Our 14 Favorite Cheese, Charcuterie & Snack Boards


Bored with cooking? Me too. I have to tuck my kitchen-chef-ego in a bit to own this truth, but here it is: the meals I’ve gotten the ravest reviews on recently, are the ones where I didn’t even cook. Mmmhmm. And I’m OK with that. I’m even excited about it.

Here are 14 beautiful and functional boards. YES friends…that is a board, for each day of two full weeks worth of meals, where you can simply set out combinations of no-cooking-necessary food, without ever heating an oven, oiling a pan, plugging in a pot, nor stirring a thing. We simply, display lunch or dinner. And we don’t even have to scrub pots and pans!!!! And everyone loves it!!! Best Covid 19 meal prep hack EVER! Get on board, here we go:

Pause…and this too: Boards make great gifts…hint..hint. xoxo A

We found 14 gorg, functional charcuterie boards. Lovely for simply displaying cheese, meet, lunch, dinner or snacks. Boards make great gifts, too.

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1 | Individual Slate Boards | My friend Laura ALWAYS has a little cheese and crackers and fruit tray for each of us on her patio. Getting her dog Elzie not to eat a whole hunk of cheese right off a plate is another story, but her presentation is second to none in our socially distant safe place on her patio!

2| MultiSized Rectangular Wood Boards With Handles That You Can Hang | If we’re doing a whole big spread, I love many board in various sizes! Also, I love flat boards because I can file them in a cabinet, and I especially love boards with handles and ropes that I can hang on hooks and call kitchen art. These make all those cuts!

3 | Let’s Get Personal With A Big Board | What an amazing gift…just saying!

4 | Personalized Live Edge Big Board With A Dramatic Finish | Hey there, dark-finish beauty!!! And personalizable (that’s a real word during holiday season.) #greatgiftidea

5 | Boards With A Little Lift | I love a little reveal, a little space, an a little lift.

6 | Hey There Big Guy!!! | Walnut Gorgeousness — and HUGE!!! If we’re going…we may as well just go big, right?

7 | Reclaimed Wood Beauties | These remind me most of French Vintage boards I’ll love forever, but at a fraction of the price.

8 | Perfect For Pizza (and all the other things too!) | Pizza nights also remain a thing around here…this is a great multipurpose board!

9 | The I LOVE THE SHAPE OF YOU Board | This is the one in my cart. I need another board like I need a hole in my head, but I just can’t resist the shape of this one.

10 | The Big Handles Boards | These would hang well on hooks on the wall…if you are onto that kinda thing.

11 | Long and Lean | Can’t get enough drama. Also great for space constraints! And beautiful!

12 | Cover It Up and Slice It Twice | Meant mostly for cheese, but seriously how cool is this?

13 | Petit Covered Beauty + Knives | Petit perfection for a little snack! And amazing that it has a cute cover, because, well, bugs are still a thing on the porch and patio. So a little cover goes a long way around here.

14 | The Socially Distanced Set That Stacks | Laura-esque…and stacks for cute display in off times. LOVE it!!!

If you are wondering exactly what to put on these boards, I just made you a Pinterest Board specifically for Inspiration on that. I’m here for you and all your no cook-moments. Bon Appétit!

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And oh hey, there…speaking of boards on boards, this one is for the Pinners!

We found 14 gorg, functional charcuterie boards. Lovely for simply displaying cheese, meet, lunch, dinner or snacks. Boards make great gifts, too.


  1. A charcuterie board is probably my hubby’s favorite date night dinner . Meat and cheese forever!
    Great selection here! I particularly like the sets of different sizes.

  2. I’m slightly obsessed with these boards these days! Making a “snacky tray” for gatherings is my new favorite thing!

    • ER-next time my kids ask, “what’s for dinner?” My official answer will be “a snacky tray.” With a wink and a nod to you! xo A

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