24 Cool Wall Clocks: 1 For Each Hour Of The Day


Lex rang. I answered. It was early (ish). She wanted to know if I was a TME Insider on (the) Facebook? As I glanced at my own kitchen clock, thinking to myself, hmmm, it’s real early for these kinds of questions, I pretended to have absolutely no idea what Lex was talking about with (the) FB. She continued, we need a Wall Clock Roundup, for Liz, from the TME FB Insiders, who asked this:

I need a kitchen clock … to watch the time go by on something pretty ? Does Annmarie want to do a roundup?

– Liz

Passing The Time In Style: 24 Wall Clocks For Now

Roundups are so fun! And I LOVE wall clocks. So now I’m a TME FB Insider (even if it’s not a job requirement for you, you should be too, click here.) And Liz, for you and only you lady, here are my current 24 favorites, each for their own reason, one for each hour of the day, and all something pretty to help the time pass. If you end up with three clocks in your kitchen, and/or a clock that’s so pretty, on which you can’t even tell the actual time, well, those things happen in these times; as long as this is one of them, just go with it.


Because Time Can Be Ambiguous: 12 Wall Clocks Sans Numbers

Right now: 24 cool, modern wall clocks — some w/ numbers, some without. For kitchen, living room, bathroom, wherever we're passing the time #AtHome.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12

1/ Hex Copper Wall Clock » So many choices for which side is which exact color, each more beautiful than the next! Who needs numbers? And aren’t we all bent right about now? Each in our own special way?

2/ Bolla » I can’t stop with this one… I am absolutely obsessed with how happy this shade of orange makes me.

3/ Magis Cu Clock » This is the one, I’m pulling the “worth it” card on. Not inexpensive. But so, so, so worth it!!!

4/ Tiandihe Ball Clock » This is the most affordable of the “ball clocks” and I love the specific colors and arrangement of it. More expensive options below, including the original design. Click through here though for other color options on this great modern classic option.

5/ Geometric Laser Cut » Truth be told…THIS is my favorite of all 24 of these. There’s just something gorgeous, and interesting, and unusual, and special about it. It makes me laugh, calms me, and kinda tells me the time all at once. ‘It’s time to smile’ is what this one says to me…just appreciate the moment, and smile.

6/ Mello » If you can be this mellow and not even be yellow, I’m in love with you this hot minute.

7/ Mid-Century Ball Clock » I’m setting you up here…while this one isn’t the most price efficient, it is more so than the original, and a super close reproduction. The one below in #12 is the original…this is the reproduction…so more affordable. AND comes in 24 of its very own choices for exact design and color!

8/ Visuospatial Clock » Guys, if I had to draw you a picture of Shana’s brain right now, in the form of a clock, THIS is IT. Do Not tell her I said that. But it’s true. And I love her more for it.

9/ Blank Space » Right about now, we can all use some space. Love the simplicity of this. And it’s HUGE. It’s the properly-socially-distanced-numbering-of-wall-clocks clock. It kinda marks these current times.

10/ Two-toned Wood » So subtly modern beautiful. And so silent…non-ticking.

11/ Polygonal » Oooh…I LOVE this one!!! So many, many thoughts this one makes me think!

12/ Nelson Ball Clock » This is the actual George Nelson classic, hence its price tag. But if we’re collecting, I’ll call it worth it. Limited other colorway options also available.

What Time Is It Exactly? Wall Clocks With Numbers

Right now: 24 cool, modern wall clocks — some w/ numbers, some without. For kitchen, living room, bathroom, wherever we're passing the time #AtHome.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12

1/ Cyan Blue » Let’s call this one the deal of the day. Comes in four colors, too!

2/ Raw Wood » Modern simplicity. At its full beauty. And yes, I personally feel like it’s always 9 o’clock, in all the ways, up and down.

3/ Cuckoo Grey » Let’s call this guy a dose of reality: 1 — he has numbers and 2 — his number is more affordable than the super-expensive one that while gorgeous, doesn’t even tell you what time it is other than “cuckoo crazy time.”

4/ Word Clock » For those of us who just need it spelled out — which might be all of us right about now.

5/ Citizen Black » Bigger and better in black. Be a good Citizen…this guy is one for sure.

6/ School Clock » Remember a time when we all went there? We’ll appreciate it more when we all get back. For now, school is home. Put the clock up.

7/ Omar The Owl » Omar, my long lost friend…This was my son’s very first wall clock! 12 years and 12 moves later…I’m not sure where he is right now. But I’m about to look extra hard to find him!

8/ Black Sheep » Anyone else feeling like a black sheep right now? You are not alone. We all do. It’s bringing us together, strangely.

9/ Pace » Pace yourselves my friends. This is a marathon, and we’ve got it. We do. If you haven’t gone full on cuckoo yet, but are just feeling that a little bit, this is the one for you. Liz, if I had to pick ONE clock of the moment, this would be it.

10/ Yellow Glass Wall Clock » I think the yellow is just amazing, especially if you need a little mellow in your life…but this one also comes in melon…as in watermelon, and 9 other fun choices too!

11/ Maples » Let’s just do ALL the colors right now? Why not brighten things up?

12/ Newgate » This is the clock in my own kitchen, because my mother is amazing and gifted it to me. And I love it and her more every day. Can’t wait to hug you again, Mom. Soon.

This was such a fun way to spend a few minutes today! If you have something you want rounded-up, join TME FB Insiders, ask there, and Lex will call me in the morning, and I’ll get right to it. (This is the part where Lex calls me right now, regardless of what time it is, and says, Um. No. YOU need to follow it, A!!!) OK, fine, I will. Just for more ops for fun roundups. Stay safe and well, and just ask if there’s something on your mind. We’ll take the time to indulge it, always. That’s how we do here.

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