DIY S’mores Bar: Easy, Magical Fun For Outdoors (Or In)


I don’t actually eat the S’mores. I just love to sit on mom-chair duty, with the graham crackers on one side of me and the chocolate on my lap, working on production, and seeing the kids’ sweet faces and the joy that comes of perfectly melting a marshmallow.

There is something romantic, cathartic…magical(?) about the making of the S’mores. And who doesn’t need a li’l bit of that right now? Plus, you can do it anywhere: full-blown fire pit, little mini fire pit, fancy tea light or even…a S’mores plate you can use indoors?

So. If you’re looking for some family fun, an unexpected dessert or for something more than popcorn on movie night… (Or heck – even for a great gift for the holidays) …a DIY S’mores Bar!

Here’s s’more on S’mores 😉

There's something magical about making S'mores. We can do it anywhere: outdoor fire pit to fancy tea light, with a sign or for a party. DIY fun, inside.

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1 | Date Night S’mores Set | How sweet is this? And what a great gift it would make! I’m not sure who is actually going out on date night these days, so this is a fun, easy and sweet way to change things up a little at home.

2 | My Own Little Fire Pit | We have one of these on our own back patio. It also comes in black and white, but I love the red one. It sits as a cute table with its lid on, and then the lid pops off to be a shallow, just-big-enough-for-a-small-space fire pit. It’s really not quite enough for full logs where we have it located, so we burn small logs and sometimes wood chips, which honestly are easy to manage for a small quick fire. But mostly at rest, it’s a functional table with great form.

3 | Ceramic Indoor Kit | Family Fun for after dinner or family game night? Easy enough to sit right on the table or counter. You could also take it outside to a patio or porch! Little fires everywhere…

4 | The Sticks I Don’t Have To Clean | These are the sticks I’ve always taken camping, they come in a 100 pack, are nice and long, and sturdy enough. And when the s’moresing is done, we toss them in the fire to burn….no clean-up necessary.

5 | Solo Stove | The Solo Stove makes it into every post on great gifts and anything related to fire because it’s worth it! It comes in 3 sizes, is portable, recirculates for less smoke, and is efficient and simply beautiful.

6 | Cute Mallow Me Extension Sticks + Bag | Sustainable…reusable…and makes for a really cute gift! They also work well for more than just the mallows.

7 | Roast ‘Em Extension Sticks + Bag | More sustainable…reusable cute stick gifts! Could easily be paired with some funny photos or memories for the double entendre gift for your friend or family member with the good sense of humor.

8 | The Sexiest Little Torch Indoors or Out | I just absolutely LOVE this little Flikr. For S’mores and even just for mood, no S’mores necessary!

9 | Cute S’mores Signage | No need for a wedding…just a regular old Saturday outdoor gathering made a little more special might just need a little signage. This one is cute.

10 | The Kit that works in the Living Room Or On the Patio | Small enough for tabletop, but large enough to be family size! Perfection indoor and out!

11 | Party Time S’mores Bar | If you are going, go big….this one is that. And cute all at the same time.

12 | S’more Party Time S’mores Bar | Love the handles and the wood. Can easily be flipped around, words hidden, and live on a console table or credenza with something pretty in it for the holidays or as a catch-all for keys and glasses by the door…and then surprise…it comes out and makes a S’mores party in a flash!

Need S’more ideas on how to have more fun at home? We’ve got them coming…start with these, and then we’ll get to the advanced moves.

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Oh, hey! This one’s for the pinners….

There's something magical about making S'mores. We can do it anywhere: outdoor fire pit to fancy tea light, with a sign or for a party. DIY fun, inside.


  1. I think I’m getting my husband the Solo stove for Christmas and now, I’m thinking Santa will bring one of these cute party trays with all the s’mores fixing as a family gift, too! They’re so fun!

  2. I first heard about the Solo here, but after some research we ended up with a variation on it called a Breeo. It is also portable and smokeless, but it has a thick edge that you can cook on! We made hamburger sliders and toasted the buns on it, and they were delicious.

    • Tara: Adding to notes…considering ordering one to test…feel like you did that work for us, but I’m now craving a burger. xoxo A

  3. I got a solo stove after seeing it here for Mother’s Day and I love it. It’s super lightweight. And when you drop it (ahem), it still looks good 🙂

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