Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 5.9


Do you ever get distracted while you work? What’s a girl to do, other than pause, when this fun take on a favorite chair (one of many cute prints available, mind you) pops up? And when this great storage piece, not ever noticed before, becomes the object around which I’ll plan an entire project? And when one sees this highly functional piece (that can double as a desk) and immediately thinks, do they have 10 of them in stock because that’s how many I’ll order for various projects, right now. And of course Anthro has a really cute Homebody pillow that we’ll just call the sweetest sign of the times I’ve seen so far.

My focus game is strong, but hey, distraction happens. That’s pretty much what happened here this week, all week. My favorite finds are all things I happened upon while searching for and procuring other things for people IRL, from quarantine. It’s a ton of patios, living and sleeping spaces, bathrooms and kitchens we’re sprucing up these days, remotely. I guess they are also a reflection of my own cravings for calm and fun right now. Calm and fun for me are unexpected pops of neutrals + black and white, and triple points if they are reasonably priced and/or sustainable and serve many functions. Add to cart if we can get them delivered, safely, soon.

Weekly Favorite Finds: Mother’s Day + Cool Storage & Home Decor Accents

All the great things for sprucing up all the sleeping, living, eating and patio places on the best of sales this weekend below, too. Happy Mother’s Day Ladies! Linzi always tells me to lower the expectation bar for more life happiness, so if I have just one wish for all of you, it’s a little extra laughter and love on Sunday. And feel free to adjust the expectation bar up one notch by clicking add to cart as freely as YOU wish all day Sunday, I hereby hand you a pass to do so, it’s my gift to you.

If anyone even blinks at you, send them my way, and I’ll set them straight in a hot minute, with my position statement on we do not question Mom, on Mother’s Day. We just do not even do that. On Mother’s Day, whilst mom is clicking add to cart, or spending hours catching up on her book or the news, binge watching something (like Shitzel-my current best rec) or (imagine this) doing absolutely nothing for 5 minutes, you back up up six feet from her — in the house, 12 feet is safer, you return your rolled eyes to resting adoration position, and you simply ask mom if she needs anything? That is all that comes out of your mouth. “I love you Mom. You look Beautiful. Would you like a snack, a beverage, a bath drawn?” Because yes, we’ve already prepped all the meals and cleaned the entire house, folded all the laundry, done all of our school work for the week ahead, and it’s quiet, and everyone is showered, dressed, just calmly, reading books; books on how to help mom, everyday. See Linz, reasonable expectations, well managed. Easy. Done.

Our weekly favorite finds are calm & fun: unexpected pops of neutrals + black & white. For home decor, we're eyeing melamine, sustainable & versatile.

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Sustainable & Versatile Home Decor & Accents

1/ Perfectly Arched Floor Lamp On Sale | A friend was looking for an overarching lamp that really just wasn’t appropriately applied to their space. This one is fantastic b/c he’s a straight up, elegant floor lamp, with a great angle and shade. And on sale.

2/ Perfectly Patterned Swivel Chair | ALL THE PATTERNS!!! Talk about a pop of fun!

3/ Funnest Mirror Shelf Ever |Fun way to break up a space, and keep it functional or well styled!

4/ Rolling Cooler | Every time we touch a patio, we come back to these great coolers!

5/ Reversible Outdoor Pillow | Back up, flip it, and reverse it. Love this pillow. More so on sale. Also sustainable.

6/ Citizenry Throw Pillow – Be A Good Citizen | Great company, founded on beautiful values, and their pillows are amazing. My original select sold out, this is a similar one.

7/ Currently Burning Through | These candles, in all their two-toned vessels that we then repurpose for storing colored pencils and tooth brushes and all the things.

8/ Sexiest Sweatshirt of the Season | You will not find me practicing yoga in this, I get too hot. But you will find me wearing it with a pair of jean shorts or joggers, pretty much every day going forward.

9/ Pouf There It Is | It’s the leather handle on the side that grabs my attention on this one. And that he’s called the sit on me. That’s fun too.

10/ The Only Cabinet We Need | I stopped dead more than paused on this one. I just love the shape, size and function. It’s graceful without being overwhelming and plays well with all sorts of styles.

11/ Most Gorgeous Hyper Functional Console/Desk | I would like to place this everywhere right now. Works well as a console and better as an extra work space/desk. What more can we ask of a piece right now? Undecided on whether I prefer natural or charcoal (which IRL reads black), so just both. I love them both right now.

12/ Easy Way to Just Make It All Go Away | Because sometimes when we clean up and organize we are left with a few things that really do just need to disappear.

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Happy Day, Sweet Women. Enjoy the whole weekend. And that “send them my way” option, is a genuine offer if you need it, you pull that card.

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