9.22 Home Weekend Sales Post

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It’s almost — almost — but not quite, kinda, sorta, post-modern hysterical to be shopping for anything while purging through all the boxes. So, so, so, many boxes. I like to fancy myself a minimalist. But enough years lived, enough kids, enough moves under pressure, and enough love of collecting all sorts of home decor, well, I find myself unable to walk through my home at this moment, less the small path that many, many helpers helped clear this week. The trash and recycle folks are going to need a special thank you. As are the helpers. And this will be one epic yard sale the kids will host this weekend. And hopefully, then, we’ll be back to only what we need. It’s too easy to get away from that, and takes so much work to get back to that only what we need thing. One day…one day, we’ll be there again. Right this hot minute, I need my weekly escape to my happy Home Decor on Sale this weekend place. Come along if that’s your thing too.  xoxo A

DWR: Dining SALE + All KNOLL, Final Weekend, 15% Off!

ONE KINGS LANE: 20% off Beds and Headboards

WEST ELM: Friends and Family Sale 20% off, Code: FRIENDS


ANTHROPOLOGIE: Anthro Perks, 20% off Clothing and Home!


POTTERY BARN: Ceiling Lighting Up to 40% off!

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