Holiday Styling Tips For Moms: A Formula, if you will.



It's official.  The holidays (and therefore, party season) have officially kicked off!  I've always loved a good party.  In my pre-baby days, I'd wander through the stores stocking up, magpie-like, on anything shiny or sparkly or glizty.  I'd shop for a fabulous little dress (or two or three), killer heels, and leeetle, tiiiny, precious clutch purses.

Things are a bit different now.  Besides the fact that I'm exhausted after 10PM and half my clothes don't fit (boobs/ribs/hips/butt are STILL bigger since pregnancy)….the real problem is time.  I don't have any.   I don't have the time to shop, and I usually don't even have time to get ready for the big night out.  

I think this situation will sound familiar to most moms.  So when Molly and I talked about pulling together a series of pieces on Holiday Party Styling tips, we wanted to make sure these tips were easy to execute, comfortable, and could be dressed up or down, depending on the party.  I love a killer cocktail dress as much as the next Gossip Girl fan, but digging through my closet to find a strapless bra that still fits or a dress that can zip over my expanded rib cage, all while drying my hair, prepping for the babysitter and digging out old tubes of lipstick — it makes me want to stab someone with an unworn stiletto. 

So.  All of our recommendations are based on the following formula:

  1. Find one fabulous piece that MAKES your outfit
  2. Mix with your existing basics (tanks, tees, sweaters, jeans, black pants, skirt, whatever)
  3. Stir things up with one glitzy, glamorous piece of jewelry (Cocktail ring, statement necklace, cuff bracelet, earrings)
  4. Add fab shoes (See our post for ideas)
  5. Bring the look together with a Clutch Purse (NOTE: You must carry a small purse when you go out.  You must.  If the kiddo is with you….then have your man bring his version of the diaper bag along.  Or carry both and stash the diaper bag somewhere.  Don't let your huge diaper bag distract from your fabulousness.  We don't do this often, people.  Live it up!)

Easy, right?

So…keeping our "formula" in mind, here's, the 2009 Holiday Styling Guide For Moms:

Put On Your Fancy Pants

Yay For Sequins

Dressy Shorts

Pulling It All Together With Accessories





  1. S, I heart you.
    Your formula is essentially the basis of my whole closet–casual and dressy. You can never go wrong with excellent basics thrown together with a fun trendy item and fabulous accessories. For work, for going out, for parties, for PREGNANCY–the formula never fails.
    Seriously, I’ve never understood how my friends and sisters can whine whine, whine about never having anything to wear. They own the same jeans and cashmere sweaters and knit dresses that I do! I think the difference is knowing how to use what’s in your closet as a foundation, not buying “outfits” but stuff that will all work together. And lots of shoes. And jewelry. And scarves. ๐Ÿ™‚
    You just made the holidays manageable for all of us–thanks!

  2. Here’s a holiday fashion question for you…I have a great pair of Kate Spade red patent spectator pumps with about a 4″ heel. I’d love to wear them to some upcoming holiday parties, preferably with a dress or skirt. When we were in So. Cal. I’d go bare-legged, but I’m not sure what to do in upstate NY. Can warm tights be worn with red patent leather? If so, what kind of tights? Black?
    I definitely don’t want to do matronly stockings, but I want to keep it on the slightly casual side as we’ll be with my husband’s doctor friends who are a pretty conservative and unfashionable bunch ๐Ÿ™‚
    What do you think? How do I stay warm or do I just suck it up and go bare-legged?

  3. Oooo….Emily, I’d love to see your fab red shoes with sexy black patterned tights – so sexy! If you think that might be too much, however, you can’t go wrong with solid black. Depending on the rest of your outfit, red can also really pop against gray. I don’t know if you are drawn to the whole glam/casual look as much as I am, but gray cable knit tights with red patent heels might be a fun mix.

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