Home Trend: Nailing The Rivets


I love words and word play, and especially playing with words with more than one meaning. Riveting is one such word that brings me great pleasure. Technically though…nail head is the more correct descriptor of this design detailing that can be found on all the home things, which I find absolutely riveting. If furniture wore jewelry, this would be that. Nail heads bring the easy oohs and ahhs regardless of whether your styling is more traditional, transitional, modern, or a mix of the three in that happy place where many of us often find ourselves. It’s just a fun pop of something a little more interesting than all these things would be without those gorgeous metal studs placed just so. And after one episode of the British baking show Nailed It with my kiddos, I now also have a more positive association with how fun that word/expression can be too. Studs we love, a plenty below. Studs as in riveting nail heads on all the home decor, of course, that’s what we mean here.

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Storage Nightstands and Side Tables

Nailed it? Bam! Get it? We’re so funny, kinda sorta sometimes. xoxo, A

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