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I’m taking a one-minute pause, in silence, in memory of RBG, and Breonna (again.) Anyone who knows me knows that one minute of silence is my own personal max on silence. After which, I’ll scream–real loud, over and over, and mostly in actions. If you are wondering what to do in memory of RBG, vote, by hand-delivered mail to a box if that’s an option for you. RBG went to well-earned rest in power and peace. And now we move forward with what she gifted us. I’m not sure I can say more on that without falling to tears, again.

So I ordered a tee? Ridiculous, but yes, I did. I did lots of other things around promoting voting, and sharing favorite writings on her, and refreshing myself on ALL the reasons to be so grateful for her, and trying so hard to figure out what to do to be genuinely useful around here…But yes, I also ordered a tee.

If you are wondering what to do in memory of Breonna, beyond just saying her name in your own prayers and meditations every day, start here, Sydney summarized it to actionable items for us, let’s get to WORK!

More on fresh slates, hope and reckonings: I missed Rosh Hashanah. Not in real life, just here in writing for the blog. Something about having lost my mind and switched my post date and just not being on my game…Happy belated New Year! How is it that so many of my Jewish friends have never done the Tashlich part of this holiday? Seriously? All we have to do is pray, toss bread, name them, and cast away our sins? IN. Every year. Highly recommend. PS: for that part, you have until 10/9. Grab your stale bread and head to the nearest fish-bearing, moving water source near you, take the kids…you don’t even have to be Jewish…just enjoy it spiritually, and feel renewed, clean-slate, ready to go again.

Weekly Favorite Finds: High Holidays, Pandemic Puppies, Laundry & Linens

Getting back on my game here and not missing a mention of Yom Kippur (apparently, I’m all about atonement this year.) We’ve got time to prep for that and frankly, it’s the easiest holiday in the world to prep food for. We just need a tray for the fish, a safe way to cut the bagels, and a big board for all the accoutrement. Here’s a link to my favorite easy spread. (see what I did there?)

Jewish holidays, Pandemic Puppies and Laundry. That’s what’s on my mind this week. My friends, the same ones who said you–cannot take on a dog, are now asking why it hasn’t happened yet. That’s simple, I need a dog who comes with a scholarship fund, and then I’m all in. And laundry…is it ever ending? Never. So yup, I have that sexiness on my mind, too. And a Black-Owned Business we can all stand behind. And some fun things on sale from West Elm’s Friends and Family Event that you might be in need of too.

Bagel slicers & charcuterie boards, puppy beds & photographers, + sheets with A-mazing reviews -- our weekly fav finds in home decor.

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1 | Evil Eye Serving Platters | I love these especially b/c of their symbolism…who doesn’t need a little extra protection right about now? But they are also shaped just perfectly for serving lox and whitefish.

2 | Bigger Boards Are Better Boards | And then all the accoutrement, and even the bagels can be served here! And no cook dinner for the next 100 nights too.

3 | Soft, Cozy, Shave-a-Zero off the $ Sheets (that have more than 137k Amazon Amazing Reviews) | So I turned to my friend Margo and asked her what the best thing she’s bought recently is, and she told me she LOVES her new sheets and they they are crazy inexpensive. I cocked my head and asked her “microfiber” maybe 14 times? She just kept nodding, yes, that’s them. Finally she barked at me to look at the 137k reviews…claimed she isn’t alone, and that she doesn’t even know how I don’t even know this yet. Reasonable question. A set, is literally shave a zero off the price of our team favorites, maybe even half the number, then shave a zero…so hey, if Margo says love, I’m willing to give them a try. I trust Margo in a way I’m not sure I trust any other human. So microfiber sheets, here we come.

4 | Smell Great Laundry | Back to Margo…after years of clean, clear, no-fragrance detergent, she decided to go totally WILD and switch the laundry game up a ‘lil bit. And she’s in love with how this stuff smells. It’s also in my Amazon cart.

5 | Puppy Paw Balm | We’re still on Margo here…she’s clearly a HUGE influence (especially for a very petite frame) on me. Emma The Chocolate Lab (one of my God Dogs) apparently tore up her paws recently, and this was the magic fix. I might try it on my own paws if it’s that amazing.

6 | Pendleton Puppy Bed | And now I’ve got Emma, and Elzie, and Maggie Moo, Ella, and ALL my favorite pups on my mind…and yes, I’m back to why the hell not? Obviously they all need Pendleton Puppy Dog Beds. The pandemic pups and the ones who are longtime loves, they all need Pendleton Beds. I’m starting my holiday shopping with the dogs, right now.

7 | Bagel Slicer | Back to Yom Kippur…and well, every morning as far as my son is concerned. Bagel slicing is apparently very hazardous per emergency room statistics, and ain’t nobody got time for injuries like that right about now–so let’s safe slice. Also, isn’t this thing just so pretty?

8 | Notorious RBG Tee | Again, I don’t have words. What I do have is gratitude. And while a t-shirt might seem a tiny little silly way to represent, I’m going to be wearing this one on auto repeat for months to come.

9 | Airstream Travel Pet Storage | A Satchel For Dog Food, that I’d carry with my own snacks in…wow!!! The Airstream thing might have gotten my attention while I was lost in deep searching for both puppies and puppy accoutrement for a little bit today…but seriously how cool is this sack? And why can’t it be for people snacks too? Love it.

10 | Favorite Big Baskets This Week | There may have been another group gift assigned to me, it may have involved this basket, and it was a HUGE hit. HUGE. (The basket is also very large and weighty…it’s not going anywhere you don’t mean for it to.)

Black-Owned Business Spotlight | On The Edge Creations

Natasha creates beautiful custom portraits! Check out her shop! She’ll take on your people and your pups with equal love and produce beautiful creations. I’m a little obsessed with people who are so obsessed with their pets that they have custom portraits of them…those are some people who seriously love their pets. I might want to be one of them. For now, I’m a person obsessed with Natasha’s portraits of all subjects.

Bagel slicers & charcuterie boards, puppy beds & photographers, + sheets with A-mazing reviews -- our weekly fav finds in home decor.

Shop West Elm’s Friends & Family Event This Weekend!

Back to collecting more sins to atone for real soon. Calling it worth it. With Lox, Laundry and Puppy Love still on my mind…

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  1. Tashlich? I am Jewish and have never even heard of this before. Must look into it. I even went to Sunday School and the whole 9 yards. Hmmm. Excited to try out the sheets.

    • Kari-yup, it’s a thing. When my kids were itty bitty, we had beautiful modern Orthodox neighbors who always included the kids and me in their celebrations. They moved to Chicago, and I miss them everyday, but they are also the family that took us for our first walk to the river to toss some bread and sins away, and we’ve never looked back. Most of my Jewish friends tell me they’ve never done this. My question is why not? xoxo A

    • Thank you for letting me know, drives me crazy when links break…I just fixed all three of them for the sheets, they should be good to go now. xoxo A

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