Halloween Door Decor Kids Will Love (& We’ll Tolerate)


My kids get super-excited about Halloween, like…crazy excited. They start planning costumes months in advance. Of course they also do that kid thing and change their minds at the very last minute, and we’re up all night on Halloween eve, remaking something that’s newly inspired their hearts.

But still. Their excitement is palpable.

My kids also LOVE to decorate the house for Halloween, which, given the nature of the holiday, is really more about what’s outside of the house, namely, on (or near) the front door. Personally, I could stop at a great fall door mat and call it done. The kids, however….

….the kids like to decorate the entire front of the house. And so we compromise (sort of, not really).

Outdoor Halloween Decorations For Door & Front Porch

I like scary or sexy. One of the two. And understated. Or — ok fine — funny can work, too. But in truth, the kids take over, I blink and BAM: gigantic amounts of cobwebs stretched to the limits of the front of the house and big spiders everywhere. And I seem to be collecting small plastic spiders from the sidewalk…through February. It always seems to be a shut-the-front-door decorating moment, filled with laughter and love (while trying not to fall off ladders). The kids are good at this…so in the end, I just follow their lead. (Spoiler: the kids, don’t do understated and roll their eyes every time I use the word sexy.)

Our kids LOVE Halloween decorations, which are more about the door or front porch. Spiders & cobwebs from Etsy, Target & Amazon — inside.

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1 | Garage Door Decor | Most city-dwelling men people I know would die for a garage. I didn’t care about one until now. Because this garage decor ‘tho!!!

2 | The 12′ Web Of Dreams + A Giant Spider | Send your neighbors a message and maybe have a ‘name our spider contest’ just for fun?

3 | Feather Wreath | This can’t get here fast enough. And it might stay on our door for years to come. This is my Sexy Door Decor moment, and I’m taking it regardless of how the kids roll their eyes.

4 | Modern Halloween Bat Hoop Wreath | Tastefully understated, easily modifiable to the next holiday, and just gorgeous!

5 | Giant 4′ Spider With Lit Eyes | His lit eyes are everything!

6 | Bats Galore + Some More | ****Heads up-this set is under $10, in stock, Prime, AND includes the bats and web and spiders!!! Love that you fold the wings, and they are 3D and stand off the wall, or front of the house, or door, or all of those! Create your own scary composition!

7 | 3 Witches | Fun with trees if you have a yard, or windows on a city house. The girls are great!

8 | Witch Crash | She makes us giggle, so we love her more.

9 | Amazing Skirt On Witch Wreath | If her skirt were my size, I’d borrow it. Tell me she’s not amazing?

10 | Those Eyes Door Mural | Skull + Spider cover the whole door in this crazy mural!

11 | Color Pop Feather Wreath For All Of Fall | We’re not so quick to take the decorations down, so I love that this wood and feather wreath is perfect for all of fall.

12 | GIANT Ghoul-One And Done | I’m going to have to talk to our favorite USPS carrier about finding the mailbox under this, but if he agrees, we’re totally going for it with this.

Stretch the holiday and get all the love and joy you can out of it!


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  1. Ummm…do your kids want to come help me decorate? My son told me the other day my window looks like an actual “I Spy” book. And witches are my jam. I have the witch skirt wreath, but that black feather one is calling my name! Also, I got a set of 6 witch hats from Amazon (or Party City?) and they are hanging/floating in my window. And I love them! Happy decorating!

    • ER: 3 kids, at your door, before you can blink your witchy eyes. Yes, yes they do want to come help you!!!! With masks on. And all kinds of crazy more stuff that YOU would love and I’m like “what even is this???” I do LOVE the hats in windows idea…that’s understated (ish.) xoxo A

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