Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 10.23


Anyone else feel like they need a little exhale? Maybe that’s why I’m currently obsessing over this mask that says, I mean business, know how to have fun, I can kinda hide from you in plain sight, AND I can exhale. Done. ****Pause, per comments below, super important….we can’t actually wear this mask, exhalation valves are no good-they don’t do the job. So…it’s on its way to my house, and I’m going to put it in a lucite frame or box, and call it #art2020.

Team TME is a little excited about Verishop’s (code:) FALLSALE (extended through 10/26, up to 20% off) in case you haven’t heard. Verishop Home also has great selections, which just so happen to ALL make great gifts, hint, hint. So I rounded up my favorites and filed them under Weekend Sales below. I have my eyes on one of these for sure, filed under self-gifting holidays 2020 — as my own personal reminder to stay lit and burn bright. And will likely be hanging these above a patio for a little warmth sometime soon — they are solar-powered and brass detailed…love.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Holiday Table Prep, The Black Home & Verishop Sale Faves

In other places my eyes are, I’m already on Thanksgiving. Yes, Halloween is coming soon, but then we’ll blink and see nothing but Turkey next. Note I’m skipping right from Halloween to Thanksgiving, right over Election Day. I have the privilege doing so, because Lex is covering that subject—so freaking well, Amen Sister, thank you.

I’m also skipping right over my birthday, in other national holidays. I feel I’ve dropped sufficient hints for things I might love over the past several weeks. In case those hints weren’t picked-up already, well OK fine, one more: I’d love one of these Theraguns, because #selfcareathome. And this pair of kicks too (they drop today) if anyone is really asking. And an actual IRL professional massage, for two hours. Deep Tissue. Please? Am I asking too much? Maybe.

Weekly Favorite Finds including this beautiful forged iron tiered display, and a linen bread bag for gifting your new Pandemic bread-making talents to neighbors, that Verishop Sale, and a Black-Owned business spotlight on a business and woman I now have in immense girl-crush on, are in here too! Scroll.

Weekly Favorite Finds include joy for the holiday table, home goods in the Verishop Sale & Neffi Walker's The Black Home. Shop it here.

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1 | Holstee Reflection Cards | Conversation starters are fun around a family holiday table, more so if you are lucky enough to break bread with extended family and friends too! These are a sweet deck of reflection cards that will prompt all sorts of great convo and appreciation at a Thanksgiving table, and I dunno…maybe help us talk about something other than politics. You with me? Right…it’s where we are. Make the best of it.

2 | Gratitude Journal (5 pack) | I love the idea of setting a table with one of these at each seat and prompting everyone to pick up the great healthy habit of keeping a gratitude journal right there at the Thanksgiving Table. Call me a minimalist, but I don’t actually love the formal gratitude journals…I like these spiral bound easy to write in blank and pretty colored books for their ease of use, and for the way they let you have your own creative freedom.

3 | Better Laundry Basket | She wanted a basket that won’t bend, droop, sag and get soft. She’s happy.

4 | Linen Bread Bags (Think Gifts!!!!) | Has anyone else mastered the art of bread making through Pandemic times? What a great gift for neighbors if you baked in batch, tucked something yummy in one of these, and threw on masks and walked the kids around the neighborhood to deliver a little baked love to everyone, right? I like taking love out of the house and sharing it with those around us. You just never know who that might mean the world to…these are harder times for some, give what you can.

5 | New Knives! | Do I need pink-handled knives in my holiday kitchen, nope. Need is a strong word. Yet will they bring me joy??? Oh yes. Yes, they will. Could they be any more gorgeous?

6 | Essential Holiday Roasting Pan | This is THE pan that will get you through ALL of the holidays. If you don’t already have one, now is the time!

7 | Favorite Tapers | These are so gorgeous on a console table, mantle or bookshelf, but they also move and group nicely as centers to a holiday table! They seem a bit pricey, but they are forever tapers, that will serve so many beautiful places in your home, I’m calling them worth it.

8 | White Ceramic Vases | Love these white vases paired with those tapers and some simple greens.

9 | Forged Metal Tiered Stand | OOO…this might be my favorite find this week. Works well on a counter for fresh yummy baked breakfasts or snacks, partners well with dinner on a board, AND…why wouldn’t you also put one on your bathroom counter to help hold the fancy eye creams? Or on your desk to get you a bit more organized and looking at something pretty off-Zoom.

10 | Baloo Weighted Blanket | This weighted comforter gets amazing reviews AND you can sleep with it. And it will love you back, and calm those worn nerves. Great gift!

11 | Linen Table Cloths | I love linen and I cannot lie. And I don’t iron it. I just let it do its thing. Tables at home might help everyone’s mood to be a little more special this year…linen cloths are an easy way to get there.

12 | Faux Fur For Days (and Nights) | Softest cuddle blankets ever. Great gifts for the holidays, and the perfect self-care, self-gift too!


Black-Owned Business Spotlight | The Black Home

Hello there, Neffi! From her own site, where you can find this gorgeous flatware among so many, many other beautiful goods! Check her out and then we can all swoon together!

Neffi Walker believes life should be designed beautifully and a beautiful life is one designed with intention. As a mother of five, business owner and principal designer of The Black Home, Neffi Walker bridged the gap on family, creativity and business in ways that are enviable. Her approach on life to highlight the overlooked or undervalued beauties can be mirrored in the way she approaches design.

Weekly Favorite Finds include joy for the holiday table, home goods in the Verishop Sale & Neffi Walker's The Black Home. Shop it here.

Home Goods From Verishop

(Ends 10/26 | Up To 20% Off Code: FALLSALE)

Linzi, I can hear you laughing at my hints…and telling me to “lower the bar of expectations for 11/8.” Imma make this deal, let’s get everyone to vote, and hope 11/3 is a good day, let’s focus on the kicks that drop 10/23, and the rest, I’ll let go. Deal?

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    • Susan: THANK YOU. Yes, I just had an Oy, Duh, Dear Lord moment. You are correct, and I’m on damage control…will edit post, and make “art” from the mask that I fell in love with. Good Call. Sorry you had to make it, I appreciate you. xoxo A

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