The Our Place Always Pan Just Got Even Better (And An Impressive Skillet Pizza + Salad Combo That Couldn’t Be Simpler)


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We’ve been singing the praises of the Our Place Always Pan around here for some time.

In fact, Our Place won me over right out of the gate with its inclusive product design (so many of its inventive product features are specifically designed with a variety of traditional dishes and cooking methods in mind) and its dedication to honoring a variety of cultures in the kitchen. So much of what I learned in the kitchen was passed down from my Goong-Goong to my mom, or picked up from my dad’s on-the-fly style of cooking, or handed down from my husband Chris’ grandma to my mother-in-law, so when I caught word of Our Place’s mission early on, I was hooked.

And, of course, the IG-worthy product design didn’t hurt one bit. I lusted after the terracotta-hued Spice Our Place Always Pan for months before it finally graced our table. To this day, it is the only piece of nonstick cookware we use.

I lusted after the terracotta-hued Spice Always Pan for months before it finally graced our table. To this day, it is the only piece of nonstick cookware we use.

tableware | knife | cutting board

If there was one thing I had to nitpick about the Our Place Always Pan, however, it’s that it’s not oven-safe. Granted, it has earned its place in our kitchen 100x over just for making eggs alone, but in the case of a frittata, a Dutch baby pancake or a pan-seared steak, oven-friendliness is key.

Enter: the Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan. Ahhhhh, yes, friends. Now we’re really cooking with gas.

Heads-up: Our Place is offering 25% off almost everything until 9/7 during it’s Labor Day sale. The perfect excuse to pick up an Our Place Perfect Pot or Our Place Always Pan — or stock your shelves with excellent dishware, glassware and prep tools all at a great price.

Worth The Wait: The Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan Is An Oven-Safe Multitasker

Just like the classic version, the lid of the Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan is designed to either seal in steam or allow it to gently escape, but the visibility offered by the glass lid is key

Cast Iron Always Pan | tableware | knife | cutting board

Now, I’m no cast-iron novice. We own plenty of it, and by now I’m well-seasoned (pun most definitely intended) when it comes to its care and maintenance. After a couple of weeks cooking with the new Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan, I can attest that it’s absolutely up there in terms of quality construction, even heating and simplicity of care.

What’s more, as with all Our Place products, the Cast Iron Always Pan comes complete with thoughtful accessories that make it even easier to reach for time and again. Literally, even, in the case of the silicone handle cover and grip that allow you to safely handle a pan that’s hot from the oven or stovetop. (Note: The silicone grips should be added after the pan is heated, not heated with the pan.)

And I can’t say enough about the domed glass lid. Just like the classic Always Pan, the lid is designed to either seal in steam or allow it to gently escape, but the visibility offered by the glass lid is key. Now, I can pop the lid onto my sauteed veggies for just a minute to achieve that optimal crisp-tender bite and pull them off the heat right as the broccoli hits peak verdancy. It’s a beautiful thing.

Easy Dinner Idea: Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza + A Butter Lettuce Salad That’s As Stunning As It Is Simple

I've put the Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan to the test, searing a New York strip to med-rare perfection. & we pulled it out for 1 of my fave uses for a cast-iron skillet: pizza night.

We’ve already used our Cast Iron Always Pan to make a handful of favorite weeknight meals (these lettuce wraps, these caramelized pork bowls and, of course, these crowd-pleasing garlicky beans). I’ve put it to the ultimate test, searing a gorgeous New York strip to medium-rare perfection. And this past weekend, we pulled it out for one of my favorite-ever uses for a cast-iron skillet: pizza night.

Cast-iron-skillet pizza has got to be one of the lowest-maintenance meals out there, yet it delivers in so many ways. First and foremost: nostalgia. Thick pan pizza never fails to remind me of middle-school afternoons when my best friend, Kevin, would arrive at my house for a homework session proffering a cardboard box of piping hot pan pizza he had his mom pick up on the way over. It was the ultimate indulgence.

We're embracing the fact that skillet pizza combines the best parts of pillowy, olive-oil-burnished focaccia with a topping of gooey browned cheese.

And then, of course, there’s the taste. We’re diving headfirst into Carb City here and embracing the fact that skillet pizza combines, in effect, the best parts of pillowy, olive-oil-burnished focaccia with a bubbling topping of gooey browned cheese — and, if you’re a traditionalist, crisp discs of pepperoni. Thanks to the toppings spanning the full width of the pan, we’re also rewarded with a crunchy, lacy edge that I just can’t get enough of.

My daughter Lana has declared this pizza (which we now make almost weekly) “the best pizza everrrrr” — and from an increasingly particular 7-year-old who isn’t especially keen on pizza in the first place, that’s about as high praise as it gets.

We keep things easy & serve our pizza w/ a simple but delicious salad that feigns effort. & since it's not really "dressed," even my 7-year-old likes it.

Cast Iron Always Pan | tableware | knife | cutting board

We typically keep things really easy and serve up our pizza with an absurdly simple but wildly delicious salad that feigns effort almost as well as some of my favorite wardrobe staples. I’ll put together a future post with formal recipes for both of these dishes, but it just comes down to layering a plate with tender leaves of butter lettuce, adding some kind of sliced citrus over the top, and scattering over a ton of herbs. Drizzle the whole thing with some decent extra-virgin oil (the citrus provides enough acidity) and a sprinkle of flaked salt and call it a day. Since it’s not really “dressed,” even the kiddo likes it. It’s elegant enough for company too (and it’s turned into an excellent meal unto itself with the addition of a little shredded chicken and slivered almonds).

Made For Everyday Living: Our Place Dishware, Glassware, Prep Tools + More

In addition to our Our Place Always Pans, we’ve been using Our Place dishware for over a year now, and it never fails to make even the simplest meals look stunning. Below, everything else from Our Place we’ve adopted in our kitchen.

Our Place Tableware | Chic dinnerware that also happens to be practical is surprisingly hard to find. I love that all of Our Place’s dishes have the matte look of earthenware from the side but with a speckled glazed eating surface that resists squeaking and scratching. Truly the best of both worlds. We own the Main Plates, the Side Plates and the Side Bowls in the color Spice, as well as the Tiny Bowls in Steam.

Our Place Glassware | I adore these drinking glasses. They offer such satisfying weight in the hand without being overly heavy, and they stack ideally to conserve cabinet space. Lana loves them too. I feel like I’m at a trendy bistro every time I use them (which is daily).

Our Place Walnut Cutting Board | A really well-sized cutting board with an ingenious built-in angled trough to catch juices before they can make a run for it. On the reverse side, it’s perfectly flat and ideal for presenting snacks and charcuterie. Handily, it’s also designed to sturdily stand upright on its side to dry thoroughly without warping. An excellent wood cutting board for under $100. (It’s also available bundled with all three Our Place prep knives, currently on sale for under $200.)

Our Place Everyday Chef’s Knife | Made from German steel, this Chef’s Knife is super-sharp and well-balanced, and I love the available colors.

Here’s to many, many more easy pizza nights, friends!


Thank you to Our Place and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. I feel more at home in the kitchen than anywhere else, and I love that Our Place’s entire line of products truly enhances my time there. Its mission to bring people together around stories and food speaks so dearly to me too. I couldn’t be more pleased to be working together. And thanks to you, as always, for choosing to spend time here on The Mom Edit and supporting our brand partners. We so appreciate it.

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Photos by Carolyn Stockman

Oh hey Pinners…

I looove Our Place kitchenware, & the Always Pan is the only nonstick cookware I use. Enter: the new (oven-safe!) cast-iron version I reach for again + again.


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