A Mini Travel Capsule Featuring Frank & Eileen


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When thinking about travel outfits, my main goal is to be comfortable and stylish. I want to look put together while traveling, but when I’m on-the-go I want to be able to focus on family, friends, or sightseeing (or food, let’s be honest.) I want to put the fashion-thought in beforehand and not while I’m on my trip.

I’d say most of us feel the same, right? That’s where my mini holiday travel capsule comes in.

I’ve found that really phenomenal fabrics can make a huge difference when I’m packing and planning outfits I’ll be in all. day. long. Frank & Eileen has some of my very favorite fabrics + pieces right now that I’ll be wearing long after my holiday travels are over.

holiday travel capsule for women

Coat (M) | Travel Set (M)

You’ve heard us talk about Triple Fleece here at The Mom Edit before and there’s a reason those of us who have tried it are smitten with it…it’s legit. It’s got a luxurious feel but holds up with wear, is machine washable and just always looks fab but feels like loungewear.

5 Frank & Eileen Pieces I Want To Take On Every Trip

THAT, my friends is what I want to travel in, always.

And now, Frank & Eileen has created a long version of their coat out of this fabulous Triple Fleece. Um, oohhhhkkk. YES. And it’s as good as you would imagine it to be.

holiday travel capsule for women

Coat (M) | Travel Set (M)

This coat in a gorgeous neutral camel will now be a true go-to when I need a comfy but chic topper. And these travel sets that Frank & Eileen have perfected are just the easiest to grab and go for holiday travel days or any busy days, honestly. Tip: I love grabbing these when I need a quick change after the gym to go run errands.

These sets are perfect to mix-and-match with jeans and other items in your closet, so they’re a beautiful addition to a holiday travel capsule wardrobe or just for everyday.

I always wear my heaviest shoes for my trip on the airplane, as I think many of us do, and this time of year that usually means boots. Who knew sweats with moto boots could be a thing? But this totes works!

Coat (M) | Aspen Set (M) | Utility Shirt (M/L) | Derry Jean (30)

I finished off this mini capsule collection with a super stretchy soft pair of slim straight leg jeans (with a trouser waistband even) and the most beautiful oversized shirt I’ve tried to this point. The fabric. These pieces could easily take you through a weekend. Let’s get to the details…

1 | The Tipperary Coat (Yep, It’s Awesome)

Coat (M) | Travel Set (M)

The Tipperary coat is a longer version of F&E’s popular Belfast knit peacoat. I’ve been eyeing that up for a while now, but this longer version is so perfect for the cooler months. I can’t wait to wear this whole outfit on the airplane next month.

holiday travel capsule for women
holiday travel capsule for women

Coat (M) | Aspen Set (M)

The coat is structured but oh so soft, a bit loosely cut through the body, slim through the sleeves (but room for layering) and honestly? just a great jacket that I feel great in. I love how they’ve styled it on the site, too, over denim-on-denim.

Fit Notes: True to size.

2 | The Utility Shirt (aka My New Favorite Shirt)

Brushed Canvas Utility Shirt (M/L) | Derry Jean (30)

This beautiful oversized shirt is the perfect borrowed-from-the-guys vibe in a lovely brushed canvas woven fabric. It’s so soft and not at all like a too-heavy canvas…I wore it by itself all day yesterday and it was perfection.

I love that it is heavier than your typical oxford cotton but still soft and comfy. It can work as a shirt by itself or as a jacket when worn layered over another.

Utility Shirt (M/L) | Derry Jean (30)

Fit Notes: The fit is oversized on this. I’m typically a M these days, so I chose the M/L but could have also done the XS/S — it depends on how oversized you want it to fit. Regardless, I’ve already been living in this one.

3 | The Aspen Travel Set

Aspen Travel Set (M)

These Triple Fleece travel sets is where my love for this brand started. The cuts are chic and look totally pulled-together but feel like sweats (but not too thick and hot.)

The cotton fleece is just the perfect weight and they don’t get all baggy while you’re wearing them. The necklines, the hemlines, the waistbands…everything is meticulously crafted to be comfy and yet look elevated. LOVE.

Aspen Travel Set (M)

Fit Notes: The fit on these is true to size. I’m 8/29 and 5’4″ these days and a pretty solid Medium in most things. If you’re between sizes though I’d say size up.

4 | The (Soft, Stretchy) Derry Jean

Utility Shirt (M/L) | Derry Jean (30)

I was so pleasantly surprised by how soft these Derry Straight Leg jeans are. They’re a slim straight, seriously stretchy and soft (without sliding down) and have a really great trouser style waistband.

Utility Shirt (M/L) | Derry Jean (30)

Fit Notes: I sized up one size in these for the perfect fit, hitting right at my ankle. These jeans work perfectly with my favorite cozy winter shoes or they could easily tuck into taller boots.

holiday travel capsule for women

As always, I hope this was helpful for your wardrobe-building, packing efforts, or holiday travel capsule needs. You will not be disappointed with these quality pieces. They are truly special and help ease my mind these days when I have to throw together a suitcase of outfits. They’d make lovely gifts, too!

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Thank you so much to Frank & Eileen for sponsoring this post. Your Triple Fleece is brilliant and truly a team favorite around here for its wearability & softness while still looking fab & chic. It’s perfection. Thanks for making my holiday travel capsule a no-brainer! And readers, thank you so much for your continued support of what we do here at The Mom Edit. It doesn’t go unnoticed!

Thank you Posy Quarterman Photography for the lovely photos as always!