Holiday Style: Winter White Out




White, cream, the much maligned beige – these colors, when worn head-to-toe, give off a snow-princess fabulousness when mixed with something shiny.  You just…glow.

Or maybe that’s the Scotch.

In any case, I’ve been riding this monochrome train for years now, and I have no intention of getting off.  All aboard….



Super Fuzzy Cozy Warm…With Glitz

SO HERE’S THE BEAUTY OF ALL WHITE:  you can literally throw on an old warm sweater with some insanely comfy pants and look party-ready.

Not a new trick, but a well-used one.  It’s my winter-party standard.  Add something flashy and DONE.



sweater: Zara

cords: AG Stevie straight leg cords at Anthropologie (I’m wearing petites)

pumps:  old Aerosoles tapestry pumps…but these leopard booties would be warmer (on sale for $64, plus another 40% off of that)

bag: old…but drooling over this Marc Jacobs in rose gold


Clean Lines, Mixed Textures

An outfit in all-white tones has impact – you can keep the lines simple.  For these kinds of looks, I like my collar tucked in, hair back.



I also like to throw something silky in the mix, just to offset the textured fabrics (denim, cord, wool).  Everlane’s silk shirts are pretty fabulous.

And, of course, something glittery.  I will never be sick of this bag.  Proclamation!!  I  have proclaimed!

My universal karma means I will probably eat those words.  But still.  I STAND BY THE GLITTER BAG.



Hunh.  I forgot I was wearing red shoes.  I think they look OK, but I wish my lipstick was darker.  A gold shoe would be pretty fabulous here.


sweater: old ALC, but try this gorgeous drapy cashmere or this nubby one from LOFT

silk blouse: Everlane

cordsAG Stevie straight leg cords at Anthropologie (I’m wearing petites)

pumps:  old Aerosoles tapestry pump…but never underestimate the leg-elongating power of nude

bag: old JCrew…but hello, little gold baubles everywhere



Mix Both Prints And Textures

Because the palette is so neutral, you really can go nuts.  Here we have a tiny print, silk, corduroy, beading, glitter, lace, gold and….yup.  Leopard.  I mean, it sounds like a disaster, doesn’t it?



But ahhhhh…so soothing on the eyes.  This outfit still has a minimalist vibe, despite all the stuff going on.  That, I think, is the big trick with all-white.




silk blouse: old Emerson Fry…similar here,  this LOFT one would be cute with big earrings, or just go for solid gold

belt: old Anthropologie – similar here, but any elegant, patterned belt would do (like snake)


That’s it!  I’m obviously loving all-white, but these styling tricks work for any monochromatic color-scheme.  And I still haven’t forgotten my promise – to style up cream cords for everyday.  After the holidays, Mamas.



ps.  Piperlime currently has 40% off of everything until midnight PST with code FASHION.  I tried to include a bunch of Piperlime links to, uh, “help”.