12 Amazon Faves To Make Staying Home More Comfy


These items, admittedly, are not the most amazing nor cutest things we’ve ever thrown together in one post. They are though, the things that people are asking for most frequently, right now, that make homes happier, more fun, comfier places. Right now, maybe more than ever, as we all face what comes next 2020/2021 — we need that. And they all get great reviews.

Thinking about holiday gifts already? This is a great starter list. Or it’s a list of suggestions for a few ways to up your Stay-At-Home (mostly) or maybe gather physically distanced on the patio game, in the alley, in the backyard — whatever works in your world!

Add some fun, some warmth, some comfort and a little exercise! Here’s the latest version of the 2020/21 At-Home-Survival, from yes, go ahead and make my life more convenient, Amazon

From outdoor heaters to weighted blankets projectors & grills, 12 Amazon favorites to make home happier, more fun & more comfortable.

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1 | Pellet Grill+ Smoker | THIS is a PELLET Grill + Smoker. So first of all, for those who wonder if they’d prefer a grill or smoker, it’s efficient; it’s 2 in 1. The PELLET part is what we burn, and the pellets are wood. So the grill is different than a gas, electric or charcoal grill…it burns wood pellets. It is not hard to use, it’s actually very easy to use AND….the advantage of grilling with pellets, is that you can flavor the food differently depending on the type of wood pellet you use. Talk about FALL FLAVORS!!! Yum. And, yes, I also love the way this one looks…that is secondary to what it does, but still, it’s good looking.

2 | Weber | Had I understood my love of a pellet grill prior to running a hard gas line to my back patio….I would have done that. I hadn’t yet learned of my new love…and so I have a Weber out there — AND we use it ALL.THE.TIME. Too often here in the Northeast we associate grill with summer only — we cheat ourselves there. I like to grill year-round, and I even find more joy in doing it as the temps get cooler and the grill helps warm the patio in a good way! There are so many grills out there…these, the Webers, are my favorite, get incredible reviews, and are so easy.

3 | Portable Grill | If you have minimal outdoor space, these little guys are a great option. I love them also for portability. Not just for camping — you could also take it to a friend’s yard, or even, a local empty city parking lot where you safely socially gather for a nice evening every now and then. Throw some sausage on it, or have the kids melt S’mores over it. Good clean outdoor fun!

4 | Patio Heater | It’s getting cool outside in some parts of our world…yet outside is what we’ve got right now. These patio heaters seem a bit much to some, but they do an excellent job of warming a space, and are money well-spent if outdoors is where you are enjoying most of your time, away from indoors of your own home. Fires on propane and comes in a few pretty finishes.

5 | Solo Stove | Scotti once complained about her hair smelling like smoke from a fire pit. I love her more. And in truth, yes, real actual fires create smoke, and in addition to in our hair, depending on which way the breeze is blowing and how close to the house the pit it, the smoke does often travel in a direction we might not prefer. In addition to the fact that it’s sexy and efficient and people LOVE them, the Solo stove also recirculates…and while it’s not no smoke, it absolutely produces less smoke.

6 | Outdoor Heater | This might seem crazy, but if you aren’t loving the idea of taking up footprint space with a large patio heater like the one above, mounting a heater to a wall is also a super-efficient option, and simply requires a place to plug it in rather than propane. Just another warm option.

7 | Weighted Blanket | These are genuinely like a hug. While I like weighted blankets mostly for genuine emotional recovery, after a yoga practice, for naps and chilling on the sofa, some people actually like to sleep with them. This is one that works for all of the above. And makes for a great gift for anyone who could use a hug right about now.

8 | Outdoor Projector and Screen | One of the fun, amazing things we’ve seen this year is the resurgence in drive-in movie theaters. So nostalgic!!! That’s not an option for all of us, but a do-it-yourself change in scenery and taking family movie night outdoors is a super-fun option! Also a great family gift idea for this season.

9 | Outdoor String Lights | Easiest, least expensive, most fun way to brighten your outdoor world just a bit.

10 | WiFi Booster | We all need more WiFi. These help boost that and get great reviews.

11 | Outdoor Ping Pong | It folds, it rolls, it’s so fun. And if you need me to, I’m happy to meet you and take you:) I love ping pong. We had a table in our basement when I was a kid/teen. It was our big group family gift one year. In addition to playing with my brothers, dad and friends, I would flip one side up, by myself, and practice against it, for hours on end (is part of why I win—even as a mom-out-of-practice:) There are many and they aren’t inexpensive, but I like this one, with the big wheels and the cover best for outdoors. And yes, we’ve confirmed recently, a few times over, that these will sit in a back city alley, even a tiny one, very well!

12 | Trampoline For Exercise + Fun | I cannot count the number of people I know who have added this to their home gym/exercise routine. And the kids love them too for fun.

Add a little fun and warmth and comfort, it’s worth it.

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