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I checked in with my kids last night — through the overhead sounds of helicopters for the 4th night in a row — and guess what? My kids are alright. They are aware of what’s happening around them and just…doing what kids do to understand and process the world around them, while continuing to share love and light right through it all. So maybe we just borrow the bright light of their optimism while we search for our own? I’m ready for a little online distraction this week.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Poufs, Indoor Gyms & Great Gift Ideas

I am currently distracting myself by looking for fun gifts to send for all the holidays to come. Since we’re seeing every indication that we’ll be spending much of our time at home, gifts will be sent this year, not hand-delivered, so I’m feeling that a little head start is necessary.

A Black-owned business spotlight with eyes on gifts to ship to friends has me deciding between this Home Alone book, which is a beautiful, fun, play on-this-sign-of-the-current times, and the most fun vase ever as my favorite gift to give this season. (AND….she’s a local Philly girl AND the shop is on one of my very favorite streets! Hey, Shannon! I’m finding my masked way over to you in person asap!)

All the good home things that caught my eye and are on sale this weekend, including four of my favorite mirrors of all time, and this set of knives I can’t take my eyes off of below, too.

We have fun in the form of poufs & indoor gyms for the kids + other fun gifts for home. Check out Yowie, a Black-owned business, plus CB2 & Macy's.

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1 | Faux Fur Throw In Fun Colors | I love faux fur in neutrals. My kids — love ALL the colors! If there’s one thing I’ve learned to do better this year, it’s to just give in to the whims of the kids — they do know how to have more fun! These throws are super-soft, come in great colors and make great gifts for the whole family!

2 | Turn Stool | Need a new fun place to rest your tired feet or your laptop? These are beautiful and functional, mixed material; the wood and felt are a great combo, and those handles are also a great detail!

3 | Soft and Slightly Shaggy Pouf | I stumbled across this in a search to compromise with Scotti between glam and comfy (can you even imagine that exercise?)…but I think this one gets the job done, it’s chic enough, but also fun and comfy enough. Open to other suggestions if you have them, go ahead I dare you, try to find glam + family-friendly comfy — it’s not an easy balance in a pouf under a million dollars. We have a few poufs at home, and while admittedly I bought ours as accent pieces, they get so much use. Yes they are great for feet up, but the kids also pull them around our giant coffee table to play board games and build Magna Tiles and LEGOS.

4 | Nap Pouffe | Intended for little kids, super-soft, convertible — it cinches to be a pouf, and lets out to be a super-soft nap mat. And it’s gorgeous! Shana — hint, hint: these would be great gifts for your niece and nephew and would look great in Scotti’s glam room…just saying.

5 | Bumper Stool | These are not inexpensive, but they are so worth it. They come in beautiful colors, so many colors. And two sizes. You can add a tray top. They are sturdy and will last forever; they clean well. And they are the single best multi-use functional accent piece possibly ever.

6 | Satellite Bowl | If there’s one thing, that sits on my counter and makes me happy every time I see it, years and years later, it’s my Satellite Bowl. Mine is red, but those are hard to find these days. This white one is on big-time sale and so easy on the eyes!

7 | Cinch Sac Play Mat Map | When things do triple duty, they are just more worth it. These cinch bags are a great way to store the harder to clean up toys that are fun to play with on the floor, like LEGOS for instance. They also travel well! And, when laid out, this one has a world map the kids can use for all kinds of learning games about geography.

8 | Whirly Pop | The kids and I recently tested a few different ways to make popcorn, and decided in the end that our tried-and-true Whirly Pop really was the best of them. This would make a great gift for friends and family, and would pair well with a gift subscription to somewhere they can stream amazing movies for family movie night, or with the throw blankets, too, as a theme gift.

9 | Triangle Ladder | Looking for a new fun place to hang out? This is great both indoors and out, and would be a fun gift for the holidays, or just an everyday amazing addition to wherever you have a joist or tree to support it, and the kids like to hang out at home.

10 | Indoor Gym Fun | Great for a playroom, or to hang in the adult gym space for the kids to have some fun too!

11 | Indoor Tree House | So once upon a time, in the playroom of the last house we lived in, Ceci asked for a treehouse. We took one of these, and instead of a mattress, we put plywood and a rug in the top part, and voila. Indoor treehouse. That said, this bed does cost a fortune. So here’s a hot tip for a more affordable indoor play space, you can get this for less than $100 and create the same effect, just for a little fun!

12 | Indoor Play Climbing Gym | This is the indoor climbing gym of my childhood dreams! Can you even imagine being lucky enough to have one of these in. the. house.? I’m not sure when a better time to make this kind of investment is, but now, when screen time is more of a concern than ever, and when options outdoors are limited, this is a fantastic way to keep the kids moving and having fun, indoors.


Black-Owned Business Spotlight | Yowie

We have fun in the form of poufs & indoor gyms for the kids + other fun gifts for home. Check out Yowie, a Black-owned business, plus CB2 & Macy's.

Shannon Maldonado’s home and life shop YOWIE features an extraordinarily beautiful curation of artisan gifts and goods! The storefront is located at 716 S. 4th Street in Queen Village, Philadelphia or you can click the link to shop online.

Shop Home Goods & Decor On Sale

CB2 | Mirrors Up to 25% off

Ends 11/3

Macy’s | Friends & Family Event | Code: FRIEND


Nordstrom | New To Sale | Hint: Think Great Gifts


Happy Halloween weekend friends. Sending you all lots of love and hope for a great family time.

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  1. Oooh!!! What a fun store! I may be making my way there soon, too! So cute! And I have been somewhat obsessed with French Onion soup lately, but I don’t like making it at home because I don’t have the right crocks to finish/serve it in. The turquoise mini Le Crueset cocquettes may just be the perfect thing for me! They’re so cute and match my kitchen! I think that means I need them! Thanks for sharing! Sending love and light to you all, as well!

    • ER-you obviously need them if they match your kitchen!!! French Onion soup is an absolute favorite around here, especially as it gets colder…but just to drop this thought here, the kids also love them for little mini quiches, and frittatas, and all the chocolate desserts too! Somehow, it’s just more fun to cook “mini”. And one more thought from one local girl to the next…I think we call Shannon at Yowie first…and just double check her open status. Things are a bit boarded, curfewed, and on limited hours downtown right now.That said, I also can’t wait to get in there-she gives me hope. xoxo A

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