Simple Yet Totally Elevated: The Best Of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home


Wanna take a peek at the handful of home items that we deem very-pick-uppable from the 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? You’ve come to the right place. They’re the golden apples of the bunch, if you will. 31 golden apples, to be frank. That’s a whole bucket of golden apples.

This little home collection is composed of pieces with timeless styles & finishes and some pretty damn useful thingies. We’ve got a few fun tech-y bits for that smart-home vibe, durable AF wooden-and-marble kitchen decor (that’s actually good enough for everyday use), some ambiance-setting smellers (horrible word for candles/diffusers but moving on), and lots more that feel like a breath of fresh air for the home. In short, we’ve got a ton (31) of simple ways to elevate whatever sweet space you call home.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 Must-Haves: Home Decor, Kitchen Gadgets + More (Elevated) Useful Tools

I’ve broken up my picks into three categories: Cozy Vibe-Setters (cozy, warm, snuggle-up things), Wall-Makers (just some totally pretty things to nail up somewhere) and Hard Workers (the hearty, functional and really useful stuff). You’ll get the picture(s) down below.

The Cozy Vibe-Setters

*Yawns due to comfy-af collage vibe.* There’s always room in a budget for one more blanket…and/or throw pillow…and/or candle set… Hehe. I get carried away when it comes to (much-discounted) coziness.

There’s always room in a budget for 1 more blanket…+ throw pillow...+ candle set, ft. Replica, UGG & APOTHEKE.

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1. The TME Philly team was just talking last week about how much we looove Replica fragrances. They totally set the most perfect, specific vibes. This candle-and-perfume set is such a steal in one of its most popular scents, Jazz Club.

2. Diptyque also makes a bunch of ahhhmazing mood-boosting scents. This four-piece candle set is the best way to try a few before grabbing the full size.

3. APOTHEKE came through with this diffuser-and-candle set too. The White Vetiver scent story is: “Cashmere, eucalyptus and lilac are entwined with earthy vetiver, sandalwood, amber and cedarwood to form a sultry fragrance.” Ohhh, ya. I also love the minimalist style.

4. These Pippa throw blankets by UGG just look so darn cute all hung up together. I really like big, thick stripes on towels and linens too. (Look close up to get a view of all the plushiness.)

5. Just a seriously gorgeous neutral, printed accent pillow in a linen-cotton blend.

6. Same deal but (just a sham) with larger ivory and amber stripes. The two would look so pretty together.

7. I love the neutral base and the navy and light blue puffs on this square pillow. So cute.

8. A classic, dreamy, white cloud blanket on a GOOD sale.

9. I mean…how welcoming does that bed look?? This oversized linen-blend throw blanket makes it.

10. This tasseled throw blanket comes in seven good colors, but this sweet peach is calling my name.

11. This Slowtide blanket is made from sustainably grown cotton in a lovely Turkish-style chambray. Really airy and lightweight.

12. Level up your bedding with some super-soft French linen sheets. (Look at those reviews…!)

The Wall-Makers

For hanging anywhere that needs a li’l somethin’, somethin’…I present to you: Deny Design art prints. There’s a big bunch of them in the NSale (framed and unframed), and they’re all, in my opinion, guaranteed to boost that lonesome wall in your place with a bit of an inspiration piece. There’s definitely something for everyone in this collection. Here are eight of my faves:

All of Deny Design's art prints (neutral, colorful, tropical & more) are guaranteed to boost that lonesome wall in your place with a bit of an inspo piece.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

1. If neutrals are your home vibe: this one.

2. If you just need a little pop o’ color: this one.

3. If you need some greenery but don’t want to have to keep a plant alive: this one.

4. If you’re longing for the tropics (24/7): this one.

5. If nature brings you peace and clarity: this one.

6. If you want something pretty playful and fun: this one.

7. If you like warm wooden tones and architecture: this one.

8. If you’re in the mood for lotsa color: this one.

The Hard Workers

This bunch of kitchen and lifestyle gadgety-goodness is going to last you awhile. We’re talking good reviews (from our team, even) and lots of longevity. Marble, wood and quality tech devices will do just that.

These kitchen & lifestyle gadgets have good reviews from our editors & lots of longevity. Marble, wood + quality tech devices.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

1. It’s the season of charcuterie boards, and this one is very smart. It has….INDENTS! (You’re prob like, “Haha, what…?”) Yeah, it has three indents (each holds a cup of food — or whatever you please) at the end of the board for quick recipes or concise serving. I love it! The little make-your-own-waffle situation in the pic above looks deliciously fun too.

2. A big a** wooden serving bowl. I mean…it’s gorg.

3. This marble-and-wood cake stand is giving classy/minimalist/farmhouse kitchen vibes, and I’m here for it.

4. Another good marble-wood combo. I love what they’re doing here with this serving board.

5. A pause from the materials talk: Theragun massager bundle set. Yup. On a pretty great sale too ($180 off). Call your sore, gadget-loving friends.

6. A smaller a** wooden bowl. Also gorg.

7. We all want to grow our own herbs for homemade recipes, don’t we? This Click & Grow indoor garden makes it hard to fail and looks real cool on a countertop.

8. Loving the look of this Viking tea kettle. Black-and-copper is such an updated look in the kitchen. Hearty and well-made, as well as stovetop- and induction-compatible.

9. Set the viiiiibe. These vintage-looking Crosley record players always ring total coolness. And great music taste, no matter what is playing (although some may disagree…). 😉

10. An electric tea-kettle option if you’d rather just flip a switch instead of deal with all the heat. The crisp Scandinavian look is a total turn-on. Also love the white version. Fellow just gets it.

11. Fancy seeing you here, Vitamix. You’ll always be one of our faves, so we can’t pass up the shoutout when on a shiny sale. Shana’s has lasted, like, decades.

You just gotta love good home stuff on (incredible) sale.



Oh, hiii, Pinners….

Find linen sheets, wall art, blenders + more in this collection of NSale home decor, kitchen tools & other pretty dang useful items that will (simply) elevate your home.
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