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I love numbers.  I’m partial to 18.  But I do love ALL the numbers.  I love their representation, their shape, their meaning, their symbolism.  I love the way the tell the truth, or a truth at least.  I love the way they express themselves and help me to do so.  I love everything about them.  Someday I’ll tell you all about my love of “5” and why.  Or maybe the truth about why 18 is my favorite.  For now…one thing I need to do, or at least the item on the list of 1000 things, that I’m most interested in, is finding new numbers for our new house, that will hopefully be done soon.  So let’s start there.  And then let’s just give into the distraction of some beautiful and fun things in the HOME decor world that just make me smile.  Or at least to 18 of them.

I’m in love with these oversized metallic house numbers.  I guess we actually have to finish the house first, before this becomes urgent.  But it’s where my mind is now.  What do you think?  Bronze, red, or stainless?  I think I’m on bronze.  As big as they get.  Or maybe mixed sizes.  We’ll see soon enough.  Maybe we can all take a vote when the house is actually done.

Gold Numbers // Red Numbers // Stainless Numbers


And then there’s hardware, I still need to choose some hardware.  Fine, lots of hardware.  I chose all kinds of knurled plumbing fixtures, but I also just love it for hardware as well.  I’m going to push myself to continue the search, but if it ends here, that’s ok, right?

Brass Handles
Lighting is just such a fun way to add a little life to all spaces.  I guess it’s safe to say I lean toward sculptural lighting.  Like these beauties:

Red Wire Pendant // Brass Sconce // Blue Lamps // Rainbow Wire Pendant

When things we use every day, are so beautiful they can just sit on the counter and look pretty and then also serve a necessary function every day, that’s where we all win.  These knives have me right now.  Look for them on my counters soon.

Knife Set

Coasters are great for drinks on tables where we’d leave marks, but I also love to use them in drawers, on top of fabric, to sort jewelry, or desk supplies, or random other small things I’m trying not to lose.

Animal Coasters

Sometimes it’s the shape of a table that makes it work.  In all of our city homes, stuffed with big giant oversized sofas, sometimes it’s the oval shape that gives us the extra space we need for a table top to be useful, but an oval fits better than a circle does in our long thing homes.  I’m in love with this new one most right now.

Marble Top Coffee Table

I’ve read great things about having tough conversations on soft chairs.  The theory is that they go better than if you have them standing and/or on hard bottomed seats.  This theory remains in its test phase in my own life.  I’ve also always loved a tete a tete, like the one that lived in my last master.  I love sitting head to head with all my favorite heads.  And arrangements like the one below, I’ve always just thought are so gorgeous, but also, so practical in giving each their own space, but on common velvet ground.

Velvet Couch

My favorite mirrors for entries and bathrooms, aside from unique or super special mirrors are just basic black framed and gigantically oversized.  And then these other two fun, simple shapes recently caught my eye.  And now I’m rethinking where each of them will go.  Here’s a hint:  it’ll be where they fit.  It’s actually not that hard to figure out.  I’m just procrastinating a bit.  And wondering why. Because they’ll all be lovely!

Hexagonal Mirror // Circular Mirror // Square Mirror

Black and white stripes.  I don’t think I’ve ever met anything black and white striped I didn’t love.  This is special though, right?  What a perfect blend of sophisticated, smart, well shaped fun!  A&B, I think this is the next fun we drop in the pool!

Pool Lounger

I love nothing more than an ocean, a deserted beach, and a surfboard.  Or a photo of.  Have you seen The Florida Project?  Oh my goodness.  That is NOT an easy watch.  But so, so worth it.  And then we can talk about what the motel shot evokes in me, and you too.  And the cars?  Ok, super fun for a kid room, or a beach guest room.  But why?  My paternal grandfather had a VW Vanagon, that by the time I was a kid was up on blocks in a driveway at the beach and stuffed absolutely full with crazy prize stuffed animals from the boardwalk.  It was super freaky and super fun.  And ok fine, a little scary.  But at least in a laughable way.  The minute I saw this set of old vehicles, that was what I thought of.  And it made me smile.


Ocean Art // Motel Art // Car Art

I have dear friends who live where camels do, and well, let’s just say Hermes also lives there too, and this photo just absolutely cracks me up in the best, most ironic of ways.   The elephant and the turtle triptych are just all love in a great memories way in my heart.

Camel Art // Elephant Art // Turtle Art

Sometimes it’s the simple things; like a place to put all the kid stuff and have it look cute too.  Or laundry.  That feels better when it also looks cute.  Right?  I have big dreams of the 3 kids sorting, cleaning, folding, and putting away their own laundry in the new house.  I’m thinking the easier and more fun I make it, the more that dream has a chance of materializing.  Right?  Giggle.  A girl can dream anyway.


Short Striped Basket // Tall Striped Basket // Pompom Basket

Best, most amazing, most simple, yet functional bookshelf ever.  Looks GREAT, everywhere.  You probably need one and just don’t know it.  We all do.  Just about everywhere we keep books, and or need vertical interest.  This one also happens to look great in sets of 3 or 5 side by side.


Ladder Shelf

I’ve tried many SUP boards.  These are by far my favorites.  Hands down.  Or Toes down in this case.  Plus the pack for transport.  I can’t wait to do this every day for a week soon.  With all the kids!  It’s so fun to go into the shallows and find all the amazing sea life!  And just to wander, and explore, and just be on the water.  Such a gift.  I can’t wait!



Board Set

So my mother gifted me a similar bag when I had my first child.  She had something similar and simply said, “you’ll find this useful.”  10 years later, it’s still one of my favorite bags.  And this is the closest I can find to it and the one I just ordered b/c I love my bag so much I’m scared of the day something terrible happens to it!  If you are a mom that totes, do yourself a favor and get a proper tote!  No regrets!


Denim Tote Bag

Dalmatian print plus storage????  A-mazing.  What’s not fun about this?  So many great places would this be the perfect punch for!  And practical too!  What a wonderful storage place!


Spotted Storage Bench

Sneaky storage and function, especially when disguised beautifully, is just the best.  I grew up with a secretary (that’s what we call this style of desk.)  It was nice to close it and not be reminded of the unfinished work in it, until it was time to work that work again.  Especially in our laptop loving world, does this desk work well.  And certainly in any home where space is at a premium.


White Secretary
We began with the numbers and we’ll end with our favorite bedtime stories. My kids are loving the Rebel Girls series so much that we are now just about through the second edition and hopeful there will be a third! Bud was my son’s required summer reading for school. I’m so relieved to report that going into 5th grade, this is the first required summer reading book that he’s actually ever loved. So much so, that he now has us all cuddling and me reading it out loud to his sisters too. Not a bad way to end a day, and a summer. xoxo A

Rebel Girls Stories 1 // Bud, Not Buddy // Rebel Girls Stories 2


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