Holiday Style: Winter White Out




White, cream, the much maligned beige – these colors, when worn head-to-toe, give off a snow-princess fabulousness when mixed with something shiny.  You just…glow.

Or maybe that’s the Scotch.

In any case, I’ve been riding this monochrome train for years now, and I have no intention of getting off.  All aboard….



Super Fuzzy Cozy Warm…With Glitz

SO HERE’S THE BEAUTY OF ALL WHITE:  you can literally throw on an old warm sweater with some insanely comfy pants and look party-ready.

Not a new trick, but a well-used one.  It’s my winter-party standard.  Add something flashy and DONE.



sweater: Zara

cords: AG Stevie straight leg cords at Anthropologie (I’m wearing petites)

pumps:  old Aerosoles tapestry pumps…but these leopard booties would be warmer (on sale for $64, plus another 40% off of that)

bag: old…but drooling over this Marc Jacobs in rose gold


Clean Lines, Mixed Textures

An outfit in all-white tones has impact – you can keep the lines simple.  For these kinds of looks, I like my collar tucked in, hair back.



I also like to throw something silky in the mix, just to offset the textured fabrics (denim, cord, wool).  Everlane’s silk shirts are pretty fabulous.

And, of course, something glittery.  I will never be sick of this bag.  Proclamation!!  I  have proclaimed!

My universal karma means I will probably eat those words.  But still.  I STAND BY THE GLITTER BAG.



Hunh.  I forgot I was wearing red shoes.  I think they look OK, but I wish my lipstick was darker.  A gold shoe would be pretty fabulous here.


sweater: old ALC, but try this gorgeous drapy cashmere or this nubby one from LOFT

silk blouse: Everlane

cordsAG Stevie straight leg cords at Anthropologie (I’m wearing petites)

pumps:  old Aerosoles tapestry pump…but never underestimate the leg-elongating power of nude

bag: old JCrew…but hello, little gold baubles everywhere



Mix Both Prints And Textures

Because the palette is so neutral, you really can go nuts.  Here we have a tiny print, silk, corduroy, beading, glitter, lace, gold and….yup.  Leopard.  I mean, it sounds like a disaster, doesn’t it?



But ahhhhh…so soothing on the eyes.  This outfit still has a minimalist vibe, despite all the stuff going on.  That, I think, is the big trick with all-white.




silk blouse: old Emerson Fry…similar here,  this LOFT one would be cute with big earrings, or just go for solid gold

belt: old Anthropologie – similar here, but any elegant, patterned belt would do (like snake)


That’s it!  I’m obviously loving all-white, but these styling tricks work for any monochromatic color-scheme.  And I still haven’t forgotten my promise – to style up cream cords for everyday.  After the holidays, Mamas.



ps.  Piperlime currently has 40% off of everything until midnight PST with code FASHION.  I tried to include a bunch of Piperlime links to, uh, “help”.


  1. I’m in love with the first one! I think it is the cozy sweater that does it for me. Also, I’m a total matchy-match. I like that the gold bag matches the shoes. I just do.

  2. LOVE, S. Loving all of these holiday style posts.
    ps. How did you get your room so bright??…do you have a nifty flash? I am thinking I may be moving a lot indoors once this babe comes, but our lighting is TERRRRRRIBLE.

  3. Had to get a closer look at that gorgeous Emerson Fry shirt…love the tiny jets! My boys would think I was the coolest mom ever! And you look absolutely fabulous in that outfit, as well as the others! My fav though is the tucked in collar/ pulled back hair….you’re freakin’ gorgeous punk!!!!

  4. Loooove the last outfit! Plus, you are just gorgeous.
    Can we talk about makeup? Specifically, your lipstick colors? I have similar coloring and a tough time finding something darker/brighter/more festive for the holidays without looking overly done. You rock the perfect balance of glammed up – yet not un-natural.

  5. I tried these, in spite of the fact that my single holiday invite thus far suggests we wear comfy clothes (the hostess is extra pregnant and I assume she doesn’t want to wear anything other than tent) and love love love them all!! Considering wearing all white to the party anyway!
    I ordered several pairs of cream cords, BR ankle, Loft curvy straight, ON Rockstar and JC Factory. The results are thus: most required a size up, more due to color than fit, white being not forgiving and all.
    BR-softer adn thicker than the others, also creamier colored, ordered regular size, fits well, but I’ve got next size up coming as there is some pulling across the thighs that is unflattering.
    The Loft cords in the store were skinnies and great, ordered a tall in the straight leg (no skinnies in my size–horrible, thin, polyestery, awful.
    Rockstar-went up 2 sizes based on reviews, one size would have been sufficient but I do like the looseness of them and don’t think I’ll order a size down unless they go on sale again, very comfy, whiter, I like these alot, especially since I got them for $20
    Jcrew factory matchstick-hate. Hate hate hate. Pockets make your butt look dumpy, the fabric is thin. The retail version is much better but can’t find a cream color.
    Looking forward to your casual post!!

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