Outdoor Furniture Upgrade: Poufs, Ottomans & Stools For Porch & Patio


Truth be told: I use outdoor furniture inside of my house. And visa versa. I’m a rulebreaker like that. But here’s the thing…I bring it all in at night. The indoor furniture that spent the day out-of-doors, and all the cushions, throw pillows, throw blankets and poufs, even the ones that say they are for outdoor, I bring them in. Every. Single. Night.

Except for that one night last week, when I sorta forgot. I didn’t really forget; I’m not a forgetter. I checked the weather from my bed, 3 floors up, I was tired, it said no rain. It lied. Lesson learned. Again.

Which is miserable. But I do enjoy my early morning ritual of coffee and solitude, sweeping and hosing the patio, and putting it all back out for the day. That calms me. So I feel it’s a fair exchange.

Outdoor Seating Upgrade: Poufs, Ottomans & Stools

Some people use covers. Covers are amazing. I don’t like covers. I don’t like to look at them, pull them, store them, and I also tend to get lazy with them, and then they collect pollen and rain and ick. This is where we pause and remember I am a city-dweller and am lucky to have a patio situation that is both tiny and even exists, and also that’s manageable. If I were a suburban sprawler, hell yes, I’d be all about the covers. And I’d also cover the poufs.

On the FB Insiders group last weekend, there came a conversation about outdoor poufs that went something like this, when Julia asked (with hearts at the end of the ask, those always help, you know?):

I’m looking for a couple of truly outdoor poufs for some extra patio seating. Our entertaining area isn’t covered so it would have to be okay if I forgot them and they got rained on. Annmarie any ideas?! ?


And there were some great suggestions from the group, like the Fatboy pouf and this cute thing, and also some great IKEA recs that weren’t exactly poufs, but I love still (and might have two of myself.) The Fatboy, I absolutely agree, from personal experience, when they say outdoor, they mean it. He, the Fatboy Outdoor Pouf, is a bit modern leaning, and only comes in one size, but many, many, so many colors, so yes, we love him and his partners:

Other than him, and his bean bag chair partner, I’ve yet to meet a soft-filled fabric pouf, that genuinely can be forgotten about through seasons and storms, and show no impact.

So I offer you these alternatives: go with the Fatboy, or: choose a fun pouf, and just drag it right inside the door at night, or tuck it up on a sofa and under the covers, OR….choose a stool or ottoman, which are also great for extra seating, drain well, and can be left outside, remembered, or forgotten, no big deal. Some of our favorites of each: bring them into shelter and leave them out are right here:

Shelter Me: Cute Poufs & Ottomans

The Fatboy pouf is patio perfect. We also have some fun, cute all-weather stools & ottomans, great for outdoor seating that drain well for small spaces & lounge areas.

1/ Large Black and White with Tassels (sustainable) | 2/ X Marks the Spot

3/ 3 Piece Set | 4/ The One I’d Be Tempted To Leave Out | 5/ Gorgeous Woven

6/ Boxy Stripes | 7/ Round Stripes | 8/ Boxy Black and White

9/ Zig Zag Fun | 10/ Turquoise Beauty | 11/ Fun Pattern Play

12/ Texture for Days | 13/ Perfectly Tufted

All-Weather Stools, Poufs & Ottomans

The Fatboy pouf is patio perfect. We also have some fun, cute all-weather stools & ottomans, great for outdoor seating that drain well for small spaces & lounge areas.

1/ Mint Green LOVE | 2/ True Rattan | 3/ LargeWoven Beauty

4/ Woven Pattern Black Neutral | 5/ Subtle Triangles | 6/ Black

7/ Geometry In Color | 8/ Well Stacked | 9/ Hourglass (Ish)

10/ The Blue Pair | 11/ The Turquoise Pair

12/ Folding Patterns | 13/ Easy Roped | 14/ The Full Outdoor Bean Bag

Bring them in, leave them out, it’s up to you. Whatever makes you happy. But I’m telling you, there’s peace to be found in a morning ritual. Cheers to feet up, and someday when we all need extra seating. Like ALL the EXTRA seating.
xoxo, A

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