8.25.18 HOME Weekend Sales Post


I woke up wondering where all the Labor Day Sales were. And then my internal clock, the school calendar, and reality reset themselves correctly in my mind.  We aren’t there yet! Nope.  But we will be soon enough, so stay tuned for those next week.  Right.

For now, as we head back to school and start to thing about fall, we have all sorts of projects coming to a close, including our own.  And we also have many friends moving or starting fresh with all sorts of things on all sorts of wish lists.  With all those needs in mind, here’s what we found that we love, on sale, this week, and scroll on down for a few ideas for Alexis and Goose in particular.  xoxo A


HOME Decor on Sale this Weekend


TERRAIN Stock Up Sale, On My Favorite Boards!!!

CB2 Up to 20% off Select Side Tables

West Elm Up to 50% off Outdoor!

Anthropology HOME Sale!


Wayfair Clearance Up to 80% off!


And by special request, (we love special requests) here are some options for everything Alexis is shopping/wishing for her new home.  We love moves and new moves and a little ‘freshening-up, always!  Alexis wrote me the notes below, and I rounded up a few things for her to start thinking about.  We’ll let you know where she ends up soon enough!

“Hey A! Lex here. Goose and I are moving this weekend, so I’m looking for a little apartment refresh inspiration. We’re recovering expats, so a lot of our furnishings are from overseas and our place probably has a bit of a boho-chic vibe. I tend to look for classic, timeless pieces or modern that fit with what we have. Not sure about anything too edgy or contemporary — concerned about clashing. However, I’m open to all ideas and your vision. There’s lots of natural light in our new space, the walls are white, so it’s much brighter than our previous space.  Ideas please?  Thanks, A! I can’t wait to see what’s on sale this week! xo, Lex”

“A big theme in our new home is integrating Ilene more into places I’ve traditionally dominated. I love your idea for us sharing space in the home office, making it more of an office/crafts (and homework) area. The biggest problem for me is my height — I need a desk or table that’s about 26” tall. There are kids’ desk that tall, but they tend to be too cutesy or cheesy; adjustable-height desks and tables are hit or miss in terms of style. I’ve found inspiration from everything from DIY desks made from a top over filing cabinets, to ornate wooden, dining-style tables. I’m open to us sharing one table, having side-by-side or facing tables, or one table + a laptop desk or table for me (I have one now).”

Lex:  Shopping for the right size, right height, right style table here would be a challenge.  Technically what you need is called ‘Tea Height.’  Most of those tables though are more like a taller coffee or shorter bistro table, not so much a desk.  So I think the solution is fairly simple:  me, you, a wood desk/table, and a saw.  We’ll just choose a desk and then chop it down to size.  Or, we go Etsy, one of the custom table shops, and ask them for the exact size and height that work.  Here are some we can start with:

“I also think a console along the wall (behind my back as I’m working) is what we need. I’m open to it being partially open or fully closed; I’d like to hide my files and notebooks), but I’m open to having art supplies displayed on the console or on a cool bar cart if you find one.”

Lex:  These are all great storage pieces, various sizes, styles and price points.  They are all super functional.  If none of these are perfect, pick the ones you like best and we’ll work from there.

“Big, brilliant pots. We have a balcony in this new space of ours, and it’s in my Feng Shui personal prosperity corner (HA!). So I’m thinking of lining the rail with plants in big pots that have an abundant, luxe vibe.”

Lex:  Love you and your balcony FS prosperity corner.  Do any of these work?

“Maybe a cafe table or some other cozy sitting arrangement for the balcony.”

Lex:  Love this idea, super simple and this will be an amazing spot for morning water, tea and coffee! All of these come in multiple super fun colors and are really well priced.

Ok Lady Lex. That’ll get you started and we’ll work on the rest of the list this week! xo A

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