Turn Your Backyard (or Patio) Into A Poolside Oasis — Summer Goals 2020


In reconsidering Summer Plans 2020, I’m dreaming of pools, butterfly floats, floating Fat Boys and fun pool games. Maybe it was checking-out the 2020 TME Swim Shop that got me thinking about swimming in a way that I don’t normally dream of swimming pools?

Our Philadelphia City pools, as of now, will not open this season. Our very fancy, sit-on-the-wait-list-for-10+years city pool club? — nope, not this summer. Going to visit friends with pools (for 2020, I think we need to start just shorting that to FWP) requires a reduced level of social distance we just haven’t gotten to yet, but hey, maybe at some point? Maybe.

Poolside Oasis: Dreamy Backyard & Patio Ideas (#Goals2020)

So if you have a pool…celebrate the heck outta that thing this year, get it prepped and open and load it with all the fun! And if you don’t have a pool, maybe there’s somewhere, a patio, a driveway, a backyard, a roof deck that you can put an inflatable pool, or some other fun water play activity to cool off this summer?

I’m going to spend a little time this weekend, while Memorial Day Sales are hot, both gifting my FWPs some summer fun for their families and also scheming what we can add to a city house, safely, for a little water fun too! Here’s where I’m starting…

For summer, we're dreaming of pools, butterfly floats, Fat Boys, loungers & fun pool games — a backyard or patio poolside oasis, if you will. Join us.

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Inflatable Pools, Floats, Loungers & Games For Outdoor Fun

Dreaming Of Pools — Fun Pool Art For Inspiration

1/ Palm Springs Pool Art | This is the piece of beautiful art that, in addition to The Swim Shop, really got me thinking. While maybe it’s not enough to just hang a piece of art that won’t get us wet, well, there sure are a few gorgeous ones to at least inspire our wet dreams (Giggle, did I just say that? I did. I’m leaving it.)

Our Favorite Turkish Towels + More Fun Towels

2/ Our Very Favorite Turkish Towels + 3/ A Similar Bundle At A Great Price

Hands-down, our favorite Turkish Towels are our favorites for good reason. They are light to carry, roll well into a cute basket for keeping, dry super-quickly, and can be tied and worn for cute cover in 10+ ways. And the colors are amazing! Those, we all own piles of and have user tested. However, I did stumble upon this great bundle of them, and the price of the bundle is hard to over look. The size is the same, but they will have an element of surprise because the seller chooses the mix of colors. So that’s a gamble, but could be fun? I might order a bundle just so that I can compare the two. I can’t imagine they are that different though. And if Turkish Towels aren’t your thing, we’ve found a few other fun choices on sale too!

Fun Games For Pool Play

4/ Combo Basket Ball and Volley Ball Pool Set + 5/ Floating Chipping Mat

We have this fun sports set at my folks’ in Florida, where I dream of going again, someday. It’s gotten hundreds of hours of play! It converts from basketball to volleyball or pool badminton or whatever else the kids decide is the game of the moment over or into a net. It’s sturdy enough for the big kids/adults to play too! And this is the chipping mat of my dreams now that I’ve mastered my own dry putting mat. It will therefore be gifted to at least one of my FWPs. Something about chipping into water is always more fun! Here are a couple of other fun games if you actually have a pool too!

Giant Floats For Giant Fun

6/ Butterfly Foat + 11/ Floating Fat Boy

Bigger is better in some areas, and by my estimation, pool floats are one of them! My favorite, (while the butterfly has my whole heart and is on sale, yay!) is the Fat Boy. This particular Fat Boy floats. AND, also comes with clips to turn him into a poolside lounge chair. So he wins on function. While an in-ground, saltwater, infinity pool is the one in my dreams, I’m thinking if we’re floating, why can’t we do that in an inflatable pool in a yard or on a deck — same feeling, right? Just float big. It’s big fun.

Inflatable Pools For The Whole Family

7/ Inflatable Family Pool + 8/ Family Sized Inflatable Pool + Pump

I do not have a yard to dig up and insert an in-ground pool into, or that would be happening real quick. At first, I ruled out the fun little inflatable pools that the kids loved when they were little, because those little people have grown, well, bigger than most of my adult girlfriends at this point. Until…I found that there are reasonable inflatable pools for the whole family!!! And I couldn’t be more excited about choosing one. I’ll let you know where this lands and how it floats.

The Mom Is The Life Guard Cushions

9/ Poolside Seat

If a poolside seat is more your favorite active/resting position, and you also hate when sitting on the edge of the pool pulls your gorgeous new swim suit, try one of these genius little cushions. They can also go for a quick fun floating dip with you, too!

Made In The Shade

10/ Striped Umbrella

This striped umbrella is just pure oversized fun shade! From the Captain of Team No Sunburn, we all need a little shade this long hot summer! Here are a few of our favorites, because like most things pool side fun, bigger is better here.

Poolside Lounge and Chill

11/ Floating Fat Boy | 12/ Mesh Lounge Chairs

The floating Fat Boy can clip together, and dry-off poolside with you as a fun movable lounge chair. He’s amazing like that. If classic loungers are more your speed, we particularly love mesh lounge chairs by the pool, for their comfort + quick-dry magic.

Back to planning my own summer pool floating fun situation city side.

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  1. Just added the Turkish towel pack and the sports set to my cart! So many great suggestions here! We are prepping for summer in the city this year and thanks to some very heavy handed Mother’s Day hints, I have two great loungers in my yard, along with a fun surprise “outdoor” blender for all the mixed drinks on my birthday! I’m set now! Once restrictions loosen up a little, I can’t wait for people to come hang out with us again!

    • E: I’ve shortened you to E, …it’s a love language around here. Turkish Towels Forever! I’m so EXCITED for you and your loungers!!! And outdoor blender is an expression that probably warrants a graphic tee of its own! You keep on getting younger at heart you and your birthday-yay for you and that blender, and loungers making the best of it! xoxo A

  2. Thank you! I would love to tell you that you have an open invitation, but social distancing. Maybe once the world is open again, the Mom Edit Team can make a day trip to Fishtown!

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