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Sooo…what is Nordic decor anyway? Funny you should ask. It’s basically a design style based on minimalism & simplicity with a stylistic edge (you’ll see what I mean through the products linked below). Nordic (or Scandinavian) decor uses pretty much all of the neutrals, wooden accents, ceramics and a ton of exciting shapes, without being too over the top. It’s almost like a calm & organized aesthetic with pops of fun. It could be mixed with really any other type of interior design style (like traditional, modern, farmhouse, etc.,) because of the plain yet playful nature.

Aaaand we’re bringing hygge back into things. (Surprising? No.) While Nordic style can seem pretty uncomplicated and plain, we, of course, want to add some coziness into the mix. It’s just better that way, okay? And it’s winter — who couldn’t use a little more comfort in their lives? Below is a roundup of a bunch of Nordic (with a side of hygge) inspired decor to update your space.

While Scandinavian-style decor can seem pretty uncomplicated & plain, we, of course, want to add some coziness into the mix.

Art & Decor

Ahhhh…texture heaven. This list of beautiful and minimalistic pieces will surely update your space with a feeling of calm (hey, handmade, ceramic incense burner) and simplicity, with a little bit of excitement (peep some fun shaped vases and the cutest felt garland that you ever did see). Feel free to pile on the accents and decor; a little bit of texture goes a very long way, especially when the majority of it is neutral-colored.

Kitchen & Utensils

Gah, neutral kitchens just get me every time. They just look so clean, uncomplicated and gorgeous (arguably, even when messy). In the below list we’ve got a bunch of wooden, stone and ceramic utensils for that perfectly earthy feel, along with some cool kitchen accessories like a stackable wine rack, a bamboo-based electric griddle, and a gorg, black & white cruet set. Ooo, I’m excited about this stuff.

Home Accents

Now for some more fun stuff that you could throw really anywhere. (Well, maybe keep this insanely pretty, carved wood headboard in your bedroom, but…) Here are a few quirky-yet-simple home updates to spark a little bit of creativity or “ahhh” in your space of choice. Like, check out the cute little wall sconce or loose dot wallpaper below. You (and your newly Nordic/hygge living room) won’t be disappointed.


There are just SO many swoon-worthy neutral & minimal fabrics, throws, pillows and rugs really everywhere. West Elm, Crate&Barrel, Anthropologie, Kohl’s, H&M, Etsy and Urban Outfitters have some reeeeally good options. I’ve put together a little list of some of my faves below, but check out their sites for more neutral, nordic beauties.

Hope you’re all ready to simply & elegantly beautify your living spaces. Go get your Nordic decor on.

Xo, Abby

Hey, Pinners…

While Scandinavian-style decor can seem pretty uncomplicated & plain, we, of course, want to add some coziness into the mix.

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