Home Trend: The Inlay Layout


A friend recently asked if we could work a pop of inlay into her living space. And then we had a hard time deciding on just one piece, because there are just so many genuinely beautiful ones. She’s now well-layered in inlay, and it’s kind of magnificent. Stay tuned for that home tour soon. For now, here are a few of our favorite inlay pieces, for every space and occasion — because sometimes, we just lay out the whole inlay.

Texture adds a powerful pop to home decor — from the living room to the bedroom. Furnishings & accent pieces are much more fun with inlay!1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8

1/  Waterfall Inlay Console Table: Something about the curves paired with the lines and the beautiful brass detailing on the legs just works. This is my favorite of all these pieces. And one that ended up in my friend’s living room, no looking back…just where do we love it most? ‘It works on this wall, and this one, and we love it over here too,’ was how the conversation went.

2/  Taylor Bone Inlay Side Table: Black horn and white bone stripes, in a fun-yet-sophisticated pattern of slim lines. This chic guy might be the hardest working one of the set, because he works in so many places for a great graphic pop.

3/  Regina Andrew Design Tic Tac Toe Block Game: Not ready to go all-in on the lay, or maybe layering inlay is your thing? Either way, beautiful art that doubles as family fun is always well-set on a coffee table or desk.

4/  Ikat Inlay Six-Drawer Dresser: In a neutral nursery, (or any bedroom for that matter), or as a storage piece in a living or dining space, this is the perfect pop of elegant interest to brighten things up a bit.

5/  Pinstripe Box, Black/White: As beautiful on your bath counter or a dressing table or nightstand as on an entry or coffee table to collect things that need to be kept well, or just out of sight.

6/  Targua Moroccan Coffee Table: A client recently wanted to work some Moroccan tile into a city bathroom that just wasn’t the place for it. I promised her there are better ways to add that pop that would look great anywhere, and will allow everything to feel timeless. This is one of those pieces. And all coffee tables in the round fall into our family friendly category…no sharp edges, just sharp-looking is always a good thing.

7/  Grace Bone Inlay Round Wall Mirror 32″: Given the size of the mirror, its quality and how beautiful it is, it’s really well priced. I love this pattern especially as a nice pop against an intense gray wall. Two of our favorite grays for walls? Benjamin Moore’s Dior Gray and Sherwin Williams Peppercorn.

8/  Bar Harbor Bone Inlay Table Lamp: This guy is also available in this color way. I can’t decide which I love better. What I know is that he’s gorgeous on bedside and sofa side tables against rich blues, grays, and blacks, or on earthy neutral tones and whites.


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And now we just want to work the inlay in everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. It’s tempting, right?


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