Let’s Play! Best Tree Swings For Outdoor Fun (Reader Question)


Melissa, a reader recently wrote in that she loved our Fire Pit options, and was hoping for outdoor swing options. It went something like this:

I love your recent article about options for a fire pit. Could you give similar suggestions for a tree swing? We don’t have much outdoor space, but are spending so much time (obv) at home, and thought it would be fun for the kids and us. We don’t have a huge tree, so likely a single swing to hang from a tree that they can fight/take turns over.

– -Melissa

Melissa, I love your positive, fun-loving attitude toward time and space, especially in our current environment, and that you included yourselves in the fun with the kids! And that you aren’t letting space constraints get in your way! Good for you on all counts, woman!

Outdoor Fun: 10 Backyard Tree Swings For Kids & Adults

We love swings and all things-like-swings, and we appreciate them now more than maybe we ever have! Here are a few of our favorite swings, and a couple of other fun things to do with trees in your own backyard too!

Outdoor fun at home is a must. 1 way to get there: tree swings, webs, discs & hanging pods for the yard. For kids & adults, these 10 are on our list.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13

1/ New Twist On A Disc | Most compact form of a tree swing, so cute AND this one has the fun catches so that you can also climb!

2/ Classic Disc | Timeless classic, and bears plenty of weight. I’m currently considering for in my kitchen, but only because we don’t have a tree. If we did, it’d be there already.

3/ Classic Wood Swing | Generously sized, so the adults fit too! Comes with everything you need to safely hang it from the tree.

4/ Loll Swing | In case anyone is unclear…Loll is my favorite brand of just about all outdoor sitting fun. And they have a swing. And they are a US company. And it’s made from recycled plastic. Requires zero maintenance. Will last forever. And comes in ALL the fun colors! Red is just my favorite.

5/ Swurfer Chill Swing | Couldn’t possibly love this one more! AND…it also comes in this Chill platform, with you know — beverage holders. Just saying.

6/ Purple Web | 24″ diameter, which is nice and compact, but also holds up to 250lbs. And purple is fun!

7/ 40″ Round Web | If the tree can handle it, we love these for flexibility and fun!

8/ 40″ Rectangular Web | Also comes in a jumbo size, and is basically the rectangle form of the round web. If the tree can handle it, these are great for a few kids to have fun.

9/ Giant Web | Also comes in a rainbow pattern. And yes, we need a gigantic tree for this one.

10/ Slack Line Kit | And if we have two trees….slack lines are tree-safe/people-safe ways of creating a connection between the two trees on which we either work out or have fun, or both! This one is a bit more expensive, but comes with a swing and a few other things.

11/ Slack Line Kit | More slack. Can any of us ever really catch enough slack? Basic starter kit, fun for the whole family! AND…we take our slack lines camping. So much fun. As soon as it starts to get to that point, where the kids want to play, we don’t want them going too far, and the adults just really want to sit around a fire, we toss these up. Hours of entertainment. And only once so far, in many, many, many test runs on this, did a child require urgent care. So yeah, parental supervision….or even participation, but safely done, so much fun!

12/ Tented Pod | True story: A friend with a farm in Maryland had one of these, on a big old tree mid-hike through their property. Again, not recommended operating procedure, but the kids would pile in and we’d twist them around and they’d un-spin and oh my goodness those shrieks of pure joy!!!! So fun! Also great for tiny picnics, no spinning necessary, and for cuddling with a good book.

13/ Open Giant Pod | I like a little air. This is like above, but huge, and with air. Long summer afternoons, here we come!

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Swing low, sweet Melissa, and high too! And send us some action shots, we LOVE those! If you’re looking for indoor swings — these.

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  1. We actually have swing number 1 ( the red disc). It is super cute and well made. Our 7 year old loves it and I ( the mama) have even taken a swing on it. It hardly takes up any space and has been a super fun addition to the backyard.

  2. We put our Fat Brain swing-a-ring small up last week for our birthday boys: 3 and 5 years old. On it daily for hours laughing, relaxing…snacking. Adults also ride it. Can fit 2 kids or with 1 adult on at once. A timer helps with turn taking. Love the slack line idea!

  3. Wow the hanging pods are like hanging chairs which seems very romantic. Hopefully I can buy one someday. I just bought last month a wood tree swings from treeswingstore.com for the family to enjoy during the weekends. Its absolutely still strong and in perfect condition.

  4. Wow! purple wed is so lovely! I remember when my Son first saw a colorful swing and his reaction was so priceless and he’s so confused if he can use it or not because it was so beautiful for the children’s eyes. Products here looks so sturdy and nice for tree swings for adults similar to https://treeswingstore.com/adult-tree-swings/ where I saw several choices and good quality products.

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