Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 10.16


One of my girlfriends is pregnant!!! THIS hasn’t happened in a while. Holy Moly! I’m not supposed to tell anyone yet. This doesn’t count, right?

Anyway…I’m super-excited about our TME newest contributor Amy, and taking all the hints for gifts for my prego girlfriend and her fresh bundle of belly joy from Amy’s upcoming posts! Second confession of the morning—I’ve been sneak-peaking her picks…and it’s all so, so good!)

I’m in so much #goodtrouble right about now.

Mom is my very favorite thing people call me, but Annmarie Auntie is a super-close second. I have fierce love for all the littles in my life. So thank you Amy and welcome — just in time! I am out of practice in the pregnant and brand-new-baby areas, and wow do you have a great eye! My carts are all full of things I didn’t think I’d shop again until someone calls me grandma, but now’s great too!

Weekly Favorite Finds: Cool, Cozy Home & Kitchen Items For Nesting

For those of us nesting in other ways, Weekly Favorite Finds include this Pendleton + Faux Fur Throw that is obviously the best gift you can gift everyone this holiday season! And a Black-Owned collaboration I’m obsessively crushing on—I might even need a girlfriend to talk me down from this one. Or not, I’ll beg forgiveness on this too. And a few little things from Shopbop, Nordstrom and more on big sale below.

We're crushing on Pendleton wool + faux fur & Parachute velvet, plus Black-Owned collaboration Ghetto Gastro CruxGG for the kitchen. Get cozy.

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1 | Air Fryer+Toaster Oven Combo | They had me at the black toaster + red detailing and then I saw the…

2 | Double Rotating Waffle Iron | We only have two, buy hey, my girlfriend is having another baby…if she can do that, obviously adding a third waffle iron to our lives is no big deal. Especially when it’s this good looking!

3 |Wicked Good House Shoes | I’m not into slippers. But I might find myself in these, real soon, unapologetically, and also probably walking right out of the house and down the streets in them. I’m not sure what’s up, but they are my current #mood.

4 | New Black Dinnerware | Is another current #mood and obsession. I cannot get enough of the all black ceramic sets and this new one is absolutely gorgeous in its detailing!

5 | Umbrella Stand | My favorite among them!

6 | Vortex Heat Fan | This one is for Shana, before she has to start asking.

7 | Parachute Shams | Parachute coming in hot with the new WASHABLE Velvet. Amazing! Add just these shams to your linen or cotton set, or pair with…

8 | Parachute Washed (and washable) Velvet Quilt | The colorways are so beautiful, it’s so soft, AND you can wash it!

9 | Pendleton + Faux Fur | THIS IS THE GIFT of the season. For those of us who wrestle back and forth between our loves of Pendleton wool blankets and faux fur for forever cuddles, Santa came early and combined them!!!

10 | Throw Pillows | Love the fabric (Italian Boiled Wool,) the color, the shapes and sizes, and the variously sized, perfectly placed stripes! Perfect way to freshen-up for fall!

11 | 4 Door Walnut Console | Before ordering a custom piece for someone recently, I considered all the credenzas/buffets/storage pieces out there. Once I had this one on my mind, well, it just keeps coming back to my mind. It’s no one style, and a combo of the best of all of them, so transitional is how we label that, in a really good way. It has great detailing, is well-made, and while not inexpensive, is a beautiful, functional, forever piece.

12 | Dining Table | But I’d use it as a desk too…or as a center table in a large foyer or entryway. Love the cross b/w pedestal and legs in how the base is shaped, and the light and easy finish of the wood.

Black-Owned Business Spotlight | Ghetto Gastro CruxGG Collection

We're crushing on Pendleton wool + faux fur & Parachute velvet, plus Black-Owned collaboration Ghetto Gastro CruxGG for the kitchen. Get cozy.

I have a crazy crush on these guys, and their whole collection. In my dreams of dreams, they see me, feel me, appreciate that my favorite color is red, especially red on black, and made a whole collection just for me. OK, but back to reality, this isn’t at all about me, I’m just here for it. Wow is this stuff gorgeous, and their story is such a fun one. I love collaborations between big brands that are willing to share their platform and reach with up-and-coming brilliant minds. It gives me hope, and a new toaster, currently in a cart — it’s my birthday present to myself and I can’t wait for it!

Shop Home Decor On Sale This Weekend

Shop Bop Fall Event | Sale Ends 11:59 EST Tonight | Favorite Home Gift Picks

Nordstrom | Sale

Zulily | On Sale Now

Back to shopping for fun baby and pregnant-friend things, and all the CruxGG I can get my hands on…and waiting not-so-patiently for my Pendleton to arrive. Happy Weekend!


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    • Christa-OMG, you and Shana make me hot flash just even thinking about stuff like this. I need for some part of my feet, ankles, legs to be exposed, when I sleep…when I walk…always!!! Or I’m too hot. But ok fine, those are cute. I’m easing my way in Christa…easing. Easing as in I will wear those “slippers” I posted, outdoors, with jean shorts, when it’s 38 degrees and call it a compromise. Or I’m going to try these furry things you people call slippers and go right back to Nah and bare feet real fast. Could go either way, I’ll let you and your cute slippers know. xoxo A

  1. I would give anything to be this warm blooded!!! I hate that I’m always cold. Worst part?? And you are going to have a good laugh, I live in San Diego. Yep, I have already started wearing those slippers…78 degrees outside

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