Holiday Style: Wear Red and Green(ish)


PB222708(wearing:  Levis 535 denim leggings $35, J.Crew Cashmere sweater bought on eBay for $40, Aerosoles Tapestry Pump on sale for $50, red sunnies from Madewell or similar here for $48)

My recently purchased red heels are opening up whole new worlds for me, Mamas.  They are just so bright, so festive.  And I’ve been especially loving them with green…I mean, uh, greenish.

Even when my hair isn’t cooperating.


I mean, OK.  Donning red heels and lips is hardly the Fashion Surprise of the Century.  And you could, in all honesty, swap out my greenish sweater for virtually any other color and it would be fine.  But because I’m invoking a hint of red&green…this outfit felt so much more Holiday Fun!

The key, I think, is to change up the shade of green. Go with turquoise-green, olive green, moss green, army green, deep pine green…anything but a true, bright Christmas green.

And since no idea is truly original…I was able to find some amazing examples of other fashiony types doing the red + greenish thing:


(photo credits, clockwise from top left: Serenity via Chictopia, Jenine via The Coveted, Tokoyo Faces, Katy via Kansas Couture


My favorite might be this old pic from the insanely talented Garance Dore.  Gorgeous pic, of course, but her style is so copy-able. I already have black leggings and a similar army jacket.  All I need now is a cool red clutch. (Or a cool tweedy one under $50.)

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 5.17.16 PM

But it’s not that I don’t like bright red and green together.  Because, you know, I do. Sometimes.

Baby(photo credit: Totally Tutus)


It’s just that…well…how shall I put this?



A picture is worth thous-blah blah blah.  You wish you quit reading a few sentences ago, don’t-cha?  This image is now burned onto my retina, so I thought I’d share.  You are welcome.

So really, my whole point boils down to this: Don’t invoke the elf.  Not even a sexy elf.  Or, God Forbid, elfilicious.

(You can’t stop staring at the crotch area, can you? )

On that very awkward note, I am signing off.







  1. Oh dear. that’s all I can say about the stretchy elf suits.
    I really love your mint+red combo though. Much more than olive green+red. Makes me wonder if I own anything mint green?
    I tend to wear dark piney green with red myself.But now I’m wondering whether I have anything mint green I could wear instead!

  2. oops wrong button. My first comment didn’t post so I shall try again 😉
    LOVE this! I never would have thought of that color combo. And I have been jonesing for those red pumps since you first wrote about them. Sadly, even at that GREAT price, they just aren’t in the budget. Maybe some true red and green elves will give me some Christmas money and I can add some red suede to my closet 😉
    Thanks for the inspiration! Hope to try it!
    PS. Do use anything to protect the suede? I live in a very dusty area..would I need any kind of spray etc?

  3. I always say “at my house red is a neutral” because it truly goes with nearly everything. I love the combo with the lips and the subtly festive combo. Looks great!

  4. The Elfsuits remind me of the Foursquare section on our Canadian kids Channel Treehouse. They also wear this unitard no adult should be caught dead in…
    Loving your red and minty Christmasy outfit. My kinda Christmas is a sweater and jeans!

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