Anyone else craving a loving, fun way for the family to warm-up, in the backyard or on the patio for some safe fresh air and a screen time break? Have you met my friend the Solo Stove? He’ll warm your heart and soul, and your S’mores. He’s amazing like that.

I’m not sure what it feels like where you are. Here, in Center City Philadelphia, it feels quiet, and chilly. We are at that early spring stage where it might be a 37-degree day with hail, rain, something that looks like snow, and a tornado watch, or it might be 70 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. And those might be two consecutive days, with a third to come that feels completely different than both of those. Fire pits like my favorite one, warm me in uncertain temperate times. I think these times, right now, qualify in both temperature and social reality.

Hot & Family Friendly: Fave Fire Pits For Backyards, Patios & Decks

It’s not time to plant the garden. There, I said it. No. We are not there yet. More on that in the next post I write, because that’s soon, just not now. What sub 50-degree evenings are amazing for…is fire pits. For cuddling, for just sitting and thinking in that special way that fire mesmerizes most of us, and for S’mores.

I’ve rounded up my current favorite fire pits by what we’ll affectionately refer to as “city size” meaning they fit on a city house patio without threatening to burn the house down, “back yard size” which are the ones where you actually have grass and space, and can go a little bigger without fear of burning anything down, and the vertical ones, the “outdoor fire chimneys” because city life is nothing if not vertical, so why not just go in that natural direction anyway?

Some of them have a grill top, or a base, or weather covers, or lids and accessories. Some of them are basic and beautiful. They all work for S’mores-making and general family cuddling, and a few of them are propane rather than wood-fired, which is easier to source for some. They all generate heat and love. And we tried to hit all price points in addition to sizes.

Let’s all warm-up and get cozy with our favorite fire pits right now, as we finish planning and sourcing our perfect backyard patio situations in anticipation of planting the actual gardens and in ways the whole at-home, healthy family, can enjoy right now. If you need a quick head-start in that direction: we rounded-up our favorite Outdoor Furniture Sets, and our Favorite Outdoor Pillows. And we also planted a Kitchen Herb Garden while we were at it. And now, after all that hard work, we’re absolutely ready to chill by the family fire pit. You too?

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1/ Solo Stove » This is the TME team favorite that we’ve only posted 100 times. Why? It’s compact, clean, and portable. There are a few ways to buy it. You can buy just the stove, or the stove, a stand and cover (highly recommend) or stove plus all the accoutrement or..the bigger size plus all the accoutrement. So many choices. Need help? Ask in comments. We are here to help.

2/ Novagratz » Truth be told. This was my #addtocart splurge this week. Because it comes in red. And is right-sized for my own patio. And while I love the Solo Stove, I just could not resist the cuteness of this one, and that’s saying something serious for me.

3/ SeaBridge » How great is this elevated guy? Sleek, clean, modern design, super-functional, love that it’s raised, and also compact!!!

4/ Hillenbrand » Great size, and (Ama)zonable, so you can actually get it. Twice the price of a similar one, and half the price of another similar one, so a good balanced piece in size and price. Here’s the catch: It will weather…it will rust. Which is beautiful, if you know that and are willing to wait for it.

5/ Atomic » This guy makes we wish I had grass or pebbles and a little more space. He’s so freaking good looking!!! A hot fire pit. Imagine:)

6/ Brenton » Love the legs on this one. And the raised depth and screen.

7/ Loll Fire Ring » Hi there! I’m a cocktail table from a favorite recycled materials vendor and a fire pit in one!!!! Team favorite for sure, if you have the space and a safe place for the base.

8/ Artestia 32″ » OMG do I LOVE the shape of you!!!! And the price of you is super-appealing, and your zonability is also appealing. If I had a tiny bit more space than I do, this would be mine.

9/ Solfire » This is the one that stole my soul and where this whole post started. Again, wishing I had the space for it. So excited for someone who does!

10/ Grey Anson » This one is beautiful for its simplicity. And the handles help with emptying the ash.

11/ Smokey » Easily the cleanest line, most subtle gorgeous fire pit on this list. This one makes me wish I had the space for it.

12/ Urli » Good looking pit, with a cover and a handler. Love this one, if you have the space. Also, he’s a reasonable price/size.

13/ Obelisk Chiminea » What’s not to love about black, tall and steel? Love this vertical flame thrower.

14/ Urbane » Available in a few base and top color combos. So beautiful! Not inexpensive, yet gorgeous. Not inexpensive, but it’s a propane concealed base with a gorgeous top.

15/ Alto » Did they name him Alto b/c he’s the highest? If so, I love him more. And he’s a fraction of the cost of his similar tall friends.

16/ Bonfire » Absolutely the aspirational one in this post, not at all inexpensive, yet gorgeous still.

Get warm, get cozy, roast those S’mores and dream of days and nights to come. xoxo A

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  1. I have never been more envious of people with backyards than I am during this lockdown! These are all beautiful, and planted on the “someday” list.

    • KT: I love the someday list. We’ll have to trade those someday. I will say this….the Solo Stove in the smallest size, and in the bundle, comes intended to travel. A city friend has taken his to visit friends in the suburbs. I know that’s not a thing right now, but if you camp, or have outdoor open spaces you travel to, where fires are legal, or friends with outdoor spaces…I dunno…just planting a seed there. I’ve been known to gift friends things that don’t work at my house, but work at theirs and then to “visit” more frequently. Also on the someday list: visiting friends again. xo A

    • Kari: The Novogratz is designed for wood. Also, the fire pan, is shallow. It’s a small piece and meant for a small fire, and smaller cut wood works best. When I first put ours together and thought all this through, I paused, at this will be a “small” fire. But in reality, big fires burn longer and are trickier to manage, especially in a confined space. So I got ok with that, and chose small logs and moved on. Next time we ask for a wood drop, I will likely ask the guys to half the logs, kinda like we used to ask the pizza guys to double cut the pizza for kids. It does have a grill top. And a spark screen. The Solo stove, does not have a grill top. It can absolutely handle regularly cut logs, and also generates less smoke b/c of its design. And the smaller of its sizes is the smallest most efficient footprint. It moves and stores and travels easily, and feels very “safe” as in the fire feels contained. Both work well for S’mores. Hope that helps. xo A

  2. My Solo Stove just arrived! the stand is on back-order, but that’s okay! Can’t wait to roast some marshmallows this weekend!

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