to that gorgeous choker, their quirky sweaters are all 30% off (and many are 40% off).  I love J.Crew’s abstract fair aisle sweater…in white.

2.  Zady – THE destination for locally made, ethically produced goods – has just started their own line, and I was lucky enough to be sent this sweater.  Um, it’s ALL I’ve been wearing.  It’s so crazy warm – thick, but not too thick with a seriously cool weave texture, and perfect for running around doing errands without a coat.  But what really makes it special is the cut.  The armholes are nice and high, and there’s a subtle puff to the shoulder and enough length in the body….I mean they just nailed it.  So French-girl chic.  (I have a picture up on Facebook – look for the status where I rant that the Ash color of these Ugg Australia boots is NOT as pictured….but I’ll get better quality pic up soon of the Zady sweater.)

3.  We’re doing our best to keep The Mom Edit’s Holiday Central up-to-date!!  So if you need any last-minute gift ideas or styling tips…everything is there.




  1. Love the turtleneck. I actually have in the J Crew tissue t neck today. Question for you – did yours (along with all the J Crew t shirts) form holes around the navel/waistline? I like the look and feel of their products but they always end up with tiny holes after just a few wearings. Any other turtle neck brands you like that don’t have this issue?

  2. I get the same tiny holes in my tshirts… thinking it is the button on my jeans rubbing against either my seatbelt or kitchen counter? It is the only common denominator I have found. So infuriating! My husband said he is going to make button covers lol

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