Finishing Touches For Eleanor’s Boho-Minimalist Nursery


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If there’s one thing I’ve realized since having Eleanor, it’s that things unfold differently the second go-round. And time, if it’s possible, is an even more abstract concept than before. When Lana (who is now 7) was a baby, there was no truer adage than the classic, “The days are long, but the years are short.” But with Eleanor, it’s all short. We’re over here making memories faster than I can retain them. And the things I carved out time to prepare for with Lana — like styling up a Pinterest-worthy nursery, for example — well, let’s just say Elle’s been sleeping in a mostly bare room for the past few months now.

Handily, our longtime partner Shutterfly came to the rescue on both fronts.

Designing A (Pinterest-Worthy) Boho-Minimalist Nursery With My Shutterfly Faves

Shutterfly has loads of fun home decor & holiday gift options that don't require any photo personalization (think: wall art & pillows).

wall art | divers pillow | checkered pillow

We’ve been using Shutterfly’s photo-sharing feature for as long as I can recall (as proof, I still login with my maiden name). And ever since we’ve had Lana, our parents have gotten really good (like, shockingly good!) at using Shutterfly to make photo gifts for the holidays.

But what I didn’t realize until recently is that Shutterfly actually has loads of really fun home decor and gift options that don’t require any photo personalization. (This is an incredibly exciting revelation for someone, like me, who suffers from major decision paralysis when it comes time to personalize anything.)

When it came time to add the last details to our boho-minimalist nursery, Shutterfly's selection of wall decor, squashy pillows & super-soft throws were the perfect finishing touches.

mudcloth-pattern throw blanket

Instead, Shutterfly’s vast selection of Artist Designs products feature everything from timeless patterns and cheeky graphics to original designs by really cool, new-to-me artists — and most of them are turned around and shipped super-quickly.

So when it finally came time to add a few last details to Elle’s boho-minimalist nursery, Shutterfly’s selection of wall decor, delightfully squashy pillows and super-soft throws were the perfect finishing touches.

Swoon-Worthy Artist-Designed Wall Decor

The quality of the giclée print from Shutterfly is great — it's humidity resistant, so you could even feature it in a bathroom, & it won't fade or yellow.

Hanging Canvas Print: This Abstract Sunset Hanging Canvas Print perfectly captures the not-too-sweet blush tones we peppered throughout Elle’s nursery, and it actually looks eerily similar to the view we have of the sunrise peeking over the hills to the east. The quality of the giclée print is great — it’s humidity resistant, so you could even feature it in a bathroom, and it won’t fade or yellow — and I love how the matte finish of the canvas makes it feel like an original piece of artwork.

You can, of course, also personalize this item so it features up to 15 photos. (In fact, I’m thinking of surprising Lana with a canvas print featuring one of her goofiest faces in black and white.) Bonus points that it’s relatively lightweight, since it’s hanging directly over Eleanor’s crib too. And, in the girls’ rooms especially, I always appreciate artwork that doesn’t involve glass framing in case they were to fall from the wall.

I was immediately drawn to the clean lines on this framed canvas print by from Shutterfly.

Love Botanical Framed Canvas Print: I was immediately drawn to the clean lines on this framed canvas print. We have a couple of pieces of original art in our home that are framed identically to this, and it’s such a simple, elegant way to elevate wrapped canvas. And because this particular print by Famenxt DB is playful without being too cutesy, it’s not something Eleanor will quickly outgrow.

Comfy, Cozy + Customizable Blankets + Pillows

This Lady Divers print on a squashy Shutterfly pillow has been the perfect whimsical element in this corner of the nursery.

Throw Pillows: As soon as I saw this Lady Divers print, I knew I had to have it on something, and on a delightfully squashy pillow, it’s been the perfect whimsical element in this little corner of Elle’s room. I also immediately fell in love with the Sexy Mushroom pattern designed by the same artist, Cecilia Granata. It’s exactly as goofy and strangely appealing as it sounds — and I love the idea of it hiding out under a pile of chocolate chip cookies on the plate I just ordered.

The blush Retro Checker Checkerboard Pillow from Erin Kendal is a great little complement too. And I love that all Shutterfly pillows are offered in three sizes, including a 12-by-16-inch lumbar pillow, so if you’re a wee bit pillow-obsessed like me, you can customize the perfect little pillow moment of your dreams.

The Shutterfly Mudcloth Fleece Throw Blanket is super-soft — almost a velour texture — w/ a sherpa back that's cozy w/o being stifling.

Mudcloth Fleece Throw Blanket: This mudcloth-patterned throw from digital designer Jessica Prout caught my eye right away. It’s the perfect accent color for Elle’s room (we also used mustard yellow as an accent color in Lana’s room), and it’s versatile enough that it can be used interchangeably in any room in our house. It’s super-soft — almost a velour texture — with a nubbly sherpa back that’s cozy without being stifling. Because it’s not overly thick, it’s been a surprisingly handy blanket to pack up small for travel too. And, of course, there are thousands (literally!) of other patterns to choose from, or you could create a personalized blanket with your own photos.

Need A Non-Cheesy Personalized Gift Idea? You Can’t Go Wrong With Stationery Essentials

Shutterfly makes it super-easy to make a cute tabletop canvas print just using photos from my phone.

Tabletop Canvas Prints: We didn’t do newborn pics with Eleanor (again, second kid, ha), but Shutterfly made it super-easy to make a cute memento for her room just using photos from my phone. This sweet little tabletop canvas print came together in minutes — and I was even able to quickly make all the photos black and white so they’d look a little more cohesive. Would make such an easy gift.

My daughter was tickled to receive her first-ever personalized stationery and pencils from Shutterfly.

Personalized Pencils + Post-it Notes: I couldn’t deck out Eleanor’s room without picking up a couple of fun gifts for Lana, and she was so tickled to receive her first-ever personalized stationery in the form of these sweet little Post-it Notes, with personalized pencils to go alongside. She was so smitten, in fact, that I’ve already placed orders for stocking stuffers and a few of her friends’ upcoming birthdays. Something about knowing a gift wasn’t just selected but made just for you makes it all the more special.

Now's a great time to stock up on personalized or artist-designed notebooks from Shutterfly for holiday gifts for kiddos, friends or teachers.

Laugh Till You Fart” Notebook: A little juvenile, perhaps, but I got such a giggle out of this notebook, and I knew Lana would too. She’s been toting it around the house, using it as a little diary of sorts, and it’s pretty freaking adorable. There are so many notebook designs to choose from, too. And now’s a great time to stock up on them for holiday gifts for kiddos, friends or teachers. So, so fun.


Thanks so much to Shutterfly for sponsoring this post. I’ve been using Shutterfly for as long as I can recall. We always rely on its photo-sharing offerings for aggregating and sharing photos of Lana’s class, and the home-decor items and gifts are truly so fun! And thank you for reading along and supporting our brand partners here at TME. We appreciate it so much!

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When designing our boho-minimalist nursery, Shutterfly's wall decor, throw pillows & soft blankets were the perfect finishing touches (+ gift ideas!).

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