Holiday Styling Tips For Moms: Dressy Shorts




Dressy shorts are the cornerstone of my new favorite holiday look.  They manage to convey the feeling of a little cocktail dress, but can be paired with a warm, cozy sweater and sleek tights.  I can also bend down and pick up the little man, sit on the floor, or do other various mom maneuvers without worrying about accidental exposure.

So the basic formula is:  shorts + cozy sweater + opaque tights + great shoes.

Proportion is key here.  I think flat front short-shorts are the easiest to dress up.  They are akin to a sexy little mini.  However, if you don't want to show so much leg, a longer version of shorts are fine, but watch the volume:  longer shorts tend to get wider.  You'll want to offset the wideness with a fitted sweater.

Need to dress up a bit more?  Oooo….this is the fun part.  Add some sexy tights.  This season, tights are available in all kinds of prints and colors.  Let your legs do the talkin'. 


Showing Lotsa Leg

Satin Trim Shorts Pleated Satin Shorts Parlor Lace Shorts

Normally, I'm drawn to the most expensive items, and have to restrain myself from blogging about something "FANTASTIC for only $718!"  But in this case…surprise!  All of the short-shorts I like come from Forever 21 and are under $20.

Shown above are Forever 21's Satin Trim Shorts in black, Pleated Satin Shorts in navy, and Parlor Lace Shorts in black.  ps.  The navy shorts can be worn with black. 

Showing Some Leg

Silk Taffeta Belted ShortWool Flannel Short Cuffed Tweed Short

I have been drooling over J.Crew's Silk Taffeta Belted Short, $118, for months.  They are currently back-ordered on many sizes, which breaks my heart.  Still, it might be worth the wait – they will continue to be fabulous well into Spring, and, dare I say, next Christmas?  I'm betting on it.

Wool shorts with menswear styling can also be a good holiday option.  These shorts help to anchor girliness, so therefore look best with a girly-girly top, but if you really want to bust these out with a cozy sweater, just add some glam jewelry and shoes for balance.  J. Crew nails it with their Wool Flannel Short, $98, or for a much cheaper option, try Forever 21's Cuffed Tweed Short, $17.80.


I'm still looking for basic black opaque tights.  I haven't found any I love.  The next pair I'm going to try is recommended by Lucky Magazine here.  If you have any opaque black tight recommendations, let me know!!  (And I'm looking for truly opaque.  Really, truly opaque.)

Wolford Dania Tights Pointelle Stitch Tights Hue Basic Tights

For drop-dead-gorgeous, I always go to Wolford.  Their Dania Tights, $68 at Bare Necessities are my current favorites.  For a less expensive option, J.Crew has a pair of Pointelle Stitch Tights for $22.50.  Lastly, for great on-trend color options, try HUE's basic tights, $12.50 (also available at Nordstrom).

Now take your happy legs out dancing.  Or, to a party where you can now bend down and change a diaper risk-free.