Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 10.9


Mamala, Senator Kamala Harris, Wednesday night, was absolute perfection. I’m feeling an extra need to celebrate ALL that she is, and ’round here we begin all celebrations with a graphic tee. Check out my Black-owned Business Spotlight below this week, because not only is my new favorite graphic tee perfection and a celebration of all that should be, it’s also a fun play on words…spell it out my friends, spell it out, AND it’s also made by a Black-owned Business. #,la

Weekly Favorite Finds 10.09: Modern Comfort Food, Outdoor Gathering Comfort & The Cutest Graphic Tee

In news on other women I love, my favorite cookbooks of all time are all the books by Ina Garten, and just in time for my birthday did she publish the one we all need now: Modern Comfort Food. (This is not a subtle hint, friends, you have plenty of time to gift me that book if you order it now.) Her recipes are delicious and so easy to follow–absolute crowd-pleasers every time.

My friend Margo got me hooked on actually reading all the reviews, if for no other reason, their pure entertainment value. Once I got started I realized NOW is a perfect time to start holiday shopping. I’m not normally this far ahead of that game, but remember what it was like to get toilet paper in March? Right, so now’s the time to start carting all the gifts for the season because 2020 requires quick-clicking it seems.

Plenty of other well-reviewed Weekly Favorite Finds, that tee, and a few great home decor sales below–let’s get it.

Ina Garten has Modern Comfort Food for us & Amazon reviews have us carting kitchen gear. Also, comfort for those outdoor gatherings + a fun tee.

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1 | Modern Comfort Food Book | The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, is at it again! If there is one woman’s series, that is singularly responsible for deliciousness on our own family table, it’s her’s. Her recipes are tried-and-true, and genuinely easy to follow. I own her whole set, and just asked my kids for this new book for my birthday. Can’t wait for it to get here! If we are a personal test kitchen for anything, it’s for all of Garten’s goodness!

2 | Amazon’s Highest Reviewed Avocado 3 in 1 Tool by Oxo | This thing is one of Amazon’s highest-reviewed kitchen tools. While I have no problem cutting and slicing an avocado using a plain old kitchen knife and spoon, my kids do get a thrill, which translates to greater independence in the kitchen, from all the fun tools. So I carted one as a holiday gift for my son, AJ, who can not get enough avocado toast in the morning.

3 | Dash Rapid Electric Egg Cooker | And then I was all up in the highly reviewed kitchen products on Amazon, and this adorable egg steamer is high on that list, and has been ordered as a holiday gift for my one kid who shares my love of all the eggs, all the ways! Soft boiled for breakfast, hard boiled into snacks and egg salad, and then deviled just for better snacks! It’s cute, it increases kitchen independence b/c no need for pots and pans and boiling water on the stove. Grace is going to be so excited about this! (ps: comes in fun colors including my favorite red!)

4 | Big Round Board | I have a whole post on all my favorite boards coming out soon, but this is absolutely among my favorites!

5 | Highest Reviewed Kitchen Knife | Yes, now I’m officially all sucked-in to all the Amazon reviews. I love sets of knives, but I’m beginning to peel away from that and buy them by purpose, and by review. This is going to be our new all-purpose one, based simply on reviews.

6 | Pendeleton Roll Picnic Blanket | Give me all the physically distanced hours outdoors possible please! We’ve owned this blanket since before my kids were born, and use it all.the.time! As it gets cooler, the grass has a tendency to be damper and the pavement colder. The waterproof side of this helps keep the wool side nice and comfy, and your tush dry. Can’t highly recommend enough!

7 | Burger Press | Also in my cart, based on crazy-high Amazon reviews, and as a holiday gift for AJ. He finds perfectly shaped and pressed burgers to be preferable to the ones I shape with my hands, which he claims look more like giant meatballs.

8 | Folding Loveseat | My friend Amanda is my only friend who’s taller than I am. Girlfriend wanted a comfortable place to sit with the kid who’s not playing soccer and watch the kid who is playing soccer, and so we got her one of these two years ago. Everyone loves it — it’s so comfy and fun! And again…a great gift!

9 | Helinox Folding Rocking Chair | We’ve had a bit of the battle of the beach/camp chair among our friend group this year in all of our socially distant outdoor gatherings. THIS is the winner. It’s the one everyone envies. It’s legitimately comfortable and easy set-up and break-down, not heavy all all for carrying, and even fits in it’s bag, in my big bag of snacks.

10 | Folding Beer Table and Benches Set | We have some super-efficient friends, who have just enough sidewalk out front to pull one of these sets in and out through their basement window, and set up the most fun outdoor dining area for their family! I smile the biggest smile every time I see them out there enjoying it!

11 | Portable Charger | Is there ever enough power? These blocks save me all the time, and this is the highest reviewed among them per Amazon, but also in my own reviews. GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT for the whole family, all the friends, and the co-workers you Zoom all day long. Also comes in fun colors so that everyone knows which one is theirs!

12 | Small Portable Charger | Looks like a lipstick! Super-cute right? Got one for each of my girls, they will LOVE these!

Black-Owned Business Spotlight |,la Graphic Tee by Legend Influence

Ina Garten has Modern Comfort Food for us & Amazon reviews have us carting kitchen gear. Also, comfort for those outdoor gatherings + a fun tee.

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Sending you wishes for a beautiful fall weekend full of love and fun!

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  1. I will be eagerly awaiting your post on “ boards”. I too love them and have been wishing for a beautiful round one. And ditto on Ina Garten. Her recipes never fail.

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