Three Ways To Build A Festive Bar Cart (For Adults AND Kids)


For a holiday season that’s — most likely — going to be spent in our own homes, a bar cart could really make things feel more fun and festive. (And I’m not just talking about a classic cocktails-and-spirits-filled bar cart here… stay tuned.)

3 Festive Bar Cart Styling Ideas
(From Booze To Hot Cocoa)

Bar carts are gorgeous to look at (peep this one from Etsy….gahhh I’m in love) and can add instant ambiance. Which makes them perfect for perking up a winter weekend-night-in, or bringing something extra to small, in-home get togethers.

There are so many beautiful barware kits, glasses, and cute little accessories to top them off, too, which makes it even more fun to personalize your own (or gift someone).

Below, I’ve created three different themed bar carts to take you through the next few months. Whether you’re a lover of boozy mixed drinks, hot cocoa (and all the toppings), or just a simple cuppa tea…we’ve got the necessities (and a whole bunch of extra trinkets and treats) for your bar cart. Bottoms up!

From hot toddies to hot cocoa, we're here for your bar cart styling needs. All the essentials for a festive holiday bar at home — even for tea lovers.

First, Start With A Bar Cart

Whether your tastes run glam, minimalist, or boho…there’s a bar cart for you. Bar carts also come in a wide range of price points as well (but be sure to check the sizes — some of them are a bit larger than expected).

2. Then, Determine How You’ll Stock It

Now the fun begins. Below we’ve pulled together three bar cart ‘themes’: Holiday Entertaining (for the boozy crowd), an After-Snow Warm-Up (for the kids), and a Zen-themed one for our tea (or coffee) drinkers.

A. Holiday Entertaining Bar Cart (The Boozy Edition)

Decide on your booze, then fill your bar cart with a bunch of seriously pretty barware accessories and glasses. I went a little glam, just to set the mood for a *small* (immediate family) party. Think game nights, tree/cookie decorating parties, or anytime you want to turn a regular Friday night into something a liiiittle bit more exciting.

B. After-Snow, Warm-Up Bar Cart (Hot Cocoa For the Kids)

Fun mugs, delicious hot cocoa and WOW stirring sticks makes this feel extra. Reminder: You don’t have to be a kid to pile on the marshmallows.

C. Zen Zone Bar Cart (I’ll Take Tea, Dahling)

Throw all of your cute little mismatched mugs & teacups onto the cart with your favorite variety of teas, plus sugar, honey, milk, cream…whatever you like in it. It’ll look so pretty with a bunch of little ceramic sugar bowls and other tea trinkets like the ones below. Afternoon tea never looked so pretty (or maybe it did… Hello, Londoners).

3. Bar Cart Inspo
Pick Up Some Really Good Lookin’ Books To Inspire

Hope this post boosts your spirits a little. (Wink)

Xo, Abby

Hey, Pinners…

From hot toddies to hot cocoa, we're here for your bar cart styling needs. All the essentials for a festive holiday bar at home — even for tea lovers.
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