Upgrading My Office Nook With Shutterfly


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Because I’m a work-from-home gal, I spend a lot of time in my office nook. I absolutely love the natural light that comes in from my beautiful bay window, so I wanted to define a space around it that feels fresh and inspiring. One where I’d actually want to sit and work.

And the easiest way to accomplish a little home office refresh? New art.

I was so excited to learn about Shutterfly’s artist collection where you can purchase pieces that are designed by artists all across the globe. You can find everything from neutral abstracts to flirty floral designs to pieces that just make you feel good, and the best part is that your purchase supports worldwide independent artists who create the designs.

Shutterfly offers so much more than your typical family photos, customized coffee mugs and heartfelt cards. It has a great selection of artwork and functional pieces that work perfectly in any space. I personally am a fan of abstract art that is simple yet makes a statement, and this canvas wall art works so well in my office nook.

Fresh, Artsy + Functional: Transform Your Home Office With Shutterfly

canvas print

My home is full of natural light and dozens of house plants that evoke calm and tranquility, and I love that the artwork in my workspace now replicates that same feeling.

My home is full of natural light &  house plants that evoke calm + tranquility/ I love that the Shutterfly artwork in my workspace now replicates that same feeling.

canvas print | notebook

I think it’s amazing how just a few small changes can make a space feel new again. I even found a similar design for my new notebook that’s perfect for crafting to-do lists and jotting down notes throughout the day.

I found a design similar to the Shutterfly canvas print for my new notebook that's perfect jotting down notes throughout the day.

canvas print | notebook

I’m so in love with the neutral tones and abstract art in my little office nook, and I’m thrilled that I was able to create an aesthetic that totally fits my personal style with the help of Shutterfly. The canvas pieces available at Shutterfly could truly work in any space in your home. From small home offices to bathrooms to guest bedrooms, Shutterfly has everything you need to revive any space that could use a little extra love!

A Few Of My Favorite Canvas Prints (Perfect For Any Home Refresh)

I spend so much of my day in this little home office, & I love how the small canvas print & notebook from Shutterfly elevated my space!

Miss Mia and I spend so much of our day in this little office nook, and I absolutely love how these small touches elevated my space! Cheers to fall inspiration and home upgrades that are simple yet still a statement!

xx – Kat

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Thank you so much to Shutterfly & ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring this article. I love how my home office has been revived thanks to your amazing prints and designs from artists all around the world. And thank you, readers, for your continuous support of what we do here at TME! All product choices and opinions are my own.

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Effortlessly amp up your home office with wall art from Shutterfly (think: neutral abstract designs), & transform your WFH space into something inspired.

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