Holiday Decor That Can Stay Up All Winter


Who wants to pull down every. single. little. piece. of holiday decor the day (or even week) after it’s relevant? I think it’s safe to assume that pretty much everybody despises that task. It’s simply and utterly…depressing.

What if we decorated for the holidays in a different way this year? Think of it as decorating for winter, as all of these decor ideas (gathered below) are safe to stay up until…spring?

Holiday Vibes: Subtle Winter Decor To Last All Season

The following bits and bobbles are categorized into the five major holiday/winter color collections:

  • Nordic Whites
  • Pine Forest Greens
  • Shades of Red
  • Cool Winter Blues
  • Twinkling Silvers & Golds

Each color collection includes decorations & accessories in any style — from whimsical winter to classic holiday, even with some modern, rustic and glitzy vibes thrown in, too. It’s basically a winter decorating cheat sheet, sorted by color.

Our winter decorating shortcut is basically holiday vibes, in cool color themes that are classy & can stay up all season long. It's a wintery win (ha!)

Nordic Whites

I am a fool for white. I obsess over white decor year-round, but even more during the winter, when the Northeastern Pennsylvania outdoors tend to match the most perfect, soft white color palette. (Ehem, snow, I’m ready for you.) There are a TON of different textures in this collection — which is something that I think is super-important when it comes to all-white decor. A few different textures (like birch branches/bark, wood, glass, metal, yarn) bring a one-dimensional (or monochromatic) theme to life.

Pine Forest Greens

If you’re a fan of earthy, natural tones, a green palette might be for you. You might think green is a bit limiting, but look at the entire range of greens…it’s gorgeous. I’m talking about those pretty, light, moss greens to those dark, moody emeralds — layer them! They look insanely good together. Do it. Go green.

Shades Of Red

I love the thought of going all-out red for decor this season. I’m not talking about the classic fire engine red, but broadening the red palette to include pinks and roses and, hell, maybe even some magentas. Sounds different and really pretty.

Cool Winter Blues

Now this is a cool way to go (actually). I am obsessing over the trio of blue-toned winter prints to hang in your living room or to frame and let sit on the mantle. The Etsy shop KILLS the winter prints game. It’s such an easy way to wintrify (?) your space and welcome in alll those blues (the good kinds).

Twinkling Silvers & Golds

There’s a special place in my heart for metallics. Their tendency to twinkle and gleam in the changing light adds such a radiant feel — it’s pure ambiance. You can’t really go wrong here; just grab anything gold or silver, and throw it up on your mantle. Lol — I seriously think anything could work here. Shiny textures and sparkling sheens are just so perfect during the holidays, and pretty foolproof, too.

I love the idea of taking decor from a Whole Lot of Holiday…down to just a simple, general winter theme. But no shame if you just can’t get away from putting out your ceramic Santas and knit Rudolphs this year (Scotti, we’re talking ’bout you). The more decor the merrier. Speaking of….Have you checked out Holiday Central yet? Go now…holiday sales, gifts and outfits all in one spot. It’s a happy place.

Xo, Abby

Hey, Pinners…

Our winter decorating shortcut is basically holiday vibes, in cool color themes that are classy & can stay up all season long. It's a wintery win (ha!)


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