My Trick For Curating A Collected California Home? Replacements, Ltd.


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When we first bought our home on the Northern California Coast several years ago, the temptation to fill it with beautiful things — and fast — was strong. Such is the excitement of a new home — and all those shiny catalogs that show up when you submit your change of address? They suuuuure don’t help.

But that urge to fill our home quickly was tempered by Chris’ and my desire to genuinely cherish every item we brought within our walls. We wanted to be intentional in choosing pieces that were accompanied by a history or a story. Or that, to echo the cliché of all modern day clichés, sincerely gave us a sense of joy.

Otagiri sake cup (being used as a vase) | very similar

And we wanted to be sustainable in our choices, too. We spent plenty of money furnishing our first home out of college with mass-produced, good looking enough pieces, only to part ways with them rather unceremoniously a year or two later. Turns out, that’s not ideal for the pocketbook. Or the environment. Or the psyche. But hey — live and learn.

Fortunately, I’ve also learned that, if you can manage a little bit of patience, curating a timeless home that feels both collected and — importantly, to me — casual takes time. But it can also be really, really fun.

Happily, I learned about Replacements, Ltd., I've spent many a late night stalking vintage Heath Ceramics bowls & depression glass in every shade you can imagine.

Replacements, Ltd. Is A Treasure Trove For Carefully Curated, Casual Home Pieces

If you know my shopping style, you know that I have a weak spot for thrifting, garage-saleing and all things vintage. Admittedly, my habit was curbed pretty majorly by having a kiddo (she’s a great shopper, but she’s not yet as thrilled by The Hunt as I am) — and then again by a global pandemic that essentially forced me away from all of my favorite in-person shopping experiences.

Happily, during that same time, I learned about Replacements, Ltd., a unique online trove of current and discontinued china, barware, serverware, vases, trinkets and collectibles that is right up my alley. I’ve spent many a late night stalking vintage Heath Ceramics bowls and depression glass in every shade you can imagine.

Happily, I learned about Replacements, Ltd., I've spent many a late night stalking vintage Heath Ceramics bowls & depression glass in every shade you can imagine.

snack bowl | also love these

Happily, I learned about Replacements, Ltd., I've spent many a late night stalking vintage Heath Ceramics bowls & depression glass in every shade you can imagine.

sherbet glass and similar

And I’ve stumbled across plenty of home finds that I never knew I needed, like the little whimsical footed (as in, with actual little lion feet!) vase below. It reminds me of something from a certain wizarding world Lana and I have been well-immersed in for the past three years. Quirky and playful — the exact type of thing that I delight in finding because it’s everything I didn’t know I was looking for.

footed vase (unfortunately sold out — see more from the same collection here | more claw footed vases here)

Admittedly, the vast selection on Replacements, Ltd. can make it seem a little overwhelming if you, like me, are browsing for browsing sake without a particular vessel or pattern in mind, so here are some of my favorite searches. (I’ve rounded up a few specific favorites in the shopping widget, below this, too.)

Tip: Replacements, Ltd. is offering $20 off orders of $150+ with code MOMEDIT20. Oh! And to quickly narrow any search, make sure to tick the “In Stock” checkbox in the Availability selector on the left sidebar.

  • Otagiri Stoneware — The little “vase” pictured atop the stack of books in this post is technically an Otagiri sake cup, and I love the handmade look and feel, and the earthy hues and banded striping on many of the pieces feels so timeless.
  • Pink Depression Glass — I love all shades of depression glass, and while pink isn’t necessarily the most rare, I find it the most versatile. As barware, it complements the tone of many colored drinks, and it automatically makes even a weekday scoop of ice cream feel like a party.
  • Discontinued Fiestaware — My mom collected bits of Fiestaware when I was growing up, and she was ultra picky about hues. While her collection veers more muted and retro, I picked up a sunny golden pitcher to offset the ultra-gray summer we’ve been having. The 64oz pitcher is ideal for ice water or juice when entertaining, but it also makes the perfect not-too-large vase when not being used for serving.
  • Silver Flask — This search is a little narrower, but there are a couple of gems that would look too excellent adorning a bar cart.
  • Anthropologie — Maybe not the search if you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, but I found lots of Anthro’s popular latte bowls in past season colors, plus plenty of quirky dessert plates, vintage-inspired dinnerware and discontinued patterns that would make great gifts, and all affordably priced. The little snacking bowl that has a near-permanent home on our ottoman? An Anthropologie find on Replacements, Ltd.
Happily, I learned about Replacements, Ltd., I've spent many a late night stalking vintage Heath Ceramics bowls & depression glass in every shade you can imagine.
Happily, I learned about Replacements, Ltd., I've spent many a late night stalking vintage Heath Ceramics bowls & depression glass in every shade you can imagine.

Fiesta pitcher (similar)

Shop My Favorite Finds from Replacements, Ltd.

So many good finds to be found on Replacements, Ltd. if you know where to look. (And, of course, they have more traditional replacements for hard-to-find runs of china patterns, etc., too — hence the name.) Below, some of my favorite finds, discovered using some of the searches I mentioned above. Note: if a link takes you through to the full pattern listing instead of the individual product, just scroll until you find the product you’re looking for.

The only problem now that I’ve found Replacements, Ltd. is that, of course, I’m tempted to go down the rabbit hole nightly and fill up every little niche of our home with Pinterest-worthy vignettes. But even with my new vice, I’m trying to remember that a little patience will go a long way toward building a timeless home in the end.

So, maybe more of a weekly habit then.

Cheers, friends!

Thanks to Replacements, Ltd. for sponsoring this post. I’ve now spent waaaaay too many hours browsing the huge selection of timeless collectibles and unique, vintage pieces — an itch that I’ve been waiting to scratch for only too long. And thanks to you for reading along and supporting the partners that keep The Mom Edit producing content we’re genuinely passionate about. We appreciate it so much.

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  1. Also excellent when realize you should have registered for twice as many teaspoons as place settings, because oh my gosh we go through a million teaspoons in a day. Or you regret not registering for the serving spoons. Or when someone loses a fork after taking it to work or school. Or when a piece of your wedding china has been chipped beyond safe use. (None of these situations are hypothetical…)

    • THE TEASPOONS! I have an addiction to collecting vintage teaspoons at thrift stores because we literally cannot have too many, ever. What a great idea to look at Replacements, Ltd., Renee!

    • Here ya go, Chris — we actually have a pair of them. Can’t speak highly of them enough. They’re deep enough for my tall husband, and I love that they’re roomy enough for me to curl into, but they don’t look or feel particularly large in the space.

  2. Replacements Ltd. is literally 15 minutes away from my house! While I have ordered replacement china from there, I’ve never thought to look for home decor pieces. I may have to sneak out to the warehouse one day soon… As a bonus, they are a great company to work for, and they treat their employees amazing. They are a great community representative for the Triad area of NC!

    • This is SO lovely to hear, Becky. I hadn’t heard of them until this summer and didn’t realize there was a retail store — that sounds like SUCH a fun place to get lost for a few hours!

    • Hi Allison, so sorry for my belated reply — it’s from CB2, and the color is warmer (in my opinion, richer) in person than it appears in some of the photos on the retail site. Here ya go!

  3. I want to join Becky with her comments about Replacements. They are WONDERFUL to talk to regarding any issues or if you are looking for a specific item. Also, they love their dogs.

    Please do your research on any old ceramics. Some contain lead and make great vases but not good ice tea dispensers.

    • I love hearing such good thing about Replacements, Ltd, Lois — and dog lovers, too? SWOON. (And yes — re: the Fiesta pitcher, specifically, which we use for both florals and beverages, I made sure it was from one of their lines produced after 1986 when they went lead-free. Great reminder!)

  4. Your home is beautiful! I love your style! I’ve used over the years to pick up stuff. My aunt and uncle owned an antique store and I acquired a love of thrifting and antiquing from them. Great post!

    • Thanks, Lisa! It was the closest I could get to really hunting down unusual scores during the pandemic — really helped scratch that itch. So many fun finds!

  5. Of course the Otagiri sake cup caught my eye…more specifically, the Otagiri MARINER sake cup. My main set of dishes for the past 44 years has been Mariner by Otagiri. I found them in a mall shop right before I got married. After my initial “just married” set of 4, additions were nowhere to be found, so I assembled my current set over the years from Replacements. I love it just as much today…and it’s more valuable than my china! I thought I was going to be in competition with your for more pieces! Ha!

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