Our Favorite Game-Changing Patio Finds


Ahhhhh. It’s finally prime patio time.

So, naturally, we have to share all of our favorites that continue to make an outdoor appearance, season after season.

Whether you’re the type who likes to bask outside all day in a cozy, cute hammock seat, or you’re simply looking for something pretty to spruce things up (some new pillows, perhaps?), we’ve got all of our favorite picks below.

And let’s be real: Who doesn’t covet those Solo Stove fire pits? We have a few team members who rave about those things.

Let the outdoor fun begin!

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Oasis: Patio Furniture + Decor We Swear By

We're diving into our *fave* patio furniture & decor. From hammock chairs to outdoor rugs to a Solo Stove, here are 7 must-haves to spruce up a summer hangout space.

similar chair | pink pillow | blue pillow

Here is a quick shopping list of our fave patio-makers that undoubtedly create the perfect summertime hangout space:

1. Solo Stove – For the most perfect ambiance (and subtle warmth), ever.

2. Cute doormats – No muddy or water-balloon-soaked feet in my house, please.

3. A bistro set – No explanation needed. Always good to have a few more seats for your fam + guests.

4. Solar lights – So nice not to have to think about outdoor lighting. Oh, it’s dusk? BAM! Light = shed without a second (or first) thought.

5. Comfy, summery pillows & blankets – For putting your own personal style spin on your space.

6. A fun seat situation – We just reeeally love that beachy wicker chair style, & hammocks never disappoint.

7. An outdoor rug – To finish your space. These really bring it alllll together.

1. Solo Stove Yukon Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Solo Stove's wood-burning fire pits are low smoke, you can take them anywhere, & they're super-easy to get going.

Solo Stove

Shana loooves her Solo Stove. These patio fire pits are a pretty genius invention — they’re low smoke, you can take them anywhere, and they’re super-easy to get going. All size options below are portable, so bring ’em camping, tailgating, to a friend’s patio, to the beach (if that’s allowed) or even out for a picnic. The possibilities are endless. (Would make a pretty fab Father’s Day gift, right?!)

2. Cute Doormats

A cute doormat is an easy & cost-efficient way to change up your patio.

similar doormat

A cute doormat is so easy to just slap on the floor & go. I love how cheap these can be, making them super-easy & cost-efficient to swap out when you’re feeling something new. Laura’s fave above is one that celebrates your arrival in the cutest way. (Oh, hi, Camper!) More on Laura’s patio here.

3. Outdoor Bistro Table & Chairs

There are so many materials, styles & price points to choose from, so you can put a bistro set anywhere.

similar bistro set | similar lanterns

I mean, come on. If a little bistro set could make them this happy, why wouldn’t you get one? There are so many materials, styles & price points to choose from, so you can set them up anywhere. Amazing. More on Scotti’s patio here.

4. Practical Solar Lights

For some much-needed light at night...solar lights & lanterns! So helpful & dang cute on a patio.

similar lanterns

For some much-needed light at night…solar lights/lanterns!!! So helpful & really dang cute (especially the pretty paper ones below — those are my faves because you can hang them on trees, posts, umbrellas, anything).

5. Pretty Outdoor Throw Pillows & Blankets

Add copious amounts of Shutterfly pillows & soft throws for a patio you'll never want to leave.

blue pillow | pink pillow | blanket

Amy’s patio wonderland just looks so freakin’ cozy, doesn’t it? Add copious amounts of pillows and soft throws for a patio you’ll never want to leave. Also, this is where it can get super-fun + colorful, sooo…go crazy!

“The Shutterfly pillows come in three different sizes and are mold- & mildew-resistant, so you can keep them outdoors worry-free. They’re comfortable yet completely supportive, and even cute to throw onto your picnic blanket for the kids to get comfy on (for reference, I ordered the 18×18 pillow).” -Amy

6. A Cozy Hammock Swing Chair

Add a cool hammock seat like this one from Amazon, or a really pretty outdoor lounger, & it makes allll the difference on your patio.

hammock seat

This takes a patio to the. next. level. Add a cool hammock chair like this one from Amazon, or a really pretty outdoor lounger, and it makes allll the difference. Full disclosure: I added some pricey ones below because they’re just too good not to include. Heh.

“This hammock swing has been such a fun update to our front porch. It’s my favorite reading spot, cocktail spot, and place to hide from my family. Haha. Our porch ceiling was too old and delicate to hang the swing directly, so I came across this stand that allows us to use it in either the front porch or backyard.” -Laura

7. An Easy Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug is the biggest game-changer for my patio space. It's easy to sweep & lifts the mood.

green outdoor rug

The outdoor rug on our back patio (what we in Center City Philadelphia call a ‘yard’ or ‘garden’) is the biggest game-changer for my outdoor space — although, the hanging cafe lights create a mood that rivals the function of the rug. Because most of our ‘yards’ are concrete, the green makes it actually feel like a garden or yard (or even a room), and less like I’m in the middle of a concrete jungle.

I worked outside during a much of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year (after we got through that wild Early Access period). My friend Annmarie did warn me to think of them as “disposable” so not to go crazy splurging, but this one is on its second year. It’s easy to sweep, and I find that when it’s dry outside, a quick vacuum makes it look almost new again — even after potting plants.” -Lex

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Now go get out there and relax!!



We didn’t forget about you, Pinners….

We're diving into our *fave* patio furniture & decor. From hammock chairs to outdoor rugs to a Solo Stove, here are 7 must-haves to spruce up a summer hangout space.
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